I was very specific you not die: Goon Reviews Flash “All Star Team Up”








Can Felicity just be in everything DC related?  Seriously, she makes everything more amazing.

So after a brief time away from our favorite speedster, lets be honest, we both needed a bit of space, its good for the relationship, we return to Central City. Barry is kept busy by a hectic night of crime fighting with Joe, and the newly informed of his identity Eddie, when tragedy strikes.  A woman is found dead from what appears to be hundreds of small puncture wounds.  Barry takes a blood sample and plans to return to his lab to test it when Joe advises he goes to S.T.A.R. instead to get it done faster.  Barry reveals that since his discovery that Wells killed his mom he doesn’t feel comfortable being around him, and is upset that he can’t confide in Cisco and Caitlin.  He eventually agrees when Joe tells him they need to keep up appearances and can’t let Cisco and Caitlin in on the secret until they know for certain they aren’t in cahoots with Wells.  They discover that it was high amounts of bee toxin that killed the victim, far more than any normal bee would carry, and they figure there is a new metahuman on the scene who can control the little buzzers.  Before they get a chance to proceed none other than Felicity Smoak comes strolling into the lab, Ray Palmer landing shortly later.  They have come to Central City because Ray is seeking some help with his A.T.O.M suit and come to Cisco for aid.  Felicity quickly sees that something is wrong with Barry, but he writes it off as just having a bad day.  Before she can press further, they receive word that another bee attack is happening.  Barry rushes off to help, but arrives to late to save the victim, a robotics based scientist.  The swarm of bees pours out of the dead guy’s body and begins to swarm Barry, who tries but fails to escape the building.  The poison from the bees leaves Barry “dead” in the street, but thanks to the defibrillator built into his suit Caitlin is able to revive him from afar.  With Barry once again in the land of the living, he, Felicity, and Ray meet up with Eddie and Iris for dinner.  Things get awkward during the dinner as Iris is upset with Eddie for something he is not telling her (that he knows that Barry is the Flash) and among all the arguing and awkwardness Barry has a bit of break down.  He confides in Felicity his knowledge of Wells’ actions and his fear that Cisco and Caitlin are in on it.  After an unpleasant end to dinner, Felicity is able to discover that both the victims used to work for Mercury labs, seen earlier this season.  They speak to Dr. Tina McGee who tells them that the baddie they are looking for is Brie Larvin, a former

With name like Larvin, I'm not surprised she became a bug themed villain.

With name like Larvin, I’m not surprised she became a bug themed villain.

employee who made robot bees and was fired for weaponizing them.  The team works to track her down when Larvin sends her robo bees after McGee.  Barry goes off to capture her while Ray flies off in his A.T.O.M. suit to save Mcgee.  Both are successful, with a little help from the team, and the bad guy is stopped.  Felicity and Ray bid goodbye to their friends and the episode closes out with Barry confiding in Cisco and Caitlin what he knows about Wells.

We are also treated to a subplot of Eddie having trouble keeping Barry’s secret from Iris, and Iris honestly being kind of a bitch about it.  Seriously, do not like her at all.  While we’re on the topic, lets talk about this bit of plot.  I can understand why Iris would be upset about her boyfriend keeping secrets, it isn’t fun.  At the same time, she is showing that she doesn’t trust him at all.  Keeping secrets can be bad, but if they aren’t your secrets to tell, its only right not to.  That is the case here.  Eddie has no business telling Iris that Barry is the Flash, and it is good that he doesn’t.  While he probably could have come up with something better to tell Iris when she asked, Iris was basically just being a bitch this week.  Add in her ultimatum at the end, and honestly, I think Eddie is better off without her.

Our main plot, was just freaking fun as all hell.  I will admit that is wasn’t anything groundbreaking, basically falling into the villain of the week category, but that is far from bad.  There was still some fun twists throughout the episode, like the discovery that Larvin wasn’t a metahuman, just a robotics genius with a chip on her shoulder, but overall it was nothing that hasn’t been done before.  What made it so great was the inclusion of Ray and Felicity.  Like I said before, Felicity makes everything better, and Ray fit in with the Central City crew like a long lost piece of the puzzle.  He and Cisco had a natural chemistry and quickly bonded while working on the suit, we were even treated to a nod to his past as Superman just before he made his appearance at S.T.A.R., and its always a joy to see Barry and Felicity together.  Sadly Caitlin was pushed a bit to the sidelines this week, but was far from absent.  She played her role on the team and did it well, same with Wells, who’s villainy was hanging over Barry’s head like the Sword of Damocles, but like Caitlin, he was largely pushed back to a support role.

It's a bird! Its a plane!  No! It's the A.T.O.M! ...yay?

It’s a bird! Its a plane!
No! It’s the A.T.O.M!

Lets talk about Barry for a second here.  Gustin was great in this episode.  He easily portrayed his fear of Wells, and general discomfort being around the man how murdered his mother, but was able to keep it buried deep, for the most part.  His break down with Felicity was perfect and did a great job of showing how much the two care about each other, even if they are just friends.

The biggest part of this episode came at the end, when Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin.  It shows the amount of trust Barry has in his friends, and how important they are to him.  Caitlin is of course disbelieving of this, and for good reason, but Cisco quickly believes.  He has been having visions of the Day That Never Was from when Barry made the quick jaunt through time.  I found it interesting that they worked this in.  Cisco’s death scene was intense and heartbreaking, and know that Cisco is remember what happened to him, the shock, pain, and betrayal, it is going to be amazing to see him deal with this as he helps Barry fight against his former friend and mentor.

Overall, this was a great episode, while the plot itself main have been a bit on the basic side it was far from bad.  The stuff with Iris and Eddie was honestly a bit distracting, and just served to reinforce my dislike of Iris, but the rest of the characters, specifically Felicity and Ray made up for any short comings that there might have been.

Goon out.


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