Superspeed and vodka do not mix: Goon Reviews Flash “Crazy for You”









Oh my god, drunk Caitlin is best Caitlin!

Seriously, can we get some tie in web series that is just Barry and Caitlin having drunken karaoke adventures? I would watch the hell out of that.

So, this week seemed to be a bit of a hodge podge of random stuff, but that is not bad.  In the main plot of the episode we have Barry dealing with a teleporter who broke her boyfriend out of jail by the name of Shawna Baez, aka, Peek-a-Boo.  When Barry and Joe arrive at the empty cell to investigate Barry finds some odd residue from Baez’s teleporting and we are also treated to a touching moment between Barry and his dad, Joe having called in a favor so that Barry and his dad get actually get some face time. Back with the baddies, instead of doing the smart thing and getting the heck out of dodge, the boyfriend talks Shawna into committing acts of crime, he has a debt to pay off to a local crime boss and won’t leave until it’s done.  Barry confronts the duo in the middle of a robbery and is caught off guard by the Baez’s teleporting abilities, which gives the villainous a pair the chance to escape.  Barry’s dad asks a few questions around the prison to help his son, and is attack for his troubles.  Barry yanks the attacker out of prison and gets him to spill the beans on what the crime boss has in store for the teleporter and her boyfriend.  Wells and the smart people figure out that the Shawna’s power is tied into her vision, she has to be able to see to use her power.  When the bad guys are attempting to escape an armored truck robbery Barry chases them into a tunnel where he smashes the lights, plunging them into darkness and depriving her of her powers.  This closes out with Barry’s dad basically stating he knows that Barry is the Flash and how proud he is of him, a truly heartwarming moment.
We are also treated to several subplots this week.  Following up on Rathaway’s comments about Ronnie from lasts weeks “The Sound and the Fury” Cisco is trying to track down his fiery friend and save him.  He lets Rathaway out and the baddie walks Cisco through the events leading up to the accelerator explosion.  It is discovered that during the blast Ronnie was merged with a Professor Stein which is why he has been acting in a very un-Ronnie like manner in his past appearances.  Rathaway, being a bad guy, uses this opportunity to escape, but the others are quick to forgive Cisco

when they learn his motivations were to assuage his guilt over locking Ronnie in the accelerator.

In the final bit of subplot, we see Barry and Caitlin getting out there and trying to get over their respective heartache over Ronnie and Iris.  This involves a bar, karaoke, and a delightfully drunk Caitlin.  This is a brief bit, but fun to watch as the two cut loose and just have some fun together.  It crazy-for-you-episode-the-flash-superspeedculminates in Barry getting a girls number and bringing a drunk Caitlin home, where she urges Barry to call the girl, and says its okay if he peeked at her boobs.  Yeah, drunk Caitlin is hilarious, we need more of her.

All of this closes out with a nice tease for the future, Gorilla Grodd killing some people in the sewers.  Yeah, super smart talking gorilla is on the way, can’t wait.

All the parts of this episode where quite enjoyable.  Flash versus the baddies wasn’t exactly the most stand out confrontation the show has had, more following the basic formula of the encounter, figuring out the enemies powers, and finally countering them, but was still fun to watch.  Baez, aka Peek-A-Boo, is Flash villain that first showed up in 2002 as a medical student in Central City.  Her backstory was changed for this, instead she was just a girl with powers who wanted her boyfriend out of jail and then got dragged into the whole crime thing by him.  She was sort of a meh villain for the most part, but by the end was actually fairly sympathetic.  She was a person in love who was basically used by the person she thought loved her, only to be abandoned when he didn’t have a use for her.  It hit ya in the feels, which I believe was the point, it showed that not all of these villains are bad people who got powers, some where just normal people that ended up in a bad situation, something that The Flash has been really good about presenting to viewers.

The subplots this week were a lot of fun, focusing more on the characters than anything else.  With Cisco, it made it seem like he was trying to track down Ronnie for Caitlin’s sake, but the reveal that it was because he was still so angry at himself for locking Ronnie in, and his sense of loss over the fracturing of his self created family, it was actually kind of amazing.  It makes me want to know more about Cisco past, what it was that made him create a new family for himself at S.T.A.R. over whatever family he was born into.  Of all the characters, Cisco’s past is still the most mysterious, and this gave us our first good look into it.

Yeah, this won't be awkward at  all.

Yeah, this won’t be awkward at all.

With Caitlin and Barry, this was just plain old fun.  Seeing Caitlin cut loose and offer drunken advice to her friend was just hilarious.  The final part of the two back in her apartment with Barry helping her get ready for bed and her asking him to stay until she fell asleep was honestly  a touching moment between the characters.  This, combined with the smile she had on her face when she told Barry she needed to find someone new to be crazy about leads me to believe that we may just be seeing the beginnings of a Barry/Caitlin pairing, which I am all for.  That should totally happen.  Granted, we did meet a new love interest for Barry this week, a woman by the name of Linda Park, played by Malese Jow, how is a sports writer at the same newspaper that Iris works at.  Yeah, this gonna be fun.  We didn’t get much of her here, as this was just her introduction, so I can’t really say much about her character or have any real opinion on her.  I will say that its nice to not see Barry pining over Iris (lets be honest, she is the Laurel of this show) and I do happen to like Malese Jow, so I am interested in seeing how this will play out.

Overall, this was a strong character episode, there were some fantastic moments, new insights into some characters motivations, and drunk Caitlin!  Seriously, never letting that one go, it was hilarious.  While not the most action packed episode, it was fun one and played to the strengths of the actors and characters.

Goon out.


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