Snooty and Goon: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


It just isn’t Star Wars without a grumpy old actor who agrees to slum it even though he hates the franchise.

The biggest movie release of the year deserves the biggest episode ever of Snooty and Goon! We call in our two ringers, Professor Science and the Pretentious Best Friend, in a no-holds-barred rundown of Disney’s first full-length Star Wars feature. Spoilers abound!

The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovic

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Captain America: Civil War

X-Men: Apocalypse

Star Trek Beyond

The Huntsman: Winter’s War


Star Wars: The Force Awakens: S&G in a Snap!


Look at all the new action figures! NOW AVAILABLE IN STORES!

A slumbering giant reawakens to take over the box office for the next three months. Find out here if it lives up to the hype!

Snooty and Goon: Mockingjay, Part II

Snow problems here!

When going to an execution, be sure you’re wearing your heavy-duty mascara from Maybelline’s Capitol Collection.

The Hunger Games have concluded in a giant ball of (the Girl On) Fire! Was the four-year journey worth the trip? Did we need an extra movie to wrap it up? Which love interest will Katniss choose? You’d already know most of these answers if you’d bother to pick up a book!

Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen

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The Forest

The Boy

How to Be Single

Now You See Me 2

Gods of Egypt

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Mockingjay, Part II: S&G in a Snap!

Flamebird is my favorite DC super hero.

Somebody help! That poor bird’s been on fire for four movies now!

After Talkingjay Part I, we’re all ready for some action, amirite? Hoo ah!

Snooty and Goon: Spectre

Can you kill people and look this good doing it? Then life as a 00 Agent might be for you. Sign up now!

It’s time for one last spy romp before 2015 comes to a close. Daniel Craig is James Bond! Goon hasn’t seen most of his movies! Snooty can’t tell the difference between Ray Fiennes and Ralph Fiennes, even though the former doesn’t appear to exist!

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James Bond Theme (cover by Helm and Heik)

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London Has Fallen


Thirteen Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Spectre: S&G in a Snap!

Who needs gadgets when your good looks are chiseled enough to cut your enemies?

Who needs gadgets when your good looks are chiseled enough to cut your enemies?

The Bond franchise circles back around to what kids today will only remember as “that guy who sort of looks like Doctor Evil.” Or is Doctor Evil too far back for kids today to remember? Man, getting old is rough…

Snooty and Goon: The Transporter Refueled

Interchangeable characters? What a great premise to use in our soft reboot!

Interchangeable characters? What a great premise to use in our soft reboot!

Take a ride with Snooty and Goon as they weather their first post-summer flick, a sequel/reboot good enough to have been a disappointing August release. Statham didn’t like the payday on this film and drove away. He might have been smarter for it.

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The Last Witch Hunter

The Hateful Eight

Ride Along 2

Rock the Kasbah

The Perfect Guy