Secret trap door: Goon Reviews Community “Basic Sandwich”

I can't imagine why that would be offensive.

I can’t imagine why that would be offensive.

First and foremost, I am sorry I missed my reviews of the past couple of episodes, been a hectic time in the Goon household but things have calmed down and I’m back to tell you what you should have thought.

Recap of  the first half of the finale:
– The Save Greendale Committee has finished all their tasks to save Greendale, hooray!
– A city insurance inspector shows up to inspect Greendale.
– They pass!
– The school board decides to sell the school, to Subway.
– Abed tries to avoid the story, this was funny.
– Jeff and Britta decide to get married.
– Buried treasure must be found to save the school.

Everyone caught up?  Good.  Lets dive into the season finale.

The Save Greendale Committee has dug up some information on the founding of Greendale, it was originally created by one Russell Borchert, played by the amazing Chris Elliot, who disappeared after being accused of doing the dirty deed with a computer, but his fortune was never found and rumored to be locked away in his hidden office.  The group discovers there was stairwell where the the teachers lounge is and after hilarious scenes that are true to Community form, Abed discovers a trap door and Jeff and Britta reveal their plans to get married.  While Hickey, Shirley, and an electrocuted Duncan stay behind to throw Chang and the school board off the trail, Jeff, Britta, Abed, Annie, and the Dean descend into the bowels of Greendale to find the hidden treasure.  Annie has a bit of freak out over the Jeff/Britta thing, but Abed calms her down with an explanation of tv shows, spin offs, and crazy Abed stuff.  You know, the usual way.  The gang discovers Russell’s lab,and that Russell is still alive and trying to finish his computer (Roxanne).  They find the money needed to save the school, but its taken by Chang and the school board, leaving Jeff and co. locked inside the lab care of a fried computer that controls the door (and maybe the shower).  A strong emotional surge is needed to reboot the computer, and this comes from Jeff looking at Annie, once again teasing the fans with the pairing that may or may not ever happen.  With a legal document in hand that says Russell has a say in how the school is run, Subway backs off from the deal and the school is saved.  We close out with a party, Jeff and Britta calling off their wedding, and Abed saying that if we don’t get a season six its because an asteroid destroyed all human life (and that’s canon).

This episode was, in a word, amazing.  Community is all for doing new and unusual things, having episodes based on themes or genres, and closing out the season with an honest to god treasure hunt was an incredibly fun experience.  One of the most amusing parts was the Jeff and Britta marriage thing.  Us viewers, we know that Jeff and Britta are a train wreck waiting to happen and there is no way a long term relation could work out between them.  Their entire decision to get married comes from a basic fear of change, Greendale has become a central part of their lives and the prospect of losing that terrifies them, so they panic and think getting married is a good idea, that way they will always be in each other’s lives, have that one thing that they can grasp onto and won’t change.  It is hilarious to watch them fight against their nature and try to make this work, only in the end to gleefully abandon the idea and keep their relationship as is.

This led into the other big part of the episode, Annie and her reacting to the idea of a wedding.  For years now the writers have been teasing us with the Jeff/Annie thing.  Personally, I am neutral on the pairing but it does have a rather large fan following, in fact it was the fans that first spawned the pairing in the first place.  Jeff and Annie were originally supposed to have a brother/sister type relationship, which makes sense given the difference in their ages, and in early season one you can see aspects of that.  However, some fans liked the idea of them being together and jumped on board.  Dan Harmon, seeing how much fans loved the idea of them together, reworked things and since then he has been teasing the viewers with the idea that they might end up together.   We got a lot of that in this episode, Annie was clearly upset over the idea that Jeff and Britta would be getting married, anytime it was mentioned she would get a bit huffy, which led to some funny lines from her when they were locked in the lab.  The most significant part of course being when Jeff looks at Annie and gets the door to open.  This was pretty neat to see, Annie has always been a powerful force in Jeff’s life, often times going to her for advice or help, and regardless of my feelings on the pairing, it is always really nice to see the importance of that relationship to the characters.

Its hard to say much more about this episode.  There was a lot of great one liners and gags, which is true to form for Community since Harmon retook the reins. Some nice call backs to the show’s past i.e. Pierce’s death,Troy’s departure and Subway moving into Greendale. (eat fresh!) We were also treated to a fun theme for the episode that has yet to be used in the series, a great guest star, and some fantastic performances from the actors in all their roles.  It was a great close out to the season, and honestly, should the horrible happen and we not get a sixth season, a fairly decent end to the series.

Overall, this was great, plain and simple.  It had the proper balance of silly fun and emotional weight that the show does so well.  The show has recovered well after Troy’s departure, however I am hoping that he will be back for season six, and if what I have read online is true, there is a decent chance of us getting a sixth and final season, maybe even a movie.

But, until that happens, we must sadly clean out our lockers and say goodbye to our favorite community college, at least until next semester.  Until then, eat fresh.

Goon out.


Roll for initiative: Goon Reviews Community “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

Community - Season 5


*rolls a  d20*


Okay, add that to my Profession (reviewer) skill, that is a…31, which means I succeed!  I successfully write a review!

Now that that is taken care of, lets go slay that Necromancer.

We open with another meeting of the Save Greendale Committee, doing whatever it is  they do, when Hickey seems distraught.  Turns out he wasn’t invited to his grandson’s birthday because he doesn’t get along with his son.  In an effort to get Hickey to reconnect with this son the gang decides that the only logical solution to this problem is a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons. (I like the way they think)  Of course this doesn’t go as planned as Hickey’s son is smart enough to figure out what is going on, and thus mixes up the characters that Abed handed out and throwing a wrench into the plan.  Hickey’s son grows upset with the game and causes a bridge to collapse, thus bringing about the worst possible thing in an RPG, he split the party!

Hickey and son argue and make a deal, if Hickey kills the necromancer he can come to the grandson’s party, if his son takes him out, Hickey stops going to family holidays.  The deal is struck, the party is split, and the adventure continues.  We jump between the two groups and treated to some incredibly fun role playing scenes as they progress through the adventures.  After some fights, torture sessions, and spider riding *shudder* the group is reunited and a battle ensues.  Swords are swung, arrows fly, dice are rolled, and heroes fall.  In the end, only Hickey and his son are left standing, and the necromancer gets away, which leads two patching up, more or less, and they continue to try and kill the necromancer.

I’m just gonna say it, this was the second best episode of the season, and one of the best of the series to date.  We got a little bit of set up at the beginning and then a head on dive into pure fun.  We got to see all the characters really getting into the game at an even greater level than the first Dungeons and Dragons episode back in season 2.  What was best was seeing Hickey get so into the game so very quickly, sure it may have been to beat his son, but doesn’t change the fact that he fully embraced the game, and obviously was having some fun.   The scene of the epic clash between the two groups was hilarious to watch, Abed rolling the dice while desperately trying to keep up with the different attacks being called out had me laughing hysterically.

One of the best parts of the episode thought was the whole father and son trying to connect.  We got see Hickey step outside his comfort zone into something new, all to try and patch things up with this son.  Jeff trying to help it along, comparing the situation to his own estranged relationship with his father was a brilliant move on the writers part, especially because we really haven’t had much with that since the Thanksgiving episode last season.  What was best was that we didn’t get some great resolution to their conflict, the two didn’t make up and be a happy family.   Instead it ends with them bickering while playing the game, with Jeff coming to the realization that while they couldn’t stand to really be around each other, they couldn’t stand to be apart as well.  It was a very nice, and very realistic way to wrap things up.

Other great moments from the episode that must be mentioned:
– Annie once again rocking Hector the Well Endowed
– How the Dean played the relationship between his character’s and Jeff’s
– Neal’s brief background appearance
– Abed’s strict adherence to the role of the GM
– Abed running a game for Annie’s stuffed animals, and killing them off with goblins

Overall, this was an amazing episode and did a fantastic job of showing that while the show did hurt from the loss of Troy, it can still be great.

Goon out.

Bang!: Goon Reviews Community “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing”

Community - Season 5


Man, I miss those VCR board games, they were all sorts of fun.  The more complicated, the better.

We join the Save Greendale Community as they wrap up another meeting, Annie asking for volunteers to clean out a storage room, which surprisingly enough Jeff volunteers for right away.  When questioned, he explains that Annie always saves the harder stuff for last,  only then to discover that the task was the last one, that’s right, Annie through the curve ball.  It was rather funny to see her scathing remark towards Jeff about no one knowing her pattern.  Abed then joins the group with his coat check girl girlfriend (aka Rachel) who gives to him the VCR game Pile of Bullets.  And here is where we get the plot split.  Jeff, Shirley, and Hickey go off to clean and organize the storage room while Annie and Abed spend the night with Rachel and Annie’s visiting brother.

While Jeff and company clean out the storage room, they find a pile of textbooks stashed inside an air duct, and things quickly devolve.  Hickey and Jeff have the plan to sell the textbooks and turn a tidy profit, textbooks are expensive after all.  Shirley doesn’t want to at first, but thanks to some Jeff Winger word magic, she comes around, and fully dives in.  What follows is an amusing parody of drug trading, which doesn’t surprise me given Jonathan Banks’ (Prof. Hickey) previous role on Breaking Bad.  Of course things can’t run smoothly, Britta gets called in because she has the connections needed to sell the book, and usually I would question just how someone has to connections to illegally sell college textbooks,  but its Community, weird shit like that is par for the course.  After an arguement about payment Chang wanders into the room, is grabbed, and forced to record a video saying he stole the books.  At this point Jeff begins to see this spiraling out of control and tries to back out, only to  be tied up with Chang.  He then works his Winger Word Magic, and gets Shirley, Hickey, and Britta to turn on each other.  We cut to everyone tied up by Shirley who is off to sell the books, only to learn that they are misprints and worthless.

This plot was just flat out fun.  Not the greatest one we have seen, but still fun to watch.  Of all the parodies and satires that Community has done over its five year run, we haven’t had a drug one yet, so it was nice to see something new.  Best part of this was Shirley’s descent into darkness.  She has always prided herself on being a good person, so its always fun to see this side of her, but we haven’t really seen her take it this far before.  What was best about it, was that there was no lesson at the end, they didn’t learn anything new, they just had an unpleasant night in a storage room.  That fact alone made just made the whole thing hilarious to watch.  I was expecting a Winger Speech at the end about learning some lesson about friendship or respect, but no.  Just people being horrible people.  Hilarious.

While all this is going on, Annie and Abed find themselves in a bit of  disagreement of  their own.  Without Troy around they are having trouble making rent, and need a new roommate.  Abed wants Rachel because he is trying to fast track their relationship, and Annie wants her brother because he has money and can fix things.  Instead of talking it over like adults, they decide to duel it out over a game of Pile of Bullets, because lets be honest, this is Community, no one acts like the adults they are supposed to be, at least not at first.  Abed and Annie begin their epic duel, leaving their guests with no idea why they are getting so into this old board game, neither of them being told of Abed and Annie’s deal.  This of course blows up in their faces, Rachel storms out and Annie brother’s points out a problem between the two of them, and by extension the show at large.  Their is a gap left by Troy’s departure.  He acted as the peacekeeper between Annie and Abed, and with him gone they don’t have that buffer anymore.  Abed is able to patch things up with Rachel, in true Abed fashion, and Annie and Abed realize they need to work things out, and find a new roommate.

While less fun than the textbook/drug sale plot, this wan was still fun to watch as we got to see just how big of an affect Troy’s departure has on the group, and not just on Abed.  We got a better idea of his role within the group and how much they are hurting with him gone, and this was great.  It’s no secret that the show has been hurting since Glover’s departure, so its nice to see that being addressed in the episode, that his character hasn’t just fallen into the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality that usually befalls a character when they leave a show.  Also, we got see Abed’s relationship with Rachel, and how his insecurities in dealing with other people are affecting that.  He us trying to rush through things for fear of messing it up and losing her.  It was surprisingly sweet, and fits in perfectly with Abed’s character.  Even better, we had Rachel understand Abed’s fears and reassure him that she wasn’t phased by them.  I like her character, she’s great, and I am glad to see her’s and Abed’s relationship progressing.

On a final note, the cowboy in Pile of Bullets was none other than Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, an amusing guest appearance that was a nice tie in to the textbook plot.  The end scene of him being offered the role and his wife urging him to take it, and leave his job at Apple, was both hilarious and hurtful to watch.

Overall this was one of the better episodes since Troy’s departure.  There was some fun breaks from the normal, and great character scenes.  It is episodes like this that are given me hope for the future, that we might just see those six seasons and a movie.

Goon out.

So who was the Ghost: Goon Reviews Community “Bondage and Male Sexuality”

Community - Season 1


Among the many other shows, we see Community make its return to television.   And it was, okay.

This week we once again see Prof. Duncan try and score a date with Britta, to do so, he enlists Jeff’s help, and the two concoct a plan.  Ian suggest going to a charity benefit, just the type of thing that Britta would be interested in.  Naturally, the rest of the group,  minus Abed and Hickey, come along as well.  This is kinda where things took a turn for the bad.  The story splits off into the various subplots that are the norm for a sitcom, and while far from bad, none were really great either.

Starting with the main one, we see Ian trying to nab Britta, how will he do this?  Wait for her to have an emotional breakdown and move in for the kill.  Despicable, yes, but keeping in line with what we have seen of Duncan so far.  A wrench is thrown  in the works when Britta runs into some of her old anarchist friends, gives a speech, and woos the crowd.  Honestly, it was a pretty good speech, one of the better parts of the episode.  After this we get a fall out between Jeff and Duncan, as Jeff spontaneously finds himself attracted to Britta again.  What follows are some fun jabs at Dane Cook, because well, he’s Dane Cook.  Britta falls out with her old friends, realizing that they have traveled down separate paths in life and she finds herself unable to connect.  Its wrapped up with fairly awkward flirting by Duncan and Britta commenting on his and Jeff’s friendship, leading them to reconnect over a bro’s night.

This plot just wasn’t anything special, the whole Jeff randomly having a thing for Britta again was just out of nowhere, and frankly uninteresting.  If it had been played up as Jeff doing it to give Duncan the metaphorical kick in the pants he needed to talk to Britta, it might have been more interesting to see, but this just fell flat.  The only thing that really saved it from just being flat out horrible, was the bit of Jeff and Duncan’s friendship.  Their friendship was a fun part of their characters’ in seasons one and two, and with Duncan being MIA throughout seasons three and four, it was really nice to see that come back.  But apart from that, this just felt like a filler.  We could have some great character moments with Britta, build up what we saw of her in “Geothermal Escapism” but we got nothing.  It seemed the whole plot with Britta was only there to set up for the last three minutes with Jeff and Duncan.

While this happening, Abed was back a Greendale building his classic  Kick Puncher costume to wear to the premier of the reboot (it’s a crime they changed the costume, it really is) he stumbles upon Prof. Hickey, and sprays foam over his duck drawings.  Hickey cuff’s him to a drawer, attempting to teach him a lesson about actions and consequences.  Abed pretends to like the comics, in an effort to connect with Hickey so that he will let him go.  This fails, and we see the two explode at each other, Abed stating that Hickey’s comics are lacking because he doesn’t draw on any of his own experiences in writing them, which is a valid point to make about anyone’s work, and storms off, only to return with a script for a cop drama he had written.  Hickey agree’s to help Abed, using his own experience as an officer to help Abed with the nitty gritty details he is lacking, and the two bond.

Like with the Britta and Ian, this was a fairly uninteresting story.  Hickey does raise a point about everyone walking around eggshells on Abed, due his various issues and such, but its not the greatest.  These various quirks of Abed have been done before, and in better ways.  Hickey’s entire argument falls short of the mark because nothing new is brought up.  He tries to teach Abed a lesson, but ultimately fails to do so.  Abed doesn’t learn a lesson so much as he recognizes some similar personality traits in Hickey, their shared desired to be recognized for their creativity.  While not bad, it wasn’t anything special, it once again feels like its just the writers trying to fill the gap left by Troy, even shown by Abed’s mournful gaze at Troy’s empty chair in the study room.  If they play this up in later episodes, expand on these two working together on this project,  it could make for a fun subplot for the season, so finger’s crossed that happens.

Our final bit, Chang and the ghosts.  Amusing, but not really much to talk about.  He talks to “ghosts” and questions his own existence.  It was good for a couple of laughs, but nothing more than that.  Shirley and Annie pretty much nowhere to be found this episode, they had a few lines and then just disappeared, not really contributing to the episode save for a single joke about corporations and mindless drones, but lets be honest, those jokes have been done to death  that this point.

Overall, not really the greatest episode we have seen.  It was far from the worse, but also far from great.  It seems that the show is still trying to figure out where it stands after the loss of Troy.  I can only hope it finds it soon, because I don’t think we can survive to many more episodes like this one.

Goon out.

Too Soon: Goon Reviews Community “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking”

Community - Season 5


Nathan Fillion guest starred on Community.  Nathan Fillion, guest starred, on, Community!!!  That was just freaking amazing, on so very many levels.

We rejoin our favorite group of dysfunctional students and teachers as they are really digging into the cause to save Greendale.  Annie, in true Annie fashion, has complied a lengthy list of things they need to do in order to fix up Greendale, including updating the student census, rehanging a bulletin board, and organizing one of Greendale’s  many dances.  Of course the  group is split up and we are treated to a delightful series of subplots as they bumble their way through their tasks.

Let’s start with the main, the bulletin board.  Annie and Professor Hickey team up to get the bulletin board in the cafeteria hung up.  Hickey puts in a half assed effort, causing Annie to jump in and get the problem fixed.  What comes next is a series of red tape and bureaucratic nightmares as Annie must wheel and deal her way through the various groups around Greendale to get this done.  We start with putting in a work request with the janitors, who lets be honest, are always a delight to see.  From this we go to the custodians, (I honestly did not know there was a difference between the two) their president, played by the amazing Nathan Fillion, will push the work order to the top if Annie can get the porn sites unblocked, leading us to the IT lady, who wants a better parking spot, leading us to the head of parking who wants total control over the bulletin boards so he can crush the ride share program.  This entire sequence is just loads of fun to watch as we see Annie descending into a rather dark place as she attempts to achieve her goal.  Once again her drive and single minded determination is taking her someplace she shouldn’t go, and surprisingly enough its Hickey that has to pull her back.  That is what made this plot great,  Hickey has been an enjoyable character thus far, but hasn’t done much to venture outside his established character, here we got to see him break from his mold and basically save Annie from going to far to the dark side.  His moment at the end of tearing down his own board and hanging it up was perfect, showing just how his interactions with Annie were able to get through to him and show some hidden depths to his character.  The final part of the Save Greendale Committee standing off against the Dean and janitors was just ridiculous fun.

While Annie was busying traveling the dark roads of community college bureaucracy we are treated the ridiculousness of Jeff, Shirley, Chang, and Duncan trying to put together the mid-term dance.  These scenes are few, but fun, as we watch them try to tap into some sort of school spirit and come up with a theme for the dance.  Chang suggests “Bear down for Mid-terms” and after some guilt tripping, the others agree, and we see them actually having some fun with the it.  This was surprising, but amusing.  We got see Jeff and the others actually really getting into something school related, and enjoying themselves, only for all their hard work to be pointless when Neal tells them of the news story of the little girl getting mauled by an escaped bear at her birthday party. (too soon guys, too soon)  We then see that they do a rush job of turning bear down into Fat Dog, and using Chang’s guilt  tripping tactics on Annie when she questions the theme.  All things considered, this particular sub plot was short and sweet.  Nothing groundbreaking with the characters, but was fun to watch and was a nice break between scenes.

Now onto our final story, and my personal favorite, Abed and Britta updating the census.  There whole thing starts out with an amusing reference to an HBO show that is eerily similar to Game of Thrones, but totally isn’t, completely different epic fantasy series full of boobs, blood, betrayal, and dragons.  Yup, totally not Game of Thrones.  Anywho, Britta gets mad at Abed for spoiling the show, as she is only on the first season, so she sets out to read the books the show is based on and spoil things for him.  She fails, of course, she is Britta after all.  But we are treated to a fun bit between Abed and a deaf girl, who I believe was played by Katie Leclerc from ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. (if I am wrong on that someone please correct me)  Abed learns sign language so he can better talk to her, and Britta continues to try and spoil the show for Abed, that is pretty much how things progress until the end when she drops a major spoiler on Abed, being payed off by Britta to do so.  The reason this particular subplot was my favorite of the episode was because we got to see Abed connecting with another character outside the group, which is always fun to watch as those moments aren’t overly present in the series.  Sure they have come up before, Britta even makes an amusing reference to the fact of Abed connecting with random girls who are never heard from again, until now.  After Britta spoils things with the girl, Abed walks away, sad and mopey, only to run into coat check girl Rachel, who last we saw in season 4’s “History of Dance.”  Honestly, this was kind of a touching scene for Abed, as he apologizes for not calling her, making a fun reference to the year of the gas leak (this seems to have quashed the rumors of this being an allusion to a potential Communtiy movie, and instead is just a fun jab at the everything wrong with season 4)  I am honestly happy that they brought Rachel back, and I hope that she will be a more common face around campus now.  With Troy gone, Abed is going to need someone new to connect with, and I think bringing in a romantic interest for his character could be a great way to handle this.  While no one could ever replace Troy in our hearts, seeing someone new in Abed’s life is nice, and has a lot of potential for character fun times.

Overall, the theme for this weeks episode seemed to be “Guest Stars!” as he had a slew of them.  Nathan Fillion, Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds playing the IT person, and Robert Patrick from a whole slew of amazing things.  It seemed that with Troy gone, they needed something to fill that void, and what better than a mess of fairly impressive guest stars.  They were fun to watch, and made for a great episode.   I will admit that I was bit leery of the show with Troy being gone, but I must admit that it was still fun, while the loss of Troy is a big one, I have every confidence that Harmon and the actors will still be able to turn out a great show week after week.
And with that, we bid a temporary farewell to our favorite community college, as the show will be on hiatus until after the Olympics have run their course.

Goon out

They have Gods!?: Goon Reviews Community “Geothermal Escapism”



What is a Community college to do when paintball has been over played?

Answer: LAVA!!!

This week we are saying goodbye to Troy, and I have to say that it was an amazing send off for his character.   In the same vein as season 1’s Modern Warfare and season 2’s Fistfull of Paintballs/Few Paintballs More we are treated with an homage/parody episode, this time to movies such as Mad Max series and other post apocalypse films.  Admittedly I was a little worried about this episode, it was going to be hard to say good bye to Troy, after all, without him there will never be another episode of Troy and Abed in the Morning!  This changed after about 5 minutes, and I was watching with baited breath just who would survive a Lava infused Greendale, what alliances would form, who would betray who, and who would emerge the lord of Lavadale!

The episode opens with Study Group having a send off party for Troy, everyone wishing him luck and well on his journey around the world, except for Britta.  Britta is obsessed with the fact that no one is sad over Troy’s leaving, claiming that they are not properly dealing with their friend leaving.  I would of course be willing to write this off as Britta just being Britta, but pretty much everything she was said was proven true by Abed and his campus wide game.

From here one out things get weird, and by weird I mean freaking amazing!  We see the characters, both the Study Group and the various other Human Beings, fully embracing Abed’s game, all determined to win the prize at the end, a rare comic book worth a butt ton of money.  Surprisingly enough, throughout all of this Britta is the sole voice of reason.  She see’s what is happening, Abed being unwilling to let his friend go.  This is what made this episode amazing, Britta was actually the sole voice of reason, trying to get through to Abed and the others so that they can properly deal with Troy’s departure.  What makes this so out of  the ordinary for Community, Britta being competent at something, is what makes this episode stand out as one of the best of season, possibly even the series.

This all comes to a conclusion in the basement, after we see Troy and Abed in bubble burst through the ranks of Professor Hickey’s chair walkers, (totally awesome by the way) partake in nail biting game of chicken with the Professor, and a great chase through the halls.  With the best friends cornered and clinging to shelves to escape the lava, Abed finally reveals all.  He doesn’t want the game to end, because if it does, he says goodbye to his best friend.  To him, everything is real, the lava, the death, all of it.  This scene was actually a bit tear jerking to watch.  Troy and Abed’s friendship has been one of the greatest parts of this show to watch, and it is clear to see just how important their friendship is to each other, and we all know how Abed doesn’t handle change well.

Throughout this entire episode Abed perfectly shows this aspect of his character.  From first starting the game, offering an amazing prize to the victor to ensure it lasts as long as possible, to leaving Britta to “die” because she is the biggest threat to the game, and his continued friendship with Troy, everything he does it to put off dealing with the loss of his friend.  At the end, Abed realizes he has no choice but to end the game, giving us an amusing heroic “sacrifice” to watch.  After this, we learn that Britta wasn’t trying to break Abed, or had any real malicious intent, she was honestly  trying to help her friend deal with a huge change in a healthy way.  That’s right people, Britta actually successfully used psychology to save the day, I’m as shocked as you are, really, I am.  What’s even more of a shock is, she succeeds.  Sure, she has to play into Abed’s world to do so, cloning a new Abed, but this works.  She learns the best way to help Abed isn’t to try and change how he views the world, but instead temporarily adopts that same view to help him come to grips and better accept the real world.

In the end, Abed, and the rest of the Study Group, is “cloned” and are bidding farewell to Troy.  We get touching goodbyes from the whole gang, my personal favorite being Jeff admitting that Troy is a far cooler guy than he will ever be, and even a surprise guest appearance by Levar Burton, who will be sailing around the world with Troy to make sure he doesn’t cheat.

Overall, this was a fantastic way to say goodbye to Troy, full of emotions and fun times.  Donald Glover, Community won’t be the same without you and you will be sorely missed by us all.

Goon out.

Lie: Goon Reviews Community “Cooperative Polygraphy”


So Pierce is dead, that’s real.  Well, they had to work him out somehow, what with Chevy Chase leaving the show, this was as good a way as any.

Community opens up with the Study Group returning from Pierce’s funeral, all feeling a bit bummed with the passing of their friend.  Some kind words are spoken among the group about Pierce, and some amusing shots are taken at his Neo-Budhist cult.  The group mourning is broken up when Pierce’s lawyer comes into the room and accuses the study group, of murder!   gasp!

What follows next is basically an ever so loved bottle episode, all the characters sitting around the table, secrets come out, emotions run high, Annie says “aww”  and even from beyond the grave, Pierce does what he does best, cause drama within the group.  While this wasn’t the best episode of the series, it did pack a lot of laughs and was a fitting send off to Chase’s character.  Pierce’s lawyer is subjecting every member of the group to a polygraph test, which they must complete so that they can get their bequethments from Pierce, a nice call back to the season 2 episode “Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking,” in fact, the whole episode feels like a call back to this one because both revolve around Pierce tormenting the rest of group, his death, and gifts.  While this wasn’t bad, I was hoping for a bit more originality this season, but hey, not every episode can be a home run, sometimes you have to settle for a solid 2 pointer (I totally got the hang of this whole sport reference thing)

Hands down the best part of this episode was that it solidly captured the character of Pierce as we have seen him over the years.  While not a horrible person, Pierce was far from a saint.  Most of this came from his father’s influence and being a product of a different generation, but he had some definite redeeming qualities to him.  In this Goon’s ever so humble opinion, Pierce was at his best when he was acting as a grandfather/mentor figure for the other characters, and I was thrilled we got to see that here.  Pierce’s questions serve to break down the others, force them to be confronted with the parts of themselves they have tried to hide, or are ashamed of.  After all the layers have been ripped away, and the Study Group is feeling pretty miserable with themselves, we get Pierce’s final round of questions, where he makes them confront the best parts of the themselves, fully realize their own self worth and the things that make them great.  And them gives them sperm, lots and lots of sperm, that was kinda (see: extremely) gross, but was perfectly in keeping with Pierce’s character.

The other big thing to come from this episode is working Troy out of the show.  While I am sad that Donald Glover will only be in about half of the season, I love how they decided to explain his absence.  Pierce’s gift to Troy, apart from the sperm, (still gross) was all of his shares of stock in Hawthrone Wipes, totally just about $13 million dollars, but he can only claim them if he sails Pierce’s boat around the world.  Pierce does this so Troy can become a man, in essence, discover who he is and find his path in life.  This is amazing.  While all the other characters have had some sort of established goal for themselves, or a dream they would like to reach, Troy has never really had one.  The closet thing we have seen was his brief stint in the Air Conditioning Repair School Anex, and that was something that was forced upon him rather than a goal he chose for himself.  He has desperately been lacking direction, and it seems that Pierce’s final gift is the chance to find some.  I eagerly await Troy’s return from this trip so we can see just what has become of his character.

Overall, while far from one of the best episodes of this amazing series, it is also very far from one of the worst.  It was a solid send off to Pierce, showcasing the greatest aspects of his character, and is a good launching point for some development for Troy, which is something that he has been in need of for awhile now.  I can’t wait for more.

Goon out.