Snooty and Goon: The Rover

+20 friendship

+20 friendship

Snooty and Goon strap in for a road trip across the bleak future of Australia. Not once do they make a single joke about boomerangs, beer, kangaroos, dingos, or quote that episode of the Simpsons. I think that means they’re maturing as critics…

Click here to hunt down your new episode in a smoldering, taciturn rage!

Trailer Talk

Kill the Messenger


Into the Storm

A Most Wanted Man

The Green Inferno

The Drop


About snootyfilms

A tormented genius in a world that doesn't deserve him.

One thought on “Snooty and Goon: The Rover

  1. The price of sin for creating baked bean casserole, a post-dollar world filled with beautiful vistas, a plethora of ‘Waiting For Godot’ moments, a circus mahjong whorehouse, courteous protagonists, scenelets as their own movies, Snooty promises Goon to try harder (Thanks, Snooty!), a re-mention of ‘Twister 2, Electric Boogaloo’ (Thanks, Goon!), the least wanted trailer about ‘A Most Wanted Man’, and the phrase, ‘I’m getting sweaty under my fat flaps’. Gleeeee!

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