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…So, everyone remember a little while back when I made that list of shows I would be reviewing this summer?  Yeah, so turns out working two jobs and never being home  when the shows air make it a wee bit difficult to keep up with a review schedule for them.  Sorry about that, I really am.  I honestly count myself lucky that I can still find time to see the movies for mine and Snooty’s weekly reviews.

But, there is some light on the horizon, in the form of me working less hours (which also means more sleep, the Goon does love his sleep) so what I am planning to do is give some more broad reviews of the shows when I have chance to sit down and get caught up and go back the usual episodic format when the Fall shows start up again.  Honestly don’t know how many people are reading these reviews, but to those of you that are and find enjoyment in my inane ramblings, I do will my best to get those up more regularly.

So, in the next few days, you can expect a Goonish review of Disney’s Girl Meets World and one of Defiance next week.  Also, don’t forget to check out mine and Snooty’s review of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy coming this weekend.


Snooty and Goon: Hercules

"Cross me, and you're gonna get hurt. John Hurt." *sunglasses*

“Cross me, and you’re gonna get hurt. John Hurt.”

Monsters! Gods! Heroes! Trials! None of these things matter as Snooty and Goon don their thongs for an epic romp through mythological Greece!

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Io9 hates this movie.
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Fifty Shades of Grey


Snooty and Goon: Persecuted



Snooty and Goon investigate America’s most persecuted group: wealthy white conservative Christians. Those poor people…

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The Guest

Step Up: All In

Atlas Shrugged, Part III

The Identical

Snooty and Goon: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

"Good...bad...I'm the one with the gun."

“Good…bad…I’m the one with the gun.”

Snooty and Goon channel their wild side to face the end of the human race. Will the apes do better than humanity? Meh. They can’t do any worse.

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I09’s insightful review that Snooty absolutely didn’t steal any ideas from

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Exodus: Gods and Kings

The Maze Runner

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Get On Up

Snooty and Goon: Independence Day

Here we see Jeff Goldblum waving goodbye to his movie career while Will Smith just sits there, watching.

Here we see Jeff Goldblum waving goodbye to his movie career.

Snooty and Goon step into their absolutely legitimately-procured WABAC to visit the smash summer blockbuster hit of 1996, the days when fighter pilots were elected president, crop dusters could legally fly with a .06 BAC, and MacBooks could not be stopped.

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Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day (Honest Trailer)

(Everything Wrong With) Independence Day