His Name is Max, and his World is Fire, and Blood, and Wicked Awesome Cars.

Smile for the camera!

Smile for the camera!







So, as you should have noticed, due to some difficulties me and my “friend” Snooty are providing you with words for eyes this week, instead words for your ear holes.   Understandable to be upset, but blame Snooty.  I’m sure its his fault somehow.

So, because this is a different format for reviews, things are gonna be done a bit different.  For those of you who read my written reviews of tv shows (which yes, have been lacking lately for reasons yet to be divulged) this review is going to be in roughly the same format as that.  If a bit briefer.  Alright, enough talk, time to hit that Fury Road!

The movie opens with some exposition by Max, giving the viewers some context for the world. I would assume that this makes references to the original Mad Max movies, but I have not seen them, so I can’t say for certain.  When he is nabbed by the minions of the baddie for the film, Immortan Joe.  He is taken to their base and branded with his pertinent medical information, blood type and the what, and after a failed, if daring, escape attempt, he is caged up.  Cut to a celebration of sorts, as Joe is sending his war rig out to Gas Town and the Bullet Farm, to get gas and bullets.  Driving this rig is Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron.  However she has an alternate plan.  She goes off course and starts heading East.  Joe sends his minions after her, including Nux who is using Max as blood donor to replace his crappy blood.  What follows is a pretty amazing action sequence centered around car to car combat.  At the end Max is able to break free, and we discover that Furiosa has rescued Joe’s sex slaves and is taking them to safety.   Furiosa and Max have a rough introduction, but the two eventually team up, at first out of a need for survival, but before long Max finds himself dedicated to her cause.  After several more car based fights, and Nux having another failed attempt to stop them before being convinced to help them, admittedly the pretty red head may have helped with that, the group arrives at their destination.  More sand.  Furiosa meets up with the people she was taken from as a child, only to learn that the “Green Place” they were seeking is no more,  instead its a polluted wasteland they drove through earlier.  Furiosa and the other ladies, plus Nux, decide to take off across the salt flats, hoping to find safety while Max looks to be going off on

So, has there been a more awkward road trip ever?  I don't think so.

So, has there been a more awkward road trip ever? I don’t think so.

his own.  Max has spent the movie being haunted by visions of his past, and after another less than ideal trip down memory lane, he changes his mind and goes after Furiosa with a plan to take Joe’s stronghold due to it being empty of all his warriors as they are hunting for the lost ladies.  The group heads back, and after one more epic battle sequence, where Nux sacrifices himself to save them and stop the bad guy cars, they kill Joe and  claim his fortress for their own.  Furiosa is praised as a hero by the people and Max departs, slipping off in the crowd and confusion to parts unknown.


Damn this movie was awesome.  Hand down, super freaking, awesome.  There was a lot of somethings and very little of others.  Granted, there were some, we shall call them shortcomings in the movie, but nothing that made it bad.  The story was a simple one, didn’t have much depth or content to it, and was lacking in any subplots.  This was not bad.  A lot can be done with a simple idea, and that is what was done here.  Max doesn’t talk much, and when he does, its mostly in short sentences or barked orders to the group, his longest speech was when he detailed his plan to take Joe’s fort to Furiosa.  He was portrayed as a man of action instead of a man words, and this was good.  Again, don’t know much about him from the first movies, but here this worked.  Max was less a hero and more just a man trying to survive.  His lack of trust of Furiosa and confrontation with her at first was easily understandable given his history and the world they live in, but it also showed his pragmatism.  He quickly saw that he needed Furiosa to survive, and was able to easily fall into a working relationship with her, eventually even growing to respect her skills and ideals.  His arch was simple but well handled, and enjoyable to watch.  Max was a fantastic hero for a summer action movie.

Furiosa, equally as awesome as Max, which I am lead to believe really pissed off some MRA’s online, which makes her even more awesome,  because fuck those guys.  Like Max, and most people in this movie, she was a fairly simple character, but it worked for her.  In a world full of chaos and evil, she had a clear set of morals and stuck to them extra hard.  She also possessed the same early distrust that Max had, but again, this is completely believable, and like Max, could see the value of working with him and the help he could offer.  Later on when she learned that her home, the “Green Place” she was desperately trying to reach was nothing more than a stinking cesspool, her breakdown there was not a sign of weakness, but rather a completely understandable response.  More to her strength, she pulled herself together quickly and moved on to seek safety for her and her friends.  In a twist, she was even praised as the hero at the end, which was a surprise given that the movie is called “Mad Max” you’d  think it would be a bit different.  But again not bad.  Honestly, kinda awesome.

The final character to talk about, Nux.  He had the most growth.  Starting as a brainwashed weapon of Immortan Joe, ready to die for him and claim his place in Valhalla, he grows to be a valuable ally for Max and Furiosa, and even has an almost romantic subplot with one of the liberated sex slaves. He was a fun character who went from being hated, to pitied, to respected.  At first he sees Max as nothing more than a blood bag, even referring to him as such, and wanting nothing more than to take out Furiosa to appease his master.  But after failing in front of Joe, he breaks down, questions everything, becoming a man without a cause or purpose, until he finds a new one, to stand with, and help Max.  We got some legitimate touching

Why don't we shake on...it...oh, awkward.

Why don’t we shake on…it…oh, awkward.

moments with him and one of the girls, Capable I think her name was, honestly had trouble catching them all.  His death was fantastic, I love nothing more than a heroic sacrifice, and that is exactly what we got here.

The villains were all one note baddies, there to be intimidating and to a challenge to overcome.  Again basic but not bad.  They were there, they looked badass, and served their purpose well.

The visual design of this movie was amazing, the cars and trucks looked like something you would find in a post apocalyptic, raider run, badland.  Different cars welded together on top of each other, spikes and blades, and flamethrowers jutting out, and lets not forget guitar guy.  That’s right, there is a guy whose only purpose in this movie is to play a guitar that shoots flames for the war party.  That is how crazy badass this movie is.

The only real downside to this movie I found, was the lack of explanation at times left me a bit confused at times, but not bad.  I get the feeling that a lot of this was built around viewers having some knowledge of the previous films, but this wasn’t terrible.  I think this could have been resolved with taking a few minutes for Max to give out some exposition, maybe in an exchange with Furiosa as part of the team bonding process, but that’s just me.

Overall, Mad Max: Fury Road is a fantastic example of the summer action movie.  While basic and simple at times, the movie played it up as strengths.  The visuals were top notch and nothing short of delightful.  The characters were simple but strong, and the whole concept of almost making Max a supporting character in his own movie, instead of the amazing over the top hero was an unseen, but neat idea.  There is nothing wrong with a hero stepping out of the spotlight to offer help and support to others instead, and I feel that is what was done here.

Go see this movie, I can’t stress that enough.  Sure, if your reading this you have probably already seen it, but go again, tell your friends to see it, take your boy/girlfriend, just help this movie make money so we can get more, because we need more.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Snooty’s review, it should be along before too long.

Goon out.


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