Snooty and Goon: X-Men: Days of Future Past

"Make the scanner X-shaped." "But Charles, that'll make it six times as expensive, and a lot less effective at distinguishing between--" "Make. The scanner. X. Shaped."

“Make the scanner X-shaped.”
“But Charles, that’ll make it six times as expensive, and a lot less effective at differentiating–“
“Make. The scanner. X. Shaped.”

Snooty and Goon fire up their Cerebro (which is more or less a pantry covered in tinfoil) to find this latest mutant outing from Fox. With any luck, Bryan Singer will make us forget than anyone besides Bryan Singer ever directed an X-Men film.

By the way, Snooty, Cyclops was played by James Marsden. Jason Marsden might be one of your favorite voice actors, but he was never in X-Men.

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2 thoughts on “Snooty and Goon: X-Men: Days of Future Past

  1. X-Men marathon at Convergence but in their rightful, timeline order. And we skip all the bad ones!

  2. I finally saw this movie. I usually don’t mind listening to the spoilery reviews unless it’s a movie I’m going to see soon. If it’s a rental/Netflix watch, I don’t mind spoilers. This was a GREAT X-Men movie. I love the actors playing Xavier and Magneto. I don’t know if it’s the best X-flick – I have a real soft spot for “X2” and I think that “First Class” was a blast. This easily ranks with those as the best of the series. I think it’s great that they’ve subtly shifted the main X-movies from Hugh Jackman vehicles to a tale of redemption between the two leaders. And I think that’s what the “Apocalypse” will be – the ultimate redemption of Magneto. I don’t know how they get Wolverine in it, or if they do, but I think they find a way to put Magneto in the golden future arm and arm with Xavier.

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