Yay for Scars: Goon Reviews Arrow “Time of Death”

Time of Death


After a brief hiatus we rejoin our favorite crime fighting team in Starling City, its good to be back.

In our flashbacks this week, we don’t get much.  Oliver and gang are trying to figure out how to get onto Ivo’s boat when they hear a plane overhead.  An untimely missile brings the plane down and the pilot is left barely alive.  Oliver and Slade go back to the base to get their first aid supplies while Sara stays with the mortally wounded pilot.  This doesn’t really do much in terms of the overall plot of the season so far, basically it serves two purposes:
1) It provides a bit of setup for the future, will Oliver finding the parachute that they will use to get onto Ivo’s boat.
2) We get the reason behind Sara taking an interest in, and looking out for, Sin.
This I did like.  While I don’t feel it  was overly important to show just why Sara and Sin were friends/working together, it was nice to be given a reason, that of Sara fulfilling a dying father’s last wish to watch out for his daughter.  It was sweet, and they didn’t waste to much time on it so it didn’t detract from the rest of the episode.

In the present, Sara is now a member of team Arrow, not the happiness of everyone involved.  Felicity is questioning her usefulness to the team now that Sara has joined and that the bad guy of the week, the Clock King, has been trumping her in the computer department.   More on him later.  While Oliver and team race against the clock to stop the king, (sorry, couldn’t resist) Sara attempts to reconnect with her sister, and Thea is picking up on the tension between Oliver and Moira.  As we progress along, Felicity more and more begins to question her role, and usefulness, to the team.   Several times during the episode we see her getting shaken and distraught over how easily the Clock King blasts through her security systems, frying her entire system and leading Oliver and Sara on a wild goose chase.  They set a trap to capture him, in the process Felicity puts herself in harms way, needing to use the computer at the bank to nab him.  The King takes the bate, a fight ensues, and Felicity takes a bullet while saving Sara while at the same time sending a virus into his phone, causing it blow and render him unconscious.   In the end, Felicity gets her own scar to show off, we get a pretty big step forward in Laurel and Sara’s relationship, and a bombshell is dropped; Slade, who Oliver thought was dead, is going into business with Moira. (cue dramatic music here)

So let’s take a look at things here, starting with Felicity.  I really liked her in this episode.  I was afraid that Oliver and Sara’s new relationship would lead to an ever so despised love triangle, but it hasn’t.  At least not yet.  Instead we see Felicity honestly worried that she is no longer needed on the team, and is honestly a little bit jealous of Sara, which makes sense.  As she stated in season one when she first joined up, Felicity was not used to people being nice to her, that is why she joined up to help save Walter.  In her time working with Oliver and Diggle she has become much more confident in herself and her abilities.  She found a cause to devote herself to and found people that she cares about, who also care for her, and as they haven’t been at subtle about it, found someone she was beginning to develop feelings for.  Then along comes Sara, who can connect with Oliver and Diggle over war stories in a way she can’t, is smart, strong, beautiful, and able to look after herself.  Add this to the blow the Clock King dealt her by blazing through her security like it was wet tissue paper, and it is perfectly understandable that her confidence would be shaken.  This could have gone badly for the show, but they made it work.  Felicity didn’t get catty or act like an idiot over the whole thing, instead just showing her insecurities and worries over the new addition to the team.  Sara was nothing but kind and supportive to Felicity, Diggle sees that she is upset and does his best to put her fears to rest, and in the end Oliver reassures of her place on the team, telling her that she will always be needed.  For a show on a station whose target market is primarily teens, it is refreshing to see these characters actually acting like the mature adults they are supposed to be.

In their civilian lives, Sara is welcomed back with a party, a Queen family tradition apparently.  For the most part  this was a fairly unimpressive sub plot.  Laurel is still being as annoying and unneeded as all hell.  Staying in her apartment and drinking instead of going to her sister’s party and about to pop pills before a family dinner she organized herself.   This comes to a head when she realizes that Sara and Oliver are together, she blows up, screams at everyone, and storms out.  This scene here with her and Oliver was fantastic, his screaming at her, trying to get through to her, was amazing to watch.  Even more so was his obvious frustration that she just would not accept help from anyone.  As it turns out, Oliver did in fact get through to her, she apologizes to Sara and attends an AA meeting with her dad.  While this isn’t enough to fully change my mind about her character, I still see her as mostly useless, at least it looks like they are trying to do something with her.  Finger’s crossed they make her more interesting.

As for the villain this week, we actually get one from Green Arrow’s rogue gallery.  Two villains had the title of Clock King, the second was a GA villain, nice to finally see them not having to resort to grabbing baddie from another heroes list of villains.  Clock King was actually an enjoyable villain.  We see him hesitant to cause any death at first, his first plot timed perfectly to avoid any deaths, only screwed up by his hired muscle.  What really set him apart was the fact that everything he was doing wasn’t for himself.  It was for sister.  Clock King has a terminal disease, and before he dies is trying to get money to help his sister, to has her own medical issues.  His rant at the end, that everything he did was for her, not for himself, was amazing.  It showed a man desperate to help the only person in his life he cared for, and that he would do anything to help her.  I liked this, it was amazing, and I hope that we can get some more of him in the future.  It would be nice to see some more recurring villains in this show.

Overall, this was a pretty okay episode.  It wasn’t anything fantastic, and definitely not the best of the season, but it was a good episode to welcome the show back with, and had some great character moments.

Goon out.