I was very specific you not die: Goon Reviews Flash “All Star Team Up”








Can Felicity just be in everything DC related?  Seriously, she makes everything more amazing.

So after a brief time away from our favorite speedster, lets be honest, we both needed a bit of space, its good for the relationship, we return to Central City. Barry is kept busy by a hectic night of crime fighting with Joe, and the newly informed of his identity Eddie, when tragedy strikes.  A woman is found dead from what appears to be hundreds of small puncture wounds.  Barry takes a blood sample and plans to return to his lab to test it when Joe advises he goes to S.T.A.R. instead to get it done faster.  Barry reveals that since his discovery that Wells killed his mom he doesn’t feel comfortable being around him, and is upset that he can’t confide in Cisco and Caitlin.  He eventually agrees when Joe tells him they need to keep up appearances and can’t let Cisco and Caitlin in on the secret until they know for certain they aren’t in cahoots with Wells.  They discover that it was high amounts of bee toxin that killed the victim, far more than any normal bee would carry, and they figure there is a new metahuman on the scene who can control the little buzzers.  Before they get a chance to proceed none other than Felicity Smoak comes strolling into the lab, Ray Palmer landing shortly later.  They have come to Central City because Ray is seeking some help with his A.T.O.M suit and come to Cisco for aid.  Felicity quickly sees that something is wrong with Barry, but he writes it off as just having a bad day.  Before she can press further, they receive word that another bee attack is happening.  Barry rushes off to help, but arrives to late to save the victim, a robotics based scientist.  The swarm of bees pours out of the dead guy’s body and begins to swarm Barry, who tries but fails to escape the building.  The poison from the bees leaves Barry “dead” in the street, but thanks to the defibrillator built into his suit Caitlin is able to revive him from afar.  With Barry once again in the land of the living, he, Felicity, and Ray meet up with Eddie and Iris for dinner.  Things get awkward during the dinner as Iris is upset with Eddie for something he is not telling her (that he knows that Barry is the Flash) and among all the arguing and awkwardness Barry has a bit of break down.  He confides in Felicity his knowledge of Wells’ actions and his fear that Cisco and Caitlin are in on it.  After an unpleasant end to dinner, Felicity is able to discover that both the victims used to work for Mercury labs, seen earlier this season.  They speak to Dr. Tina McGee who tells them that the baddie they are looking for is Brie Larvin, a former

With name like Larvin, I'm not surprised she became a bug themed villain.

With name like Larvin, I’m not surprised she became a bug themed villain.

employee who made robot bees and was fired for weaponizing them.  The team works to track her down when Larvin sends her robo bees after McGee.  Barry goes off to capture her while Ray flies off in his A.T.O.M. suit to save Mcgee.  Both are successful, with a little help from the team, and the bad guy is stopped.  Felicity and Ray bid goodbye to their friends and the episode closes out with Barry confiding in Cisco and Caitlin what he knows about Wells.

We are also treated to a subplot of Eddie having trouble keeping Barry’s secret from Iris, and Iris honestly being kind of a bitch about it.  Seriously, do not like her at all.  While we’re on the topic, lets talk about this bit of plot.  I can understand why Iris would be upset about her boyfriend keeping secrets, it isn’t fun.  At the same time, she is showing that she doesn’t trust him at all.  Keeping secrets can be bad, but if they aren’t your secrets to tell, its only right not to.  That is the case here.  Eddie has no business telling Iris that Barry is the Flash, and it is good that he doesn’t.  While he probably could have come up with something better to tell Iris when she asked, Iris was basically just being a bitch this week.  Add in her ultimatum at the end, and honestly, I think Eddie is better off without her.

Our main plot, was just freaking fun as all hell.  I will admit that is wasn’t anything groundbreaking, basically falling into the villain of the week category, but that is far from bad.  There was still some fun twists throughout the episode, like the discovery that Larvin wasn’t a metahuman, just a robotics genius with a chip on her shoulder, but overall it was nothing that hasn’t been done before.  What made it so great was the inclusion of Ray and Felicity.  Like I said before, Felicity makes everything better, and Ray fit in with the Central City crew like a long lost piece of the puzzle.  He and Cisco had a natural chemistry and quickly bonded while working on the suit, we were even treated to a nod to his past as Superman just before he made his appearance at S.T.A.R., and its always a joy to see Barry and Felicity together.  Sadly Caitlin was pushed a bit to the sidelines this week, but was far from absent.  She played her role on the team and did it well, same with Wells, who’s villainy was hanging over Barry’s head like the Sword of Damocles, but like Caitlin, he was largely pushed back to a support role.

It's a bird! Its a plane!  No! It's the A.T.O.M! ...yay?

It’s a bird! Its a plane!
No! It’s the A.T.O.M!

Lets talk about Barry for a second here.  Gustin was great in this episode.  He easily portrayed his fear of Wells, and general discomfort being around the man how murdered his mother, but was able to keep it buried deep, for the most part.  His break down with Felicity was perfect and did a great job of showing how much the two care about each other, even if they are just friends.

The biggest part of this episode came at the end, when Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin.  It shows the amount of trust Barry has in his friends, and how important they are to him.  Caitlin is of course disbelieving of this, and for good reason, but Cisco quickly believes.  He has been having visions of the Day That Never Was from when Barry made the quick jaunt through time.  I found it interesting that they worked this in.  Cisco’s death scene was intense and heartbreaking, and know that Cisco is remember what happened to him, the shock, pain, and betrayal, it is going to be amazing to see him deal with this as he helps Barry fight against his former friend and mentor.

Overall, this was a great episode, while the plot itself main have been a bit on the basic side it was far from bad.  The stuff with Iris and Eddie was honestly a bit distracting, and just served to reinforce my dislike of Iris, but the rest of the characters, specifically Felicity and Ray made up for any short comings that there might have been.

Goon out.


Impossible is just another Tuesday for us: Goon Reviews Flash “Fallout”

Let our powers combine!

Let our powers combine!






…So, I really want pizza.  Anyone else, anyone?  Just me then.  Okay.

We pick up right where last weeks episode left off, Barry and Caitlin running from the nuclear blast that was Firestorm.  Having survived and learning that there is no radiation from the blast, Barry and Caitlin head back to find what happened to Ronnie and Dr. Stein.  Lo and behold, they find them both alive and well, if their clothes are a little worse for wear.  They bring the two back to S.T.A.R. Labs and discover that apart from a slight fever, both are in perfect health.  Stein returns home to his wife and Ronnie and Caitlin spend some much needed time together.  While this happens, Joe takes Barry back to his old home and tells him what he and Cisco discovered about the night of the murder.  Naturally confused by this, Barry goes to the one person he knows that can give him some insight into time travel, Dr. Stein.  The two talk in fancy science terms for awhile, and we discover there is still a connection between Ronnie and Stein, via Stein sensing that Ronnie is in danger.  Barry goes to the rescue, and after some military induced acupuncture goes horrible wrong, he is able to escape with Caitlin and Ronnie.  They learn that General Eiling is still after the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project.  Ronnie and Caitlin lay low with Barry and Joe for awhile while Stein hides out at S.T.A.R. Labs.  Things go pear shaped when Wells sells out Stein to Eiling, because he is a dick like that, but then pulls a 180 and helps to rescue him.  Through their connection, which continues to grow stronger, Ronnie is able to communicate with Stein and he and Barry go off to save him.  Barry pulls Stein out just before Eiling shoots him, but before they can escape Barry is hit with a phosphorus chemical that starts to burn.  To put it out he has to put himself into a vacuum, leaving Ronnie and Stein to get away on their own.  When escape is no longer an option, Wells tells them to merge together again, the two do so, but instead of fighting it they accept it, and thus Firestorm emerges, and kicks all sorts of ass.  With their new found abilities, Stein and Robbie decide to leave Central City, seeking out an old colleague of Stein’s who they think will be able to help them better understand their powers.  The share a sweet goodbye with their respective loves and fly off. (to be seen again in the Firestorm spin off) We close out with Barry telling Joe he will learn everything about what happened the night his mother was murdered so that when he goes back he can stop it, and with Wells, in his Reverse Flash outfit, kidnapping Eiling and throwing him to Gorilla Grodd.

So yeah, this episode was freaking amazing.  It feels like most of last week’s episode was build up to this one, and the pay off was fantastic.  Ronnie

Man, Cisco is gonna be pissed.

Man, Cisco is gonna be pissed.

and Stein’s animosity towards each other was well founded, but not annoying.  Having spent a year living in the same body is bound to leave some less than friendly feelings behind, but it was played more just left over anger over missing a year of their lives than as actually hatred towards each other.  Stein’s adopting Ronnie’s love of pizza was hilarious to watch play out.  The build up to their willing merge was well paced, and quite funny.  The small bits of banter between the two while they were merged was well placed levity in the more serious moments, and Stein’s insistence on calling his companion Ronald was also a nicely added in character trait for him.  This episode, and last weeks, are essentially a backdoor pilot for the Firestorm spin off that CW has been talking about since late in development for Flash, and after this, I seriously think it could be great.  Robbie Amell and Victor Garber play off each other well, not the best I have seen, but the whole young man/old man dynamic they have could lead to some truly hilarious moments for the two.

Barry’s learning of his eventual trip through time was a nicely done subplot for the episode, and did help to remind us that even though he may have taken a back seat plot line wise this episode, he is still the main character.  He ran through the emotional gambit after this reveal, starting with shock over the impossible news, acceptance of it and a desire to know more, sorrow over the idea that he is destined to fail his mother, and finally setting on hope that he will be able to save hiss mother’s life.  This was short, but great.  Allowing Barry’s story to progress, but still giving in a big enough role in the main story so he can continue to do the hero thing he have come to know and love.

Caitlin was interesting to watch here.  She was overjoyed to have her fiance back, as is to be expected, but at the same time, she has rebuilt her life without Ronnie in it, so his sudden return leaves her wondering what will happen.  Add in Ronnie’s desire for them to leave Central City behind, and you have a Caitlin worried for the future.  But, this did not drag anything down.  Everything about this felt natural in how it played out, with Caitlin having to once again readjust her life with the return of Ronnie, and in the end, being accepting, and almost happy, at his leaving.  As she said to Cisco, she had built a life she was happy with, and Ronnie not being able to stay in it, while upsetting for her, didn’t take anything away from it.  Instead, she is just happy he is alive and is looking forward to him returning to her life.  It was sweet, and sadly may have killed any chance of a Barry/Caitlin romance which I was hoping for, but hey, can’t have everything.

We were treated with a subplot of Iris at the newspaper and being encouraged by her partner to find out what is really happening at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Crater cuddles!

Crater cuddles!

This was uninteresting, and frankly unneeded.  This probably stems mostly from the simple fact that Iris is still just not an interesting character.  I see this particular plot leading to character drama as she tries to figure out what Barry and his friends are doing at the burnt out lab.  We will see her digging, probably a confrontation between her and Barry as she digs to deep and close to the truth, before finishing with her discovering that Barry is the Flash, and maybe some shoe horned in romance between the two.  Yeah, pass.  Seriously, I have said this before and I am going to say this again, Iris is the Laurel of this show, and they have taken far to long to do anything interesting with her character, so she is basically now just dead weight.  No offence Candace Patton who plays the character, she does it well, she just has an uninteresting character.


Overall, this was a fantastic follow up to last weeks episode, gave us great character moments, and added a new superhero to the universe that is being built between Arrow and Flash.  There was a fantastic continuation to Joe’s investigation that will lead into one of Flash’s more out there super powers, time travel, and what is a major story for Flash in the comics.  Heck we may even be getting a new show to help expand the world, we will see how things go with the proposed Firestorm spin off.

Sadly, we have a month to wait till the next new episode, where it appears Well’s secrets will be coming to life, so until that happens,

Goon out.

Spice champion of Central City: Goon Reviews Flash “The Nuclear Man”

Can Marvel nail us for this?  No?  Good.

Can Marvel nail us for this? No? Good.







Curse whoever invented the cliffhanger ending, curse them to the special level of hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

We depart from the usual Flash format, where we see Barry squaring off against a new super powered baddie and instead dealing with something a little closer to home, for everyone.  In the main story we see the continuation of the Ronnie/Firestorm subplot.  Team Flash has successfully discovered what happened to Ronnie, and who he merged with, a Professor Stein, who Barry reveals that he met briefly on a train the day the accelerator went boom.  He apparently made a favorable impression on the scientist because he mentions later that he remembers meeting him.  They are able track Stein down by way of his wife, who Stein has been watching in secret.  They bring him back to S.T.A.R. Labs and do their science thing on him.  Wells learns that the Ronnie part of the body is rejecting the Stein part and building up heat that will result in a thermonuclear explosion.  The only option, kill Ronnie/Stein before that happens.  Caitlin refuses this, not wanting to loose her fiance again, and after a brief consultation with his disembodied voice, Wells figures that he can re-purpose the stolen dark matter dohickey into a device that would safely separate the two.  However, Stein, hearing about his impending meltdown, runs away to avoid hurting anyone.  Barry and Caitlin rush out to the badlands after him, but and slap on the science MacGuffin on him to no avail.  Barry rushes them out as Ronnie goes boom in what was one of the best visuals of the show to date.  The episode closing out with General Eiling (last seen in the episode Plastique) sending out a response team to claim F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.

In subplot one, Barry’s got a girlfriend!  This runs just about as well as you would expect.  The two have fun on their date, play off each other well, on the second date when things start heating up Barry has to rush out to handle Flash business.  Instead of getting angry Linda takes it in stride, and after a talk with Iris, believes it would be best to just walk away, thinking that Barry still has feelings for Iris.  Barry assures her this isn’t the case, even

I am sensing my least favorite geometric romantic shape showing up here

So yeah, that is totally some subtle symbolism right there.  Nothing can be gleaned from that at all.

eating the hottest pepper known to man to secure a second date, and the two patch things up.

In the final subplot, Joe brings in Cisco to help him solve Nora’s murder.  The two go to Barry’s old house and discover that a mirror in the room was there at the time of the murder, and because of weird sciencey reasons they are able to extract pictures from the materiel on the back of the mirror and convert it into a 3D hologram (again, weird sciencey stuff) this leads them to an old blood spatter on the wall they are able to extract two different blood types from.  Joe asks Cisco to run the samples against Wells, but Cisco refuses, not willing to believe that Wells could be a killer.  Later on, he does run the samples though, and discovers that one of them is a match for adult Barry.  (cue dramatic music here)

This was a really great episode, they have been teasing us with Firestorm for quite some time now, so actually getting an episode mostly centered on that story was fantastic to see.  The whole two in body thing was taken right out of the comics, and was a lot of fun to see play out.  Robbie Amell (who is the cousin of Stephen Amell aka Oliver Queen from Arrow) played the crazed fire starter fairly well, and did an even better job when he was stabilized thanks to a fancy drug cocktail.  It was a bit of an  odd experience seeing a young man act like a much older person, but it worked, Amell did it well and he was able to really bring out that awkwardness of a stranger being surrounded by people who know the body he is stuck in, but not him himself. (have I confused you yet?)  We sadly did not get a resolution to the story, they are obviously still building up the character for his planned spin off, so luckily we will get to see more him in the future.

In the romantic subplot, we got a fun break from the tension that was building with the Ronnie story.  Most of this very lighthearted, Cisco even making jokes about Barry being to fast.  This does take a turn for the mildly dramatic when Linda thinks that Barry’s odd behavior is from unresolved feelings for Iris.  They write this off quickly, Stein even giving Barry some advice on how to deal with the situation.  His end plan of eating the pepper to win the second date was a fun play off their first date in the beginning of episode, but it felt a bit wasted.  I feel they could have worked up more to this scene, maybe hold it off for an episode or two, that way making it a fun callback to a previous episode, but its obvious they didn’t want to spend to much time on this little relationship hiccup, so I understand why.  Regardless, it was still fun and cute to watch.  The only downside, was Iris at the end.  Her little downtrodden look upon seeing Barry and Linda kiss was just rage inducing.  She has never shown any interest in Barry outside of their friendship, so if she is going to start getting jealous because Barry doesn’t have unrequited feelings for her anymore I am gonna end up hating her

"So, we're gonna end up together right?" "Probably."

“So, we’re gonna end up together right?”

character even more.  If they spin this as her just being worried about losing her friend, I can get behind that, and could lead to a sweet friendship moment between the two.

With Joe, it was a bit surprising to see him bring Cisco in, but makes sense.  He needs some tech help with investigation and wants to keep Barry out of it until he knows more, so that leaves Cisco.  This had some  amusing parts to it, the big one being the middle age divorcee who was hitting on Joe, and the neat hologram stuff.  The biggest part being Joe confiding in Cisco his suspicion of Wells.  Cisco response was spot on what I would expect from the character, the total denial that his friend and mentor could be a killer, but also showed that Cisco does not blindly follow his boss.  When Wells talks about killing Ronnie/Stein, Cisco shows that he has some doubts about Wells, and does indeed perform the blood test for Joe.  The reveal that Barry’s was there at the night of the murder is no surprise, as they have been advertising the time travel aspect of Flash for sometime now.  Still, it was nice build up for one of Flash’s big powers, and good forshadowing for future events.

Overall, this was a damn good episode, it balanced out the drama and humor, Barry had some positive steps in his new relationship, Firestorm was awesome, and great set up for future events.  The cliffhanger ending was annoying, because lord knows I hate those, and the potential love triangles building up will surely fill me with rage if/when they come to pass, but all in all, a great episode.

Goon out.

Superspeed and vodka do not mix: Goon Reviews Flash “Crazy for You”









Oh my god, drunk Caitlin is best Caitlin!

Seriously, can we get some tie in web series that is just Barry and Caitlin having drunken karaoke adventures? I would watch the hell out of that.

So, this week seemed to be a bit of a hodge podge of random stuff, but that is not bad.  In the main plot of the episode we have Barry dealing with a teleporter who broke her boyfriend out of jail by the name of Shawna Baez, aka, Peek-a-Boo.  When Barry and Joe arrive at the empty cell to investigate Barry finds some odd residue from Baez’s teleporting and we are also treated to a touching moment between Barry and his dad, Joe having called in a favor so that Barry and his dad get actually get some face time. Back with the baddies, instead of doing the smart thing and getting the heck out of dodge, the boyfriend talks Shawna into committing acts of crime, he has a debt to pay off to a local crime boss and won’t leave until it’s done.  Barry confronts the duo in the middle of a robbery and is caught off guard by the Baez’s teleporting abilities, which gives the villainous a pair the chance to escape.  Barry’s dad asks a few questions around the prison to help his son, and is attack for his troubles.  Barry yanks the attacker out of prison and gets him to spill the beans on what the crime boss has in store for the teleporter and her boyfriend.  Wells and the smart people figure out that the Shawna’s power is tied into her vision, she has to be able to see to use her power.  When the bad guys are attempting to escape an armored truck robbery Barry chases them into a tunnel where he smashes the lights, plunging them into darkness and depriving her of her powers.  This closes out with Barry’s dad basically stating he knows that Barry is the Flash and how proud he is of him, a truly heartwarming moment.
We are also treated to several subplots this week.  Following up on Rathaway’s comments about Ronnie from lasts weeks “The Sound and the Fury” Cisco is trying to track down his fiery friend and save him.  He lets Rathaway out and the baddie walks Cisco through the events leading up to the accelerator explosion.  It is discovered that during the blast Ronnie was merged with a Professor Stein which is why he has been acting in a very un-Ronnie like manner in his past appearances.  Rathaway, being a bad guy, uses this opportunity to escape, but the others are quick to forgive Cisco

when they learn his motivations were to assuage his guilt over locking Ronnie in the accelerator.

In the final bit of subplot, we see Barry and Caitlin getting out there and trying to get over their respective heartache over Ronnie and Iris.  This involves a bar, karaoke, and a delightfully drunk Caitlin.  This is a brief bit, but fun to watch as the two cut loose and just have some fun together.  It crazy-for-you-episode-the-flash-superspeedculminates in Barry getting a girls number and bringing a drunk Caitlin home, where she urges Barry to call the girl, and says its okay if he peeked at her boobs.  Yeah, drunk Caitlin is hilarious, we need more of her.

All of this closes out with a nice tease for the future, Gorilla Grodd killing some people in the sewers.  Yeah, super smart talking gorilla is on the way, can’t wait.

All the parts of this episode where quite enjoyable.  Flash versus the baddies wasn’t exactly the most stand out confrontation the show has had, more following the basic formula of the encounter, figuring out the enemies powers, and finally countering them, but was still fun to watch.  Baez, aka Peek-A-Boo, is Flash villain that first showed up in 2002 as a medical student in Central City.  Her backstory was changed for this, instead she was just a girl with powers who wanted her boyfriend out of jail and then got dragged into the whole crime thing by him.  She was sort of a meh villain for the most part, but by the end was actually fairly sympathetic.  She was a person in love who was basically used by the person she thought loved her, only to be abandoned when he didn’t have a use for her.  It hit ya in the feels, which I believe was the point, it showed that not all of these villains are bad people who got powers, some where just normal people that ended up in a bad situation, something that The Flash has been really good about presenting to viewers.

The subplots this week were a lot of fun, focusing more on the characters than anything else.  With Cisco, it made it seem like he was trying to track down Ronnie for Caitlin’s sake, but the reveal that it was because he was still so angry at himself for locking Ronnie in, and his sense of loss over the fracturing of his self created family, it was actually kind of amazing.  It makes me want to know more about Cisco past, what it was that made him create a new family for himself at S.T.A.R. over whatever family he was born into.  Of all the characters, Cisco’s past is still the most mysterious, and this gave us our first good look into it.

Yeah, this won't be awkward at  all.

Yeah, this won’t be awkward at all.

With Caitlin and Barry, this was just plain old fun.  Seeing Caitlin cut loose and offer drunken advice to her friend was just hilarious.  The final part of the two back in her apartment with Barry helping her get ready for bed and her asking him to stay until she fell asleep was honestly  a touching moment between the characters.  This, combined with the smile she had on her face when she told Barry she needed to find someone new to be crazy about leads me to believe that we may just be seeing the beginnings of a Barry/Caitlin pairing, which I am all for.  That should totally happen.  Granted, we did meet a new love interest for Barry this week, a woman by the name of Linda Park, played by Malese Jow, how is a sports writer at the same newspaper that Iris works at.  Yeah, this gonna be fun.  We didn’t get much of her here, as this was just her introduction, so I can’t really say much about her character or have any real opinion on her.  I will say that its nice to not see Barry pining over Iris (lets be honest, she is the Laurel of this show) and I do happen to like Malese Jow, so I am interested in seeing how this will play out.

Overall, this was a strong character episode, there were some fantastic moments, new insights into some characters motivations, and drunk Caitlin!  Seriously, never letting that one go, it was hilarious.  While not the most action packed episode, it was fun one and played to the strengths of the actors and characters.

Goon out.

Harrison Wells, you have failed this city: Goon Reviews Flash “The Sound and the Fury”


Nintendo Power Gloves and a black hoody does not a menacing villain make.










I am annoyed that I could not think of a good Faulkner joke to open this review, truly, I am devastated.

After an opening monologue of Barry about heroes we see Wells walking around his fancy home when he gets an ominous call from someone who claims to know his deep dark secret (yeah, doubt that) followed by the windows in his skylight shattering.  The next morning Barry and Joe show up to investigate.  Wells tries to pass it off as a prank from citizens still angry at him, but Barry learns that the glass did not have a breaking point and was instead shattered by sonic frequency.  Shortly after we are introduced to Hartley Rathaway, aka the Pied Piper, via a flashback, he’s smart, and an ass, but oddly enough not a smart ass.  He is the former protege of Wells and we learn that he was against the activating of accelerator, thinking it was unsafe. (hit the nail on the head with that one) Like many others he was affected by the explosion, having lost his hearing, and has since developed some pretty nifty sonic technology.  He tricks Barry into capturing him and taking him to S.T.A.R. Labs where he quickly breaks out of his cell and steals files from the computer systems and escapes.  Wells takes a proactive approach to trying to stop him and calls a press conference, sharing Rathaway’s ignored warning with the press.  This doesn’t appease him, and he launches an attack at a nearby damn.  Barry goes off to stop him again, only for Cisco to discover that the stolen files are the cellular scans of Barry.  He has used them to find the exact frequency needed to kill Barry, and lures the Scarlet Speedster into a trap.  With killer vibrations wreaking havoc on Barry, and his internal organs, Wells springs into action to save his friend.  Hacking into a satellite he uses the radios in the surrounding cars transmit a counter frequency to cancel out Rathaway’s and save Barry.  It works and Barry takes down The Pied Piper.  Cisco locks him away, but Rathaway assures him that we will be free soon, he is the only one that knows where Ronnie is and how to save him.

While this is going on we are also treated to a new subplot and the development of others. Iris is now working at the Central City newspaper but her joy is short lived as she quickly learns that she isn’t well liked by her new colleagues as the only reason she was hired is because the boss thinks that she has an in with the Flash and wants the inside story on Central City’s new hero.  She is not happy about this, but seems to be determined to prove her worth as a journalist, so that should be interesting to see play out.   We also are seeing a bit more of Wells and his motivations, it seems his speed

Gustin's response to the news he won't be playing The Flash in the movies.

Gustin’s response to the news he won’t be playing The Flash in the movies.

is unstable for reasons that are not yet revealed, and his theft of the tachyon particles is meant to stabilize his powers but doesn’t seem  to be working.  With a final ominous line of advancing to the end game we close out on him.  Lastly but not leastly, we see more of Joe’s distrust of Wells and his decisions to beginning looking into the reclusive scientist.

Honestly, not as good as last week’s episode, or a lot of other episodes this season, but far from bad.  It was very much an average episode.  There was some solid parts of to this episode, the inclusion of a long time Flash villain the Pied Piper, and I was pleased to see that they included the fact that Rathaway’s was gay, as the character was in fact one of DC’s first openly gay characters. (after his reform from villain to good guy in the comics he would make jokes about how he went straight)  But with that being said, he wasn’t all that great of a villain, especially in comparison to some of the previous ones we have seen.  His history with Wells, Cisco, and Caitlin could have made him great, giving him the ability to play the mind games with Barry’s support team, and he does a bit, but its far to little to be anything menacing.  It seems that he was just there to become another plot point for things with Ronnie.  But he has shown to be a real threat to the Flash and could possibly be used to greater extent in the future, the comics character was a member of The Rogues, who we saw last week, and could be interesting to see him teamed up with them.

Wells was definitely one of the stand out parts of this episode, mainly because he is the overarching threat for the season and we actually got to get an idea of what his plan is. I have to admit that Wells is turning out to be a perfect villain, he is carefully keeping his plans hidden, has the intelligence, the-flash-episode-the-sound-and-the-fury-pied-pipercharm, and charisma to get his biggest threat to become his friend and protege.  I like this, a lot.  The best villains are the ones that can work in the shadows, throw people off their trail, and strike when least expected.  While Joe is picking up on something off about Wells, he is a cop, and more importantly, a father to Barry, so its fairly natural for him to have some misgivings about this man who so quickly inserted himself into such an important role in Barry’s life.  I eagerly look forward to how everything with Wells will play out over the rest of the season, and more info on what his evil plan is.

Overall, while this was a bit of a lackluster episode, it does prove that The Flash is still a great show, even if not every episode is a home run.  The subplots and villains are still more than enough to keep viewer interest even on the poorer episodes.

Goon out.

The flame or the frost: Goon Reviews Flash “Revenge of the Rogues”

Remember, having a good a villain pose is half the battle.

Remember, having a good a villain pose is half the battle.







Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
Robert Frost – Fire and Ice
Its always fun when a poem can so aptly describe an episode of a tv show.
That’s right folks, Goon is back and writing stuff for this site again.  I apologize for so abruptly stopping on the reviews, but I have a good excuse, my computer committed Sepuku and by the time I got it repaired the shows had already hit the their mid season breaks, but there back now, and so am I.  If anyone out  there actually cares…
After getting his butt handed to him by the Reverse Flash, who appears to be Wells but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was a mislead of  some sort, Barry has stepped up his training, hoping to be able to match his yellow clad nemesis when next they meet.  At the same time none other than Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, has returned to town with a friend in tow, Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave, and the two are intent on taking down everyone’s favorite speedster. They try to lure him out, but Barry has devoted himself to training and improving his skills, opting to let the police handle this one with a little from Wells and Cisco.  At the villains second strike the police fail to stop him, not knowing that Rory is packing a heat gun which he gleefully uses to set pretty much everything on fire.   The two escape and Barry now decides to take them down, being spurned into action at the injuries of the police officers.  At the same time Caitlin is looking into Ronnie and the last thing he said to her, firestorm.  With some help from Barry she realizes that its an anagram for something I can’t even begin to try and remember, but basically deals with changing matter from one thing to another, basically Firestorm’s powers.  She tracks down the person that wrote the paper on it, a Jason Rusch (one of the people to be Firestrom in DC Comics) who says that he stepped away from the project when the government got a bit too interested in it.  The Rogues nab Caitlin after her visit with Jason and use her to draw out The Flash, who is more than happy to answer the challenge to save his friend.  Wells realizes that their weapons can be neutralized if they cross the streams from them (cough Ghostbusters cough).  After being saved from a near hit by Eddie, Barry takes a blast

Worst. Chorus line. Ever.

Worst. Chorus line. Ever.

from both guns head on and uses that to force the two weapons to cross.  The baddies are caught, Caitlin is saved, and Iris has finished her move in with Edidie, resulting in Barry choosing to move back in with Joe, giving us a heart warming moment between the two.  We close out with Snart and Rory being saved from a prison transport by an unseen person identified as Snart’s sister.

After far to long, I am happy to say, this episode was fantastic because of the villains.  If every other part of this episode was terrible, which it was not, Snart and Rory would have made up for that.  Snart was basically the same as he was when we saw him last time, cold and detached, taking a methodological approach to everything, not even letting his failed plans to draw out the Flash upset him.  The only time he came close to loosing his cool is when dealing with Rory.  Rory was the exact opposite, he’s a quack pot.  He is crazed pyromaniac that just wants to burn things, in his first encounter with the police he goes off the deep end as he spraying them down with firey doom.
This is what so great about the episode, seeing these two villains juxtaposed next to each other.  One second being at each other’s throats and ready to blast each other, the second working together to take down the Flash, and even having some clever bits and barbs back and forth, Rory taking shots at  Snart over his speeches and attentions to detail.  It was great because we got to see just how different these two are, and personally I think showed the strength of Snart’s character in his ability to keep this crack pot in line.  That being said, there was a couple of eye rollingly bad moments with Rory, primarily in his little crazy speech to the captive Caitlin, talking about how fire is undefined:

1. A state, process, or instance of combustion in which fuel or other material is ignited and combined with oxygen, giving off light, heat, and flame.
2. A burning mass of material, as on a hearth or in a furnace.

So yeah, he is all sorts of crazy, and obviously failed high school science.
Barry was interesting in this episode too as we see a depart from the usual lighthearted Barry we know, and seeing him focused and determined on improving his skills and powers, which was not a bad thing as it does make sense after what happened in the last episode, but wasn’t anything great.



It felt more like a requirement for a teen drama, they have to have the occasions where the the protagonist breaks character and acts out of the norm.  Fortunately, it made sense in the narrative and was played well by Gustin, who continues to be amazing as Barry Allen.

Apart from that there wasn’t too much else noteworthy to this episode.  Cisco got to give a solid speech to the cops, which was nice to see, and Caitlin going further into the Firestorm sub plot that has been developing over the past few episodes.  I do have to admit I am honestly loving how they are handling it, instead of just dropping him, we get short glimpses of him and are watching his story unfold bits and pieces at a time, enough to keep the viewers interest, but not so much that it over shadows the main plot or  characters.
We also deal with the developing Iris/Eddie relationship, the two now moved in together at the episodes end.  Again nothing great, but that is because I honestly am having trouble caring about Iris.  She is far from a bad character, but she is basically this shows version of Laurel, and we all know how useless she is.  I am still waiting for Iris to do something noteworthy instead of just being Barry’s friend/unrequited love.  We did get a great moment between Joe and Barry, and damn it all if those two don’t have fantastic on screen chemistry, they play off each other so well and you can honestly believe that there is a father/son bond between the two.
Overall, this was great return to Central City, the villains were amazing, and we got to see Barry acting a bit out of the norm, but in a good way that made sense.  It is great to see the show back, and judging by some of the news posts I have seen for the rest of season, the show is just starting amp up into levels of true awesome.
Goon out.

What kind of tool steals a yellow Humvee: Goon Reviews Flash “The Flash is Born”










Man, I really got to get me some super powers, they are just so neat!

Returning again to Central City we rejoin Barry Allen, aka The Flash.  When last we left him he and Iris had a falling out over her writing her Streak related blog.  Sadly, the patching up has yet to commence, and before anything can be done a new baddie makes himself known on the scene.  His name is Tony, and he can turn himself into metal (don’t worry, the Superman joke was already made)  Barry comes across just after he has stolen a car and is running from the cops.  Eddie takes some shots at him, all of them bouncing off his metal skin, before Joe tackles him out of the way of the speeding car.  Barry catches up to him, but is unable to stop him, takes a pretty massive beating instead.  He limps back to S.T.A.R. Labs and is patched up by the ever so lovely Caitlin, where Barry reveals that the baddie is none other than a grade school bully who used to torment him.  With Barry unable to do any real damage to the Tin Man, Cisco goes to work figuring out how Barry can take him down.   While Cisco is hard at work, Barry goes back to his day job, where we are treated to some surprisingly nice scenes between Barry and Eddie, some good ol’ fashioned manly bonding!  Things take a turn for the worse when Tony shows up at Iris’s place of work, he is surprisingly mellow and calm for most of the scene, showing he isn’t really evil, just not all that great.  He runs when Iris mentions her cop boyfriend, but not before smashing her phone and leaving a very generous tip. The-Flash-Preview-The-Flash-Is-Born-VIDEO When Barry learns of this, he grows enraged, concern over his friend overwriting his common sense and he goes to the iron foundry that Tony used to work at.  The two fight again, and once again Barry is pounded into the ground.  Tony leaves him for dead, but Cisco and Caitlin find him and pull him out.  Barry has a break down, feeling powerless that he couldn’t fight his bully then, and can’t fight him now.  His moping is cut short when he learns that Iris has been taken by Tony and he has to go save her.  Cisco has learned that in order to have any effect on Tony, Barry would need to hit mach 1.3, causing a sonic boom in the process. As we learn, Tony took Iris because of her blog.  He wants her to start writing about him, making him famous.  He was a guy that hit the top in highschool and after that was nothing but downhill for him, and he sees Iris and her blog as a way to get back on top.  Barry shows up to save him, this time taking his brief boxing match with Eddie to heart, fighting smart and is able to hold his own, if only for awhile.  Tony gains the upper hand and starts swatting Barry around again, when Barry remembers words of advice from Joe about running from a fight you can’t win.  He runs, 5.3 miles away, the needed distance he needs to hit mach 1.3.  With a sonic boom in his wake, Barry slams a super sonic punch into Tony’s jaw.  Tony gets hurt, but doesn’t go down until Iris lands a punch.  Tony comes too in his new cell at S.T.A.R. Labs, shocked to see that Barry was the speedster that put him down.  For a second there he looks almost ashamed of his actions as Barry lectures him, but grows enraged as Barry walks away, ignoring him.  At the close, Barry pays a visit to Iris, the two patch things up, and Iris. via her blog, officially bestows the name Flash on Barry’s superhero identity.

On a subplot, we see Joe hard at work on solving the murder of Barry’s mom.  He approaches Wells, asking if it is possible that someone with Barry’s powers could have been around back then, but Wells shoots the idea down.  Joe later accuses him, angering Wells, who reveals a bit of backstory to him about a lost love.  Joe learns he screwed up and apologizes to Wells, asking if it was at possible for another speedster to be around, but Wells still says no.  We close out with Joe working the case at home when a yellow and red streak blazes into the room, knocking him back.  The streak briefly resolves into the image of a man like we saw in the pilot, before leaving.  Left behind is a picture of Iris pinned to the wall with a knife, warning Joe off the case.

I loved this episode, honestly did.  Primarily because of the villain.  It was nice to see one that could so easily toss Barry around, it showed that while he is indeed powerful, and very competent, he can still be beaten in a fight.  Making things even better was the villain himself.  Tony wasn’t a psycho with newly gained powers trying to murder people or cause mass chaos, he was just a guy.  Sure he had some anger issues, and obviously a bit of an inferiority complex from peaking so young in life, but he was very much the type of person that anyone could be become, that you could see on the street.  Sure, he used his powers to do illegal stuff, but stealing cars and kegs hardly makes one a super villain.

This episode was not about the Flash taking down a villain, it was about Barry laying a past demon to rest, and it was played perfectly.  Barry’s scene where he breaks down, believing that he can’t defeat Tony and is still just the same powerless kid who was bullied in school was amazing.  Gustin sold that scene perfectly, and was even more amazing in his closing speech to Tony.  It was a bit surprising to see him reveal his identity, but it made sense, it was Barry finally slaying his demons.  And that is all there is to say about that.

In regards to the subplot, it was nice to see Joe finally taking some steps to solve the case, instead of it just being some vague thing in the background The-Flash-is-Born-1that is mentioned but never touched upon.  However, I feel his accusing Wells just came out of nowhere.  While we the audience totally know he is up to something, Joe’s only hunch was that Wells didn’t think there could have been another speedster so long before the particle accelerator exploding seemed to be a bit of a leap, but it does show that Joe was willing to follow any lead in order to find justice, so I can commend him for that.  Seeing Anti-Flash/Prof. Zoom show up at the end to swipe the files and scare Joe off seemed a bit premature.  As it stands, Joe wasn’t really any closer to solving the murder, I think it would have worked better to hold off on this, give us more of Joe and Barry working to solve the case before the appearance of a major baddie, that way it could be spun into a motivating factor for Barry and Joe, the both of them knowing for certain the killer is real, still out there, and needs to be caught.

Overall, I can honestly say that this was my favorite episode of the season to date.  Gustin was fantastic, the villain was interesting, we could have gotten a bit more of Caitlin and Cisco, but they were there and played their roles well.

Goon out.