Eat your heart out, Stephen King: Goon Reviews Castle “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

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Yay, Castle is back!  Granted, I feel the timing of this episode was not the best it could be.  With the strong Carrie overtones to it, you would think they would have scheduled this episode for earlier this season, what with the movie and everything, but no point in dwelling on this, lets dive right in.

We open with a nice Castle and Beckett scene as they debate the merits of hiring a band or a DJ for their upcoming nuptials, and they discover that they don’t have a song! GASP!  This a was a fun opener for the episode, and I am liking that the show is beginning to develop a trend with this, opening the episodes with a nice and/or romantic Castle/Beckett scene.  This gives viewers a fun opening, and helps to set up the subplot for the episode.

Jumping into the CoW, we got a fun one this week.  High school girl killed in what looks to be a telekinetic attack, bullied girl shows signs of having powers, bonds and thievery and War and Peace!  Fun stuff.  Throughout the investigation we follow our usual batch of twists and turns as Team Castle tries to unravel the mystery, they chase the leads, interview the suspects, hit some dead ends, and in the end solver the case. I must admit, this CoW really set itself apart from other ones, mainly because of the whole telekinetic angle, but also the setting really helped.  It wasn’t hardened criminals or the usual scum of the earth that was on the list of suspects, it was a bunch of kids.  This was honestly fun to see, the motives for murder would be different as would the approach to solving the case.  Add in the vague idea of something supernatural and this episode perfectly showed what Castle does best, brings a bit of the weird to what would ordinarily be a run of the mill, police procedural show.  What was best?  The end, when Beckett explains that there was nothing found in Lucas’ house at the end to logically explain away that little show of telekinesis, it leaves us with that small bit of belief that maybe, just maybe, it’s real.  Reminds me of the time travel episode from earlier this season, had much the same effect.

As far as our subplots go, we had some fun looks into Castle and Beckett’s histories.   The high school the victim attended was one of the many that Castle attended, and expelled from.  This led to some fun sequences between him and his formal principal, who is still angry over a cow that Castle got onto the roof, though we don’t know how, and the reveal that both Castle and Beckett missed their senior proms.  Castle from being expelled, Beckett because in her wild child days she would rather got to a poetry slam.  While fun to watch, it wasn’t overly great, until the pay off at the end.  Castle and Beckett crashing the winter dance, and finally getting their song, was a great way to wrap up the episode.  The development of Castle and Beckett’s relationship has been fantastic so far, and it continues to be so.  It is relatively free of drama, and what little there is of it, it usually done in a light hearted way, and is played for laughs.  This is great because it does a lot to break up the darker and more dramatic moments, infusing an upbeat tone into the series that helps to balance things out.

Some complaints, the lack of Martha and Alexis was a sore spot for me.  When last we saw Alexis, she had come to a pretty big realization about her relationship with Pi, and I am really looking forward to seeing how that will play out.  As for Martha, well, she is always just fun to watch.  Like the relationship between Castle and Beckett, she brings fun to the show, and its always great to see when Castle’s interactions with his family leads him to some new insight for the case.  Sadly, none of that was present this week.  Also, Ryan and Esposito.  They were around, but didn’t do much.  Ryan’s bits were he was buying into the whole Carrie were fun to watch, but didn’t add much to the episode.

Overall this episode was a lot of fun, while it hurt from the lack the supporting characters, the main plot and and bits of Castle and Beckett’s relationship made up for any short comings.

Goon out.