The invisible man is real!: Goon Reviews Castle “Clear and Present Danger”



I am not certain if you can lock onto a video game avatar and trace it to where the user logged in, can someone please tell me if that is a thing?

Unlike other reviews I do, and Castle reviews in the past, I am changing things up.  Gonna spend less time going over the plot and more time talking about the stuff that happened.  The reason?  Each episode follows a pretty basic format, like most crime dramas, what sets it apart is the various little things they do to make it unique, like this episode, which we will start talking about right now.

Brief summary of our CoW. (has that caught on yet?  please tell me that has caught on)
Open on the victim, who is apparently killed by nothing.  Beckett and Castle find out he worked for an insurance company by day and hustled pool by night, which of course leads them to believe that his hustling caused his death.  They meet with the owner of a pool hall, who says that his marks wouldn’t be the type to seek revenge, and of course introduces our twist for the episode, that the victim got his kills by making deal with the devil.  Castle of course eats this up and concocts his wild theories, which are soon replaced by the belief the invisible man did it.  Beckett denies this until they are attacked by an unseen assailant in the victim’s apartment.  They are able to track down where the victim really works, a government facility working on cloaking technology.  They learn that the victim was unhappy with his work, thinking that no one should have the power of invisibility.  They believe that his friend and neighbor was the killer, but learn that he just used the stealth suit to help him cheat at pool, and commit a minor assault.  Castle and Beckett learn that the victim was basing his research on the camouflage ability of the cuttlefish, something his biologist girlfriend was working on.  She of course, is the killer.  She was enraged that the vic was just using her for her research and killed him in a fit of rage and hurt.

Right from the get go, this episode shows you that its going to be one of the weird ones that make Castle such a fun show to watch.  At the beginning the characters are true to form, Castle immediately diving into the strange and wondrous, while Beckett remains level headed and grounded.  However this does change and helps to set things out from other episodes of the show.  After the “ghost” attack, Beckett is fully pulled into the crazy of this episode, and its amazing. Its always fun to see both Castle and Beckett working on the same train of thought and embracing the wacky, granted its best when done only on occasion, but still super fun to watch.

The CoW itself, when just looking at the crime and the process to solve it, was pretty standard.  We had the usual run of clues, witnesses, and false leads that ultimately lead us to the confrontation in the last ten minutes with the real killer, and as always, it was the characters playing off each other that really made the show.  The personal lives of Castle and Beckett this week revolved around the fact that they hadn’t done the dirty deed since Castle went missing and was found.  This made for fun relationship moments between the two, the best part being midway through the episode when they try to get it on but the recent encounter with the invisible baddie leaves them shaken and uncomfortable.  So how do they solve this?  Castle rigs up an alarm system with dental floss and pots and pans.  Gotta be honest, it was funny, I laughed.  It showcased Castle’s quirkiness perfectly, and Beckett’s response, finding it to be a bit of turn on, shows just why she is with him and loves him, she likes the fun he brings to her life.

For Ryan and Esposito, they of course fall into their usual roles of helping to run down clues and leads, but their role in the case is limited this week.  Instead most of their focus is on their amusing subplot.  Ryan is acting odd, and Esposito accuses him of cheating on Jenny.  Ryan is quick to shoot down this theory, explaining that he has taken a night job as a security guard at a club to make extra money, babies being expensive and all that.  This was funny, as it was revealed that it is a male strip joint that Ryan works at.  So of course we get Esposito giving his friend all kinds of good natured crap, as any good friend would do.   While brief, it was funny to watch, and had an amusing pay off at the end when Ryan turned it around and started tormenting Esposito with the g-string he bought him as a joke.

Overall, it was a fun episode, but I have some problems with it.  It honestly felt just a little to sci-fi for me.  Castle is not afraid to flirt with the weird, its part of what gives the show its charm, but there is always a strong sense of reality to it.  The weird stuff that happens is either explained off in a perfectly rational way or just left vague to let the viewers have fun with it.  But in this case, a full on stealth suit like what he saw, it made the episode feel like something out of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  or a spy show like Chuck.  Castle is at its best when it stays grounded in the real world, but has fun by channeling tropes or other genres, such as the vampire episodes in season two, or the time traveler episode from last season.

While far from a bad episodes, as there were a lot of laughs and the all the characters were true to form, it was just a little to out there to be a truly great episode.

Goon out.


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