I have to storm an evil ice cream truck: Goon Reviews OUaT “Family Business”


I never did trust those ice cream trucks, they always reeked of evil, cold, delicious, sprinkle covered evil.

In the ever so Enchanted Forest, we join the always lovely Belle, as she and her mother race to pack up a library as ogre’s are attacking.  The two hide under a table but are quickly found by the large brutes.  Belle black outs and awakens back at her family castle with no idea of what happened, knowing only that her mother died.  Belle is desperate to discover what happened when she blacked out, but her father orders her to stop looking, fearing for her health and safety.  Belle disregards her father’s orders and sets sail for Arendale, hearing that the rock trolls there are able to restore lost memories.  At the same time, Anna has returned home and meets her Aunt, the Snow Queen.  Anna is suspicious of this new woman, her mother having never mentioned an aunt to either her or Elsa, and departs to  visit the rock trolls, thinking that Grand Pabbie will be able to fill in the gaps.  Taking a stop at a familiar trading post, Anna and Belle meet and together depart to visit the trolls.  Grand Pabbie gives Belle a stone that will be able to restore her blacked out memories of the ogre attack and is able to fill in the gaps for Anna.  As it turns out, her mother was one of three daughters of the royal family, the others being the Snow Queen and a third who not much was told about it.  Turns out that the Snow Queen and third sister went missing one day, no one knowing where, and in order to stop the pain of loosing two of their daughters, the king and queen had the rock trolls erase the memories of everyone in Arendale and had the two sisters removed from all records.  The two head back to Arendale, Belle to return home and Anna to expose the secrets of her new aunt, but are waylaid by a magically summoned storm.  Anna slips and falls off the mountain path they were on, Belle unable to pull her up in time, and is taken by the Snow Queen.  Distraught, Belle returns home where her father tells her that her mother sacrificed herself to save Belle and Belle coming up with the plan to call upon Rumpelstiltskin’s help to stop the trolls.  In Arendale Anna awakes in a cell, having been locked up by her aunt, who tells her that she wanted a loving family, but Anna ruined that and would need to be replaced.

In Storybrooke, Emma reveals her still mysterious connection to the Snow Queen to the rest of our main characters, and they set out to find Frosty and get some answers.  Henry has the idea that that hunt down her ice cream truck, and the team sets out, save for Belle and Elsa who go to the library and do some digging for answers on Anna’s whereabouts.  Emma, Regina, and Hook are able to find the truck, conveniently it was parked fairly close to Robin Hood’s camp. (obviously the Snow Queen has yet to fully grasp the idea of keeping things out of sight)  Inside the truck Emma is able to find a bunch of files on her, as well as a scroll that comes from fairy tale land.  At the same

"Eggs, lettuce, milk, bacon...wait a mintue?  This isn't a prophecy, its a grocery list!"

“Eggs, lettuce, milk, bacon…what the heck? This isn’t a prophecy, its a grocery list!”

time, Belle leaves Emma alone in the library and goes to Rumpel, demanding that he take her to the Snow Queen’s hide out.  As it turns out, Belle is wracked with guilt over her not saving Anna and is determined to make things right.  She goes into the Snow Queen’s cave, thinking that she can find the magic sucking hat inside and can use it to get the Snow Queen to admit to where Anna is.  All she finds is the Snow Queen’s mirror.  It’s an evil mirror, surprise surprise.  Apparently this mirror messes with your head and makes you turn on the people around you. (I am thinking the Snow Queen may have seen Oculus one too many times)  The scroll that Emma found is apparently a prophecy that says the Savior will become the Snow Queen’s sister.  The Snow Queen believes this and wants to destroy Storybrooke, leaving just her, Emma, and Elsa, to be a happy family.  Yeah, totes a fool proof plan.

Both of the stories this week weren’t anything great, but they provided some context for things and answered a few questions.  In magic land, it was nice to get more of Belle’s backstory, but I honestly felt it was unneeded.  Never before had Belle expressed any sorrow, confusion, or any real thoughts  to her dearly departed mother, so the question of what happened to her was not one that needed to be answered.  It felt shoehorned in to give Anna another character from the main cast to interact with.  This entire thing also brings up the question of why the Snow Queen needs to lock Anna up?  Anna doesn’t trust her, and wants to answers to what happened to the Snow Queen and why she and Elsa were never told of her.  The Snow Queen just wants a family that will love her.  So, she locks up her niece for simply wanting to know more about this mysterious woman that suddenly appeared in their lives, not exactly a good way to go about getting a happy family.  Why didn’t she just answer Anna’s questions, tell her everything that happened and show her that Anna has nothing to fear.  Oh right, because that would be logical and the OUaT villains are anything but that.

In Storybrooke, we focus mostly on Belle again, desperate to make up for her mistake, even going so far as to use the dagger to get Rumpel to help her.  Seeing Belle so desperate to make up for past wrong doings that she would use the dagger to do it was interesting.  This is a new side of Belle, and it was nice to see her throw everything to the wind to do what she thought was right.  We can see that she was very much inspired by the heroic death of her mother to be a hero like her, and it did pay off.  She was able to uncover more of the Snow Queen’s plot, which again, is a questionable one at best.  The Snow Queen is going to wipe out Storybrooke so that she, Elsa, and Emma can be a happy family.  I honestly have no idea how making everyone that Emma loves turn on, and murder each other, will inspire feelings of sunshine and happiness towards the woman who caused it.   If her plan involves some sort of mind whammy, then maybe I can see it working, but that wouldn’t really be a truly happy family, which is apparently what she wants.  Another question this raises is why the Snow Queen gave Emma up after only a few months when she wanted to be family to her makes any sense, and how she got to Earth in the first place long before Regina cast the Dark Curse.  Granted, these questions were not meant to be answered this week.  This episode was very much meant to raise interest, we got a few answers, but much more questions.  So in that regard, I will say that this episode was a rousing success.  I want to know just how Frosty the Snow Bitch will pull off this plan, because it seems to be a pretty lackluster plan.

The whole Robin and Regina thing was lightly touched upon, Regina telling Robin that she is unable to cure Marian and that all that can be done is for Robin to forget her and fall back in love with his wife.  This was great to see, Regina is actually putting someone else before herself, which is a major step forward from the beginning of the season when she was plotting to kill Marian.  That, and the small bits we got of her with Emma, are showing that she is making some major steps forward, and while it doesn’t look like she has fully forgiven Emma yet, she is definitely on the road to doing so.

Overall, this was a weaker episode of the season, primarily acting as filler with just a few new revelations in terms of the overall plot.  Was it a bad episode?  No, far from it, but there was nothing overly great about it.  However, it increased my interest in the story and is making me eager for the next episode, so in that regard it did a damn great job.

Goon out.


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