I would never sing Let it Go as a duet: Goon Reviews Castle “The Time of Our Lives”









I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry, oh fuck it, I am bawling like a baby, that was beautiful!   CASKETT FOR THE WIN!

Alright people, after a few weeks, I am back with the Castle reviews, sorry for the absence on these, fell behind I didn’t get a chance to catch up on this season until just now.  But enough of that, lets get to the reason you are here.

So wow, was this one of those out there episodes, alternate realities and ancient magic artifacts, Alexis with black hair!  Mind = Blown.  So brief recap, we open on Castle and Beckett talking about their lives, idly wondering how things would be different if they haven’t met.  Their musings are cut short as they go off the investigate the CoW, a dead man with a stolen briefcase.  Castle finds some coal on the victim’s body which leads him and Beckett to an abandoned coal plant in town.  Their they find the stolen case.  Inside is a medallion.  The bad guys show and a fire fight ensues, a grenade is thrown, throwing Castle through a door and knocking him out.  When he wakes up, things have changed.  He returns to the station to find that Ryan and Esposito have no idea who he is and Beckett is now the captain of the precinct.  Castle’s knowledge of the case, and of the them, naturally makes the Alternate Universe versions of our favorite cops suspicion of him.  He is arrested, and then we are introduced Alternate Martha, now a success and famous actress and Alternate Alexis, now with black hair and living in Los Angeles with her mom (briefly in town of Martha’s new play opening)  Not liking this new world, Castle quickly goes about trying to get back.  Through some fast talking, and his natural charisma, he is able to get involved with the case.  This doesn’t go well, as he is unable to find the relic he needs, and almost gets arrested for it.  Luckily the magical bond of love between him and Beckett can transcend dimensions!  Or, she was just curious about Castle and decided to cut him some slack, could go either way.  Castle gets Beckett on a date, but has an alternate motive, taking her to a bar where one of MOLLY QUINN, NATHAN FILLIONthere suspects is known to frequent.  They nab him and case seems to be closed, but the baddies lawyer overhears Castle talking about the alternate universe stuff.  After a touching moment between Castle and Alternate Alexis, Castle decides that if he can’t get back home, he will make this universe home.  Setting out to win Beckett’s heart, again, he is waylaid by a guy with a gun, and taken to the mastermind behind the crime.  A real estate developer who wants the relic for himself.  Alternate Beckett shows up just in time to save Castle, and is then saved by Castle as he takes a bullet for her.  As Castle blacks out, he awakens in the real world.  We close out the episode with what he have been waiting far to long for, Castle and Beckett’s wedding.  It was a short scene, but ever so beautiful  and totally worth the wait.

So yeah, this episode really pushed the bounds of the weird for Castle.  I have said before, Castle is not afraid to venture into the weird and the wacky: vampires, zombies, time travelers, lost time, its a weirdness smorgasbord, but I don’t know about this week.  While it was certainly fun to see Castle interact with a world where everything is different this episode may have been a bit to out there.  At its core, Castle is a crime drama, sure there is humor and romance there, and always a bit of the weird, but it has always been weird within the realm of possible, this one, eh, I don’t know.  While its left vague at the end as to whether or not this other world was real or just a dream, with Castle waking up in the same place where he first blacked out, there was some subtle hints that it was in fact real, such as the shot of the glowing lights on the relic.  This could all just be something to add into the mystery and help make the episode more fun, it seemed like a bit too much.

Now, was this a bad episode?  No, no it was not.  While it pushed the weirdness bound, there was still a lot of fun.  Every bit Castle bumbling his way through this new and strange world was just pure fun to watch.  His reactions to Martha and Alexis were priceless, and learning that he is now a failed writer, were priceless.  What was best, was that even in this other world, his bond with Alexis and Martha is still as strong as ever.  While there is no some distance between him and his daughter, Alexis explaining that after his failed novel he just fell apart and couldn’t watch him do it anymore.  As I have said before, several times, one of the best parts of this show is the relationship between the two, so its nice to see that even in bizarro world the bond between the two of them is strong as ever.

As for Ryan and Esposito, they actually got a decent amount of screen time, Castle being paired up with them in bizarro world instead of Beckett, and this was nice.  Ryan was still pretty much the same as always, if slightly less happy because in this world he and Jenny never got married.  Esposito, well, he was a lot more angry than usual, hinted that this is stemming from his failed relationship with Laney and his inability to commit.  It was interesting to see them treating Castle like a stranger when in the past the three have been great friends, and have had a lot of fun bits together.

maxresdefaultThis episode was a classic example of the “be careful what you wish for” trope.  Castle states that when he was holding the relic he was wondering if he and Beckett would be better off if they had never met, short answer, they won’t be.  What was best about this episode was the end, when Castle made the decision to make bizarro world better.  It showed the amazing amount of strength that his character possess, and his unwillingness to back down, the traits that helped to bring him and Beckett together in first place.

To close out this out, the biggest thing to happen on this show, Castle and Beckett got married, finally!  I was worried that the writers were going to drag out the wedding limbo for the rest of the season, spending more time focusing on Castle and his missing months, but now.  We had some time where things were awkward but Castle decided it was time to move past that, for them to be happy.  It was a simple wedding, and was perfect, their vows were sweet, almost to the point where I got cavities, but was still fantastic.

Overall, while this episode did stretch things a bit, it was still fun, and sweet.  We finally got the wedding that we have been waiting for since season one, Castle on a fun adventure in a strange new land, and Alexis with black hair.  Seriously guys, that hair, I just, I can’t.  She looks good as a red head, she should not mess with that.

Goon out.