Snooty and Goon: X-Men: Days of Future Past

"Make the scanner X-shaped." "But Charles, that'll make it six times as expensive, and a lot less effective at distinguishing between--" "Make. The scanner. X. Shaped."

“Make the scanner X-shaped.”
“But Charles, that’ll make it six times as expensive, and a lot less effective at differentiating–“
“Make. The scanner. X. Shaped.”

Snooty and Goon fire up their Cerebro (which is more or less a pantry covered in tinfoil) to find this latest mutant outing from Fox. With any luck, Bryan Singer will make us forget than anyone besides Bryan Singer ever directed an X-Men film.

By the way, Snooty, Cyclops was played by James Marsden. Jason Marsden might be one of your favorite voice actors, but he was never in X-Men.

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Snooty and Goon: Godzilla (2014)

You'd be pissed too if you had to share your movie with this many bland humans.

You’d be pissed too if you had to share your movie with this many bland humans.

The King of the Monsters stomps into theaters for a new feature. Can Snooty and Goon hope to survive critiquing a monarch this big?

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Slade’s goons are here to kill us: Goon Reviews Arrow “Unthinkable”

Okay everyone, try to look badass.

Okay everyone, try to look badass.

Seriously, how freaking long are the writers going to tease the Oliver/Felicity pairing?   Those rat bastards.

With flashback Oliver, we pick up with him and Sara being held by Slade on the boat.  They watch helplessly as Slade injects prisoners with the Mirakuru, which kills them all.  Oliver tries, and fails, to talk sense into Slade, who is getting some really bad advice from his crazed delusions of Shado, when the two hour limit he gave Anatoly expires and the plucky Russian launches the last torpedo.  The ship goes boom and Oliver and Sara try to escape.  Doesn’t work.  A fight breaks out with Slade that ends with Sara getting swept out of the boat, to her “death.”  Oliver and Slade fight, the juiced up mercenary having the clear advantage, but before Slade can kill him, an explosion rocks the ship and bits of metal fall onto Slade, pinning him to the ground.  Oliver is left with a choice; cure Slade, or kill him.  Oliver chooses the renegade option by shoving an arrow through Slade’s eye.  Before Oliver can escape the sinking ship, he is knocked unconscious.   When he wakes, he is an an unknown room and two Asian guys with guns come in to usher him out.  He then meets Amanda Waller and is welcomed to the city of Hong Kong.

In Starling, everything is coming to a head. Slade’s soldiers are ransacking the city, there is a nuke loaded drone heading for the city, and very little hope left.  Oliver and Co. have retreated to the clock tower to plan their next move when Roy awakens, no longer super powered or crazy.  The news that the cure work fills them with hope, but it’s short lived as Slade’s goons (again, no relation) attack the tower.  The team escapes through the window via an ever so handy zip line arrow, and before the baddies can follow, Lilah shows up in a chopper with a rocket launcher (aka, the I win button) and blows them away.  Oliver then dispatches Diggle and Lilah  back to A.R.G.U.S. to buy him time to save the city.  He then returns to the foundry base with Felicity and Roy to gather weapons and plan the next move.  Realizing they are vastly outnumbered, Sara has returned with Nyssa and the League of Assassins to help.  Oliver, begrudgingly, accepts their help and they launch their attack on Slade’s army.  At the same time, the newly promoted Lt. Lance is rallying the troops to defend the city when one of the Slade Soldiers bursts in, throws him around the room, and stomps off with Laurel.  While all of this is going on Thea is having a heart to heart with dear old dad, who is proud of her for trying to kill him. (that is totally a healthy outlook to have)  Thea runs off to meet up with Roy and tells him she wants to leave the city with him.  Roy agrees but receives a call from Felicity, calling him to action.  He tells Thea he was one thing to finish up and asks her to pack.  While she is packing, she finds his the training equipment Oliver gave him, left him a Dear John letter, and disappeared.  Our last shot of her is get getting into a limo with Merlyn, saying she will never return to Starling.   To keep Felicity safe, Oliver leaves her at Queen Mansion, telling her that he loves her and she has to stay safe.  Through the combined efforts of Team Arrow, fighting on multiple fronts, Slade’s army is injected with the cure, save for Isabel who is killed by Nyssa (poor poor Summer) and the day is saved!  Before the luau can begin, Oliver receives word from Slade that its time to end the game.  Oliver shows up at Creepy Villain Layer #3 and finds that Slade has nabbed Felicity as well as Laurel.  Slade launches into his villainous monologue, the trap is sprung.  Oliver and Felicity set it up for Slade to nab her so she could close enough to stick him with the cure.  The two fight then fight in their final battle, and of course,  the hero wins.  Slade is  locked away in an underground prison on the island and instead of the super awesome hook up between Felicity and Oliver that we have been waiting for, they talk about how they were able to pull one over on Slade.  (grrrr)

Alot happened in this episode, and all of it was amazing.  It was almost non stop action from start to finish, and this worked.  All of last weeks episode was set up for this, the final battle, and that is exactly what we got.  This episode gave us some of the best action scenes of the series to date, the tunnel battle between Oliver’s group and Slade’s army was a fantastically done scene.  It was fast, frantic, but clear.  This show, thankfully, does not use the shaky cam style of action.  We can clearly see the the work put into the fight scenes, and it is amazing.  Oliver and the ninjas using the arrows to inject the cure, all of them almost dancing around Slade’s more powerful soldiers is a visual treat.  This goes one step further in the final fight between Slade and Oliver.  The fight for them cuts between their battle in Starling, and their fight on the boat in the past.  The editing for this scene was amazing, the different fights blending together perfectly and acting as perfect mirrors of each other, with one notable different.  At the end of the boat fight, Oliver believes he kills Slade, thinking it is the only option he has available to him but in the present he does the opposite.  Oliver chooses to spare Slade.

Amell deliverers the best speech of the series to date, saying how everything he has become was because Slade.  Slade made Oliver into what he needed to be when he needed to be it.  At first, a killer to survive the island, in the end, a hero to save the city.  This concept of everything Oliver is is because of Slade is an intriguing concept, because everything that Slade has done and become is because of Oliver’s actions.  The two have formed an almost symbiotic relationship, both of them needing the other to evolve into what they need to be.   Slade the villain, Oliver the hero.

This was also the first time that Oliver has called himself a hero, and introduces a whole new dynamic for the series from here on out.  Throughout season two he was taking a new approach to his vigilante acts, not killing, and at times he has failed in this, but he has always tried.  Now at the end game, he is told by several people that his only option is killing, and that his lack of killing has what led them to this moment.  It is only Felicity that tells him otherwise, who truly believes he can be a hero, and she’s right.  Oliver stands tall, he doesn’t kill because its not who he is anymore, and he doesn’t need too.  He has realized that he doesn’t need to kill anymore to save the city.  I commented on an episode earlier this season, about how I was upset that everything Oliver does was for someone else, his father or Tommy, and that I wanted to see him set his own path, not try to be the person someone else wanted him to be.  It looks like that has happened now.  Oliver has realized who he is, what is role is, and what he now must do.  This season was a game changer for the series, Oliver is now broke, without his family, and only Felicity and Diggle to rely upon.  It will be fantastic to see what happens from here on out.

In terms of characters, we had some fantastic moments for them this episode, even if some were brief.  I already commented upon Oliver, his character moments tie strongly into the plot for the episode, his most prominent being his moment with Felicity in his home.  When he confesses his love to her it is one of the most emotionally heavy scenes of the series, Amell and Rickards have fantastic chemistry, and their has been a lot of build up to this one moment.  In a great, if annoying, twist we discover this was a set up to get Felicity into position to help take down Slade.  I would be more annoyed at this if it wasn’t for the final moment of them on the beach, the small smiles they have for each other while they talk about how well they sold it, it all but says that there is truly more to them than friendship, just that maybe their not ready to explore it yet.  It is a promise for things to come.

For other characters, we got to see Diggle being his badass self, breaking to A.R.G.U.S. and calling up Deadshot and the Suicide Squad to help stop Waller.  The reveal that Lilah is pregnant with their child was a fantastic twist that will be a great subplot to watch play out next season.  Sara’s return to Starling, with the ninjas in tow was fun.  Not great, but it worked.  I was pretty meh towards it until her statement that for the first time in her life she chose her own path, this I liked.  Her character was very much adrift throughout this season, her finally having a path of her own is fantastic, even if we don’t see her again.  Her final moment of handing the coat of too Laurel, nice foreshadowing for the future.  Thea, what can I say about Thea apart from that we may be witnessing the birth of a villain here.  I hope that isn’t the case.  Throughout the last two seasons, Thea has undergone the most development as a character, and it was amazing to watch.  I can understand her whole thing about not wanting to be weak, but I am honestly worried that she is going to return to Starling as villain.  With Merlyn for a father, its only a matter of time before he reveals to Thea what Oliver does in his spare time, and with how hurt she is over the constant lies in her life, I can easily see him twisting that hurt into hatred.  We may honestly see a brother/sister showdown next season.  Which I admit, could be pretty freaking cool to watch.  Maybe this could lead into some sort of redemption storyline, Thea going dark before becoming a hero and fighting side by side with Oliver.  Yeah, that’d be pretty sweet.  Do that writers, make that happen!

Overall, this was a fantastic season finale, one of the best I have seen.  The ending of the Slade story was amazing to see as we watched Oliver take his final steps in becoming a hero.  All the characters played they roles perfectly, and there was amazing set up for the next season.  Oliver being poor and having to reclaim his family’s business.  This will introduce a whole new dynamic to the show as Oliver continues his crime fighting with out the resources he is accustomed to.  Personally,  I can’t wait for the next season to premier, I want to know what happens.

Goon out.


Cutest best man ever: Goon Reviews Castle “For Better or Worse”

Kick him in the crotch and run!

Kick him in the crotch and run!

Seriously, f’ing seriously!  We have been waiting six freaking years and you end it with that?  I am very disappointed in you Castle writers, very disappointed.

Okay, lets save this rant for later on and deal with the plot.

We open with 72 hours remaining before Castle and Beckett get hitched, we are treated with an amusing opening scene of Castle, Martha, and Alexis tackling pre-wedding problems before they become problems, which is a truly great scene to watch.  Team Castle is a well oiled machine and they are able to take care of  any problem that may come their way.  Except for one.  As Castle and Beckett are off to get their marriage license we learn that Beckett is already married. (cue dramatic music here)  As it turns out, Beckett had a Vegas wedding back in college, and not thinking it was a real deal, put it out of her mind.  Refusing to let this little bombshell get in the way of their happy ending, Beckett goes off to track down her husband and dissolve the marriage while Castle stays behind to make sure the wedding stays on track.  In true television fashion, this does not go as easy as the simple signing of a piece of paper.   It starts out simple enough, Beckett’s ex, one Rogan O’Leary (played by the ever so great Eddie Mclintock) needs her to break into his girlfriend’s car and swipe the garage door opener and won’t sign the papers until she does.  Beckett pulls it off without a hitch but before the papers can be signed, Rogan gets snatched and taken away.  Castle hurries to her side, leaving the handling of the wedding in the capable hands of Martha and Alexis.  We then treated to usual CoW tactics.  With a little help from Tori, our favorite NYPD tech wiz,  Castle and Beckett get to work, which leads them to a stripper, (with the most fake looking one dollar bills stuffed in her bra that I have ever seen) a black mailed priest who partook of the stripper’s services, and a biker gang who Rogan owes money to.  In the end they are able to track Rogan down to the home of the stripper’s boyfriend, where they find him tied up in the barn.  Before they can make their escape it is learned that the farm is owned by none other than a wanted mafia hitman who has been on the run.  As it turns out, Rogan had pictures of the hitman and unless they were handed over, they would all be killed.  In a clever move, Castle and Beckett lead the mobster and his two goons (no relation) to Rogan’s apartment, where the biker gang is waiting.  Through some quick dealings, they convince the bikers to take the mobster and turn him in for the reward.  With the papers signed, and Castle helping Rogan patch things up with his girlfriend, Beckett and Castle are off to get married.  What should have been a happy ending, with Castle and Beckett finally getting married, was a sad one as Castle doesn’t show up to the wedding and his car is found burning on the side of the road.

Honestly, despite the ending, this was a really fun season finale.  compared to a lot of Castle finales in the past,  this one was rather light and upbeat.  Instead of a crime to solve it was wedding to save.  While there were some definite cliches to the episode, none of them really detracted from it, quite the opposite, they made the episode fun.  Going into the season, when  Beckett said yes, we all knew that their wedding wouldn’t go off without a hitch, but I was glad that they took a light hearted approach to it.  The entire story of Beckett trying to get the papers signed was played for fun, Castle throwing jokes about the whole thing left and right only just made it all the better.  The best part was Beckett’s freak out about the wedding.  With everything that happened, its only normal that panic would seize hold of one of them, at least for a bit.  But, completely unphased by this, Castle calms her down.  Again,  a bit cliched, especially when Castle pulls out the fairy tale metaphor, but it was sweet, and amazing to see Castle keep such a cool head throughout it all.  He and Beckett have been through a lot, and he knows this, what they’re dealing with now is just a minor bump in the road, one that they can easily overcome.  And they do.  And it was pretty awesome.

While Castle and Beckett are running the divorce gauntlet, our lovable cast of supporting characters were working hard to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch.  Some problems they deal along the way include:
A too small tux for Ryan
The loss of the venue do to first time fire breathers (did not see that one coming)
A ruined wedding dress

Again, nothing overly original, apart form that fire breather thing, but everything worked.  These scenes worked to break up what little tension was building throughout the story, and gave us some honest laughs and cringe worthy moments.  Everything about it really made you care about what has happening to the characters.  The ruined dress had me distraught, and I found myself desperate to find out what how that obstacle would be overcome.  The loss of the venue, in such a ridiculous way,  and the too small tux had me laughing, knowing that while these were pretty big problems, they would be solved in fantastic ways.  That is what made the heavy use of cliches work, because we care about these characters and we know that nothing ever runs smoothly, but we also know that nothing can stop them.  After Beckett’s solving of her mother’s murder, we know for certain that there is nothing that can stand in their way, that working together, Castle, Beckett, and all the others can accomplish anything.

Which now brings us to the end.  After everything they went through, the wedding was finally there.  The divorce was filed, the guests had arrived, Beckett was looking drop dead gorgeous in her mother’s wedding dress, nothing was standing in the way.  Except a mysterious black SUV.  As Castle is on his way to the wedding, he is tailed by an unknown SUV, when he tries to get away, it pulls up next to him.  We cut to Beckett and the others wondering where he is, and Beckett getting a call.  Our closing shot of the season being Beckett breaking down as she see’s his car lying burning in a ditch.

This left me torn.  As a fan of Castle, and a hardcore supporter of the Castle/Beckett paring since day one, there is not enough words to describe how upset this scene made me.  We have watched them overcome countless obstacles in their relationship, go through so many things to make it work, and finally we were getting the pay off, we were going to watch them get married, only for the rug to get pulled out from under us.  I wanted the see the wedding, I wanted that happy ending we have been waiting six freaking years for it!  What do we get instead?  A burning car and a crying Beckett.  It felt like a slap in the face.  And if there is one thing the Goon doesn’t like, its being slapped in the face.  Seriously, it’s not fun.

However, on the other hand, I am also a reviewer, so I do have to appreciate the ending for it was.  A damn good season closer.  There are three purposes to a season finale:
1) Wrap up story
2) Introduce a new story
3) Get us psyched for the next season
A finale must meet one or all of these for it to be good, and Castle did.  We got wrap up of a major story, the murder of Beckett’s mom (granted that was last week, but still, it counts) and I can’t say the same for you, but I know that I am so pumped for season seven.  I can’t wait to find out what happened to Castle, and who was behind the attack.  Current theory is that it was the mafia that the hitman was part of seeking revenge.  Most of all, I can’t wait to finally see Castle and Beckett get married.

Despite the last few minutes, this was a great finale, plain and simple.  It was a lot of fun, all the characters had a role to play, even Tori, who is a tertiary character at best, (and is still one I want to see more of.  Here’s hoping she is a more regular cast member in the next season) and the upbeat nature throughout most of the episode was a solid balance to last week’s drama heavy episode.  The two work together and balance each other out, creating what I consider to be an amazing two part finale.  I am ever so eager to find out what happens next season.

Goon out.

That’s a lot of gold: Goon Reviews OUaT “Snow Drifts/There’s no Place Like Home”



To many time travel jokes, to little time.  So lets just skip those and get right down to it.

Also, I know I missed my reviews of the last few episodes, but I have a very good reason for it.   I was busy watching Clone  Wars on Netflix.  What can I say, Goon loves the lightsabers.

Brief recap, Zalena did evil stuff, and as we learned in flashbacks, was an idiot that can’t let go of the past.  She wanted to go back in time and rewrite history, stole Snow and David’s  new baby to do it.  The good guys stopped her, after a few roadblocks, such as Emma losing her magic to save Hook.  In the 11th hour, Regina dug deep and busted out the White Magic and laid a mojo smack down on Zalena.  Rumpel was freed from her control and killed her, resulting in her magic being released from the pendant that contained it and opening the portal to the past.  There we go, all caught up.

Snow and David are happily celebrating the birth, and safe return of their new born son.  They are planning a potluck coronation for him at Granny’s where they will announce his name.  At the same time Emma is planning on returning to New York with Henry now that the bad guy is taken care of, but has not yet told her parents.  The cat is let out of the bag by Hook, leading to some unpleasantness in the Charming Family.  Emma storms out of Granny’s with Hook giving chase, hoping to talk her into staying.  The festivities come to an abrupt halt when a pillar of light is spotted across town, this being Zelena’s portal to the past.  Emma and Hook spot it as well and go to investigate.  When they arrive the discover that the portal has some sort of vacuum effect and sucks them both into the past.  It doesn’t take long for Emma to screw with the past, in this case interrupting the first meeting of her parents.  Desperate to fix her mistake, and return to the present, Emma and Hook go to pay Rumpel a visit and are able to convince him of the truth and get his help to return home.  While Rumpel works on that, Emma and Hook go about rewriting the past in order to save her future.   We are treated to a fun adventure as Emma and Hook bumble their way through the past in an effort to right to fix her mistake.  Along the way they punch out past Hook, crash a royal ball, dance, Emma gets arrested by past Regina, her parents and Hook team up with Red to bust her out, save a woman that Regina was going to put to death, Emma watches her mother die only to discover that she used her Dark Fairy dust to escape being burned alive, and set things up for David and Snow to begin their truly epic love story.  In the end, she and Hook are trapped in Rumpel’s magic vault without a way to activate the wand that will send them home.  When Emma finally realized what she was missing, how badly she wanted to get home, her magic came back and she was able to open the portal, sending her, Hook, and the rescued prisoner back to the future! (who needs a Flux Capictor?)  We close out the episode with Emma telling her family she will be staying in Storybrooke, explaining what happened in the past, and discovering that the woman Emma rescued is none other than Marion, Robin Hood’s “dead” wife.  Yeah, that is gonna throw a wrench into the developing Robin/Regina pairing.  We also get a brief look at what I am assuming is our new villain, who I will talk about below, before cutting to black.

I’m not going to say to much more about the story, this was a two hour episode so there was a lot there and I don’t feel like going to deep into it.  You all saw it, you know what happened, so lets just talk about it.

This was an interesting way to close out the season.  Instead of a climatic showdown between the forces of good and evil, we got that last week.  Instead we had a mini adventure with Emma and Hook that revolved around the idea of Emma finding her home.  This was emphasized by the two, blessedly short, flashbacks we got this week.  The first showing a teenage Emma at a group home, heartbroken that she had never been adopted, never had a home.  The second being a scene with her and Neal, shortly after they met.  The two broke into a fair and talked about their pasts, Neal commenting that you know you have a home when you are sad to leave it.  This is a lesson that takes time for Emma to fully understand.  It wasn’t until she saw her mother “dying” and not being recognized by her and David that she realized what she had, and what she was ready to walk away from.  Honestly, this was a beautiful moment, there is no other way to describe it.  Emma realized the pain she was unwittingly putting her parents through, and decided that she couldn’t live with herself if she kept doing it.  From this point Emma works hard to get her parents to fall in love, not just to save her life, but because she wants her family back, she refuses to lose her home.  This episode was strong in character moments for Emma.  We finally, after far far to long, got to see her stop running and finally embrace what she has been wanting for so long.

Emma wasn’t alone in this journey though, throughout her trip to the past Hook, who had been trying to convince her to stay in Storybrooke because that is where her family is, was right there to provide support and some genuinely fun moments.  Hook definitely took on more of a supportive role in this episode, but it worked amazingly well.  This episode was primarily about Emma finding out where her home was, but she couldn’t do it on her own, she more or less needed a guide, someone to help her to that realization, and that is Hook provided.  He helped to keep Emma on track, and did his best to minimize the damage to the past.  His best moments coming from his little jabs at Emma during the ball, and his discussing how he was in love with her with David.  He added some levity and humor to a fairly drama heavy episode.   Hook’s presence in the episode also served as moving his and Emma’s relationship forward.  They smooch, a lot.

Relationships were another significant part of the episode.  We not only were treated to a new take on the beginning of Snow and David’s love story and the beginning of Hook and Emma’s, we got some pretty major ones with other characters as well.   Rumpelstiltskin and Belle tied the knot!  How great is that?  While this was a small part of the episode, it was great to see their relationship finally take a major step forward. They really love each other, and have a lot thrown at them to keep them apart, granted I am sure this is gonna fall apart when Belle finally discovers that Rumpel didn’t actually give her his dark, but rather a fake one and hid the real one away, but for now, lets just enjoy the fact that these two got themselves hitched.  We also saw more of the new relationship between Regina and Robin.  This is something they have spent a good part of the season hinting at and building up to, they finally got together a couple episodes back, and it was great.  Regina has finally let go of the past, she has made peace with Emma and her family, basically she has become part of her their family, and has a new love in her love.  One of the greatest parts of the episode was the scene where Regina, Robin, and Roland were holding hands and walking towards Granny’s.  It was sweet because it was just some normal, and happy.  This is the happiest we have seen Regina’s character since the start of the show, it was heartbreaking at the end when Robin was reunited with his wife.  Regina’s heartbreak, sorrow, and rage were perfectly set, and her directing that hatred at Emma, I shuddered, there was shudders.  To be honest, I am rather annoyed with this new twist, not only is this going to introduce an ever so despised love triangle, I was so glad to see Regina get some well deserved, and real happiness for once.  Not only did I love this pairing, it was so nice to see things going well for Regina.  I hate that she is getting the short end of the stick just to introduce some pointless drama that we don’t need.  I only hope that this won’t last too long and Robin and Regina will end up together.

And finally, the closing moments of the episode.  When the time portal to send Emma and Hook home opened up, it also sucked in an urn that Rumpel had locked away.  We see it burst open and some blue goop pour out of it and finally form into a woman in a very familiar looking dress.  She shoots out a blast of ice and walks away into the night.  That’s right folks, its looking like our new villain is none other than Elsa, the cryomancer from Disney’s Frozen.  Admittedly, it is possible that this character is in fact the Snow Queen, the title character from the story that Frozen is based off, but given that look of the character and the outfit, and the popularity of the movie, I am willing to bet that we are indeed going to be looking at Elsa for the baddie next season.  This is an incredibly interesting development for the show, especially when you consider the fact that Elsa wasn’t a villain, she was more of a victim.  I am honestly intrigued to see how they will spin her as a villain, looking at her story in the movie, there is a lot there that could lead to the birth of a villain.  Whatever happens, this little teaser served its purpose, to wet our appetites for the next season and get us talking about.  Personally, I can’t wait for the fall to see what will happen with these new developments in Storybrooke.

Overall, it was a great season finale, I think the best one we have had so far.  Instead of being the climax of the season’s events, it was instead basically a stand alone story devised to help Emma settle with her past and embrace her future.  There was some great moments for the characters, an interesting new twist on the story of Snow and David, solid relationship moments for Regina and Rumpel, and best of all, great set up for season four.

The season overall was a fantastic story that took us from Neverland, to New York, back to the Enchanted Forest, and finally home to Storybrooke.  Villains became heroes, old grudges were laid to rest, family secrets were revealed, and in true fairy tale fashion, good once again triumphed over evil.  There were several ups and downs, the Wicked Witch definitely being one of the downs, but it was a great season, and I can’t wait for the next one.

But, until we return home Storybrooke,

Goon out.


Snooty and Goon: Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Three of these four characters barely appear in the film. The fourth doesn't matter. Can you figure out which is which?

Three of these four characters barely appear in the film. The fourth doesn’t matter. Can you figure out which is which?

Snooty and Goon follow the yellow brick road, which in this case leads to disappointment in a dead-eyed cash grab.

Click here to get sucked up by a giant rainbow! …but in a good way.

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Paddington Bear

Planes: Fire and Rescue

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Why does every secret formula have to be a color: Goon reviews Arrow “Streets of Fire”



Fuck, yes, Felicity.

Okay, had to get that out of the way first.  On to the review.

When we left Oliver on the island, he and his new Russian BFF had broken the sub loose from the rocks but before they could cast off Sara was nabbed by Slade.  Determined to rescue her, Oliver and Anatoly bring the sub up next to the ship.  Oliver plans to swim over, save the girl, grab the cure, use it on Slade, and make his escape.  Before leaving we get a solid friendship moment between him and Anatoly and Oliver tells him to blow the boat. (which is called the Amazo, nice little nod to comic version of Ivo’s super powered robot)  Oliver is able to find Sara and the two make for Ivo’s office to find the cure they need for Slade.  However the cure is not there, and Slade and his goons burst into the room, revealing the Slade has the cure in his possession.

Island time this week didn’t do much, the story itself proceeds along, but the shots are so brief that there isn’t really much to talk about here.  It the best part of these scenes being the brief friendship moment between Oliver and Anatoly, it helps to really explain these Russian mob connections that Oliver has used in the past and was a solid moment for the two characters.

Now, to the real good part of the episode.  Slade’s attack has been launched on the city, and Oliver and Laurel are trapped underground.  Using one of Oliver’s exploding arrows, Laurel is able to get them out and they go to meet up with the rest of Team Arrow.  Diggle has his  hands full dealing with a powered up Isabel, who is sporting a look very similar to the character Rose from DC Comics, the daughter of Slade.  Isabel has the upper hand and talks about how she is looking forward to killing Felicity, apparently they don’t like each other very much.  Felicity hits her with the van, and it was amazing.  Felicity tells the team that S.T.A.R. Labs has finished the cure and they race to the courier to retrieve it, only to be beaten there by Slade’s goons.  While this is happen, Officer Lance takes out the baddie that was tear apart the station and tells his boss the only way they will win is with The Arrow’s help.  His boss agrees and gives Lance back his Detective Shield.  While Laurel tries to make her way to her dad, Sara shows up to help her.  They have a heart to heart, with Laurel telling Sara that she is indeed a hero, despite anything in her past.   At this point, with the loss of the cure, Oliver has given up hope, thinking that nothing can be done, and in one of her greatest moments to date, it is Felicity that snaps him out of it.  I am not even gonna try and summerize this for you, I am just gonna post her awesome speech right here:

Oliver: I have failed this city.  Yao Fei. Shado. Tommy. My father, my mother.  All that I have ever wanted to is honor those people.
Felicity: You honor the dead by fighting. And you are not done fighting! Malcolm Merlyn, The Count, the Clock King, the Triad–everyone who is trying to hurt this city, you stopped them.  And you will stop Slade.
Oliver: I don’t know how.
Felicity: Neither do I. But I do know two things.  You are not alone. And I believe in you.

Tingles, right, right?  C’mon, I can’t be the only guy who got tingles at this moment.

While watching the news, Lance sees military personnel taking up positions at the entrances to the city, at first thinking the cavalry has arrived.  As it turns out its Argus troops sent by Waller to stop anyone from leaving the city, she plans to stop Slade’s army by reducing Starling City to rubble.  Oliver, who has regained the cure, care of Sebastion Blood, who does not like what Slade is doing to the city, and honestly wishes to do nothing more than save Starling,  he is killed for his trouble by Isabel, tries to talk Amanda into holding off the attack.  She refuses and gives him until dawn to stop Slade.    At the train station, Thea is running from the bad guy there and is saved by none other than Malcolm Merlyn, who came back to save his daughter.  Naturally, she isn’t too happy to see dear old dad.  The two talk, Thea spends most of the time yelling at him before Hockey Mask Goon #3 shows up again.  Malcolm puts him down for  good, and Thea grabs a gun.  Our final shot of her is pulling the trigger before cutting to black.

Plot wise, this episode primarily acted as a stake raiser and set up for the finale.  Sara and Malcolm have returned, the city is in chaos, Waller plans to bomb the heck out of it, and Oliver only has a limited amount of time to save the day.  Not to sound like a trailer, but the stakes have never been higher for our bow brandishing badass.  Basically, while the plot for the episode wasn’t much, it wasn’t bad and did exactly what it should have done, get us pumped up for the finale.  Boy howdy did it work.

The strength of this episode was the character moments.  Between bits of finale set up we had some of the best character moments of the season, possible even the series.  Laurel helping Sara realize who she really is, Lance rallying the troops, pretty much every second of Felicity, Malcolm and Thea.  I don’t think I have enough words to describe just how much I loved every moment of this.  But let’s try.  Laurel has come along way since the beginning of the season, and these developments happened really fast.  Not a bad thing though as it is finally giving her character something to do.  Who else but her sister, who loves her unconditionally, could help Sara realize she is indeed a hero, help her find her path, and best of all, finally giving Sara her hero name, The Canary. (does this show have something against adding colors into the hero names?  I think they do)  Seeing John Barrowmen back as Malcolm was a real treat, and made perfect sense.  For a man that has lost everything in his life, I can clearly see why he would return to Starling to protect the only thing he has left, his daughter.  Thea denying that Malcolm was her dad, showing nothing but fear, rage, and hatred towards him, was perfect as well.  While I doubt that Thea actually shot him in the closing scene, she is certainly not out of line pulling a gun on him.  I hope that we can see more Malcolm next season, he could make for the interesting subject of a redemption story-arc.

But the best of all, the greatest character moment of this episode?  Take a guess.  That’s right! It was Felicity!

I have made no secret about how much I love this character, and moments like this are the reason why.  I honestly don’t think anyone but Felicity could have gotten through to Oliver the way she did, restore his faith in himself.  She started as girl who was terrified of Oliver and what he did, only agreeing to help him long enough to save Walter, and now she is his closest confidant, the one who helps him on his path, has only the utmost faith in him, and his mission, unable to walk away even if she wanted to.  Felicity is by far the stand out character of this show, and continues to be amazing.  Her running Isabel down with the van to save Diggle, another amazing moment, and shows just how much helping Oliver has helped her.  Early season one Felicity would never have been able to do that, she was just a timid computer nerd.  But now, she has grown into a strong, ass kicking, hero.  Sure, she is still far more at home behind a computer screen then in the battlefield, but the fact that she can step up and throw herself into the fight is nothing short of amazing.  I use that word a lot for her don’t I?  Okay, from now one the word amazing is now synonymous with the name Felicity.  There, that should make things easier.

Sadly, Diggle didn’t get much in this episode.  He was around, part of the fight and helping Oliver in anyway he could, but didn’t have any real stand out character moments.  I was upset by this.  I love Diggle, I love his role on the team and his friendship with Oliver.  There was plenty of opportunities for the writers to give him the same treatment as everyone else, but we got nothing.  Its disappointing.  Even the Blood, the bad guy, had a great character moment, showing he isn’t completely evil and his intentions, though horrible and misguided, were for the betterment of the city, at least in his own mind.

Overall, despite the plot being thin, this was a fantastic episode.  The characters were all in top form, we got see the return of Caity Lotz and John Barrowman, who play some fantastic characters, and we have a perfect set up for the season finale.  I eagerly await next week’s episode.

Goon out.