Snooty and Goon: Selma

When you're marching toward a guaranteed mugshot, you should always wear your Sunday best.

When you’re marching toward a guaranteed mugshot, you should always wear your Sunday best.

After a rocky start to the year, Snooty and Goon sit down for some hard history lessons about the American Civil Rights movements. But even with their insight and cunning perception, the boys of cinema miss the biggest mystery of all in this film: how did we ever get a film about the 60s that never once mentions drugs, hippies, or the Kennedy family? No matter, there’s still plenty to love about this story of Martin Luther King, Jr. that actually explores something besides his “I Have A Dream” speech.

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3 thoughts on “Snooty and Goon: Selma

  1. HIM HRE Alexander says:

    Forgive me for posting a podcast in reply to your podcast, but the start of this episode from the excellent podcast “my history can beat up your politics” covers LBJ and his role in the civil rights movement, well worth a listen.
    the week before, interestingly enough, was how MLK Jr Day became a holiday, and the role of unions. has nothing to do with the movie, but interesting

    • HIM HRE Alexander says:

      My mistake on the first cast, not the episode I thought it was, looks like the one I wanted to link was archived. still commentary on lbj’s personality

  2. Snooty and Goon make it clear why there should be a Kick Starter project to present ‘Selma’ with a national award.

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