Hello, I’ll be your interrogator: Goon Reviews Arrow “City of Blood”

City of Blood

Alright, let’s play catch up real quick.  Last week on Arrow:
– It is revealed that Moira knows that Oliver is the Arrow
– Thea is still pretty pissed at her family
– Roy has gone plum crazy
– Roy has been sedated
– Sara skipped town, realizing that she and Oliver can’t work
– Moira dies to save Thea (many tears were shed)
– In the flashbacks we discover that Oliver has a kid, I’m sure that won’t came to bight him in the ass -s-

Alright, on to this week’s episode.

In our flashbacks this week, Oliver is putting together the plan to attack Slade and escape the island by using the old Japanese sub.  Oliver and company are able to get the sub working, but discover that it’s stuck on the rocks.  Their solution, use the torpedoes!  Only problem, the torpedoes are some weird suicide bomb torpedo that has to be piloted (who builds these things?)  Peter, who is dying from radiation poisoning given to him by Ivo, volunteers to pilot the torpedo, but not before imparting some wise words to Oliver about what it takes to be a hero.  Oliver asks Sara to stay behind, wanting her out of harms way, and they enact the plan.  It goes off well, the sub is freed from the rocks but it appears that Sara has been nabbed by someone, probably one of  Slade’s goons, or maybe a smoke monster, those seem to hang out on deserted islands.

Like usual, the flashbacks were nothing to write home about.  They were brief but acted as solid setup for the finale, Oliver’s plan to use the sub is a smart one, but I am surprised that Sara so easily agreed to staying behind.  Doesn’t much seem like her.  Not much else to say about this, the scenes were short and acting mostly as set up for the last two episodes.

In the present, we open up at Moira’s funeral and wake.  Oliver is MIA and Diggle and Felicity are going out their minds with worry, even calling in a favor from Amanda Waller to find him.  Thea is trying to desperately hold it together, but starts to crumble when she gets even more bad news from Isabel, (who is now also hopped up on super drugs) she has lost the club.  Despite some comforting words from Walter, Thea decides to leave Starling and start over, while Oliver has decided to let Slade kill him and end things once and for all.  With some help from Laurel, who reveals that Blood is working with Slade, Oliver pulls his head out of his butt and sets out to stop the the evil duo.  It is discovered that Blood and his army are hiding in the sewers, so Oliver plans to drop a city block on them. (I’ve heard worse plans)  A snag is hit in the form of Oliver and team being discovered and Blood’s army launching their attack on the city, soldiers were already placed at the police and train stations.  Diggle gets attack by Isabel, Oliver and Laurel get trapped underground, and Felicity gets a call from S.T.A.R. Labs.  Our final scene is Blood’s army marching into the city.

Gotta say, for so much happening in this episode it still felt kind of like a blah episode.  A lot of this was set up for the finale, the most significant plot progression being Laurel revealing that she knows Oliver’s secret, Thea choosing to leave the city, and the launch of the attack on Starling.  This wasn’t bad though, it just wasn’t great.  We are fast approaching the season finale, only two episodes left before we hit the end, and its pretty obvious that the attack on the city is major point for the series and some build up to that is much better than just rushing into the end game, and there was some really solid moments.

Oliver’s decision to give himself up to Slade, killing himself to save the others, was a solid hero moment that did a good job of tying back into the flashbacks when Peter sacrificed himself to give the others a chance to get away.  In a lot of different pieces of fiction you will find a definition for what a hero is, most are along similar lines dealing with putting the needs of others before your own.  While not original, I must admit that I love this particular trope, and Oliver played it perfectly.  He has already buried to many people he cares about, both his parents, his best friend, Shado, the list goes on.  At this point he is desperate to make sure that no one else gets added to it.  Amnell played this episode brilliantly, starting with his decision to let Slade kill him to protect his loved ones before reaffirming his decision to fight back.  One of the best moments of this episode was when Laurel tells him of Blood’s connection to Slade and Oliver once more throwing himself into the fight, once again determined to protect the ones he loves, only this  time by fighting instead of dying.  It was fantastic to watch this set up, and I can’t wait to see the climax of this story.

Now, Oliver was not the only Queen to have some great moments this week.  Thea was amazing this week, as per usual.  Honestly, I look at her and can’t believe that her character started out as the stereotypical spoiled, pill popping, rich girl.  She has come so far in so little time, and as I’ve stated before, I freaking love it.  I don’t have the words to describe how much I love Willa Holland as this character, in fact I think I end up repeating a lot of those words on a weekly basis, but what can you do?  It was great seeing Walter back, Colin Salmon is always a great addition, and his scenes with Thea were the best parts of the episode.  Despite no longer being a permanent figure in her life, it is still easy to see just how important they are to each other.  Coming in a close second was Thea and Oliver’s brief moment where we truly see just how important Thea is to him.  As Oliver states, Thea still has a pure heart, and above all else, Oliver doesn’t want her to lose it, so he encourages her to leave the city.  I hope she doesn’t, I don’t want Thea to leave the show, I am still hoping that Oliver will tell her about his nocturnal activities.  A big thing for Thea right now is all the secrets being kept from her, and I am hoping that Oliver will spill the beans, that could both help to repair the damage in their relationship and make his hero duties a bit easier on him.  If this does happen, I feel it will be a season finale moment, so fingers crossed for that.

Overall, good filler episode with solid set up for the finale and some great character moments.   I will bemoan the death of Moira as she was a fantastic character, but we have some fantastic looking stuff on the horizon that I can’t wait to see play out.

Goon out.


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