He is extreme: Goon Reviews Castle “Law and Boarder”



Alright, going to say this upfront, this is gonna be a brief review.  Even as I type there is water pouring into my bedroom from the nonstop rain we’ve been getting for the past several days and if I don’t keep mopping it up I am gonna drown in my sleep, and you guys don’t want that do you?  Naw, course you don’t.  We’re all friends, and friends don’t want their friends to drown in the night from a leaking bedroom.

We open with Castle having been beaten in a game of scrabble by Beckett, and his obsessing over his first ever loss at the game.  This becomes a reoccurring joke throughout the episode.  As for a CoW, that centers on the murder of a skateboarder, which through the case work Castle and Beckett discovers ties into an unsolved murder from six years ago.  While the crime solving is going on, Ryan and Esposito are competing against each other over who will be Castle’s best man in his upcoming wedding.  The CoW itself this week wasn’t the best crime we’ve had, but not the worst.  It was a very average one.  It was a nice bit when we discover that the victim was killed because he was trying to discover who had killed his friend six years ago, and there was some nice twists and turns to help throw us off the trail, including a break in at a lawyers office and childhood ties to a mafia.  In the end we discover it was victim’s friend that was the murderer, both for the current case and the one from six years previous.  The victim was killed to keep the old murder covered up.  As stated, nothing fantastic but far from the worst thing we’ve seen.  Would have kept me interest better than it did if not for the aforementioned flood waters invading my sleeping quarters.

The real fun in this episode was the subplots.  Castle losing at scrabble to Beckett was just hilarious.  As a professional author it would only make sense that Castle be good at scrabble, having a strong vocabulary and mastery of the language is a boon in that game.  For him to lose to Beckett, while not all that out there, was a major blow to his ego and his pride as a writer.  Given his character, it would only make sense for Castle to obsess over his loss to Beckett, and how he plays it up as something even greater than loosing at a boardgame, is hilarious to watch.  In the end Beckett fixes everything with one of the greatest games ever invented, strip poker.  Once again proving that sex can solve most problems.

The real stand out part of this episode was Ryan and Esposito competing over who would be Castle’s best man, without Castle even knowing this was going on.  We got to see the two make subtle jabs at each other, and not subtle hints to Castle about the importance of their friendships with him.  This was fun primarily because we had the two partners, and best friends, at odds with each other.  While its not uncommon for their to be a bit of conflict between the two, which is always played up for laughs, it is still fun to see them competing against each other.  Being the best man is important to the both of them, whether because they strongly value their friendship with Castle, or they just want the prestige that comes from being the best man.  In order to win we see them resort to such things as gifts, competition, and even going to Laney to have her choose between the two of them, only to finally decide to be co-best men for Castle.  In the end they find they have both lost out to the second most important person in Castle’s life, Alexis.  (which I totally called by the way)  Seeing the devastated looks on their faces at this reveal is just hilarious, especially with them trying to keep a straight face and their begrudging acceptance of being Castle’s groomsmen.  This made the episode stand out, its always fun seeing Ryan and Esposito playing more prominent roles in the episode.

The only thing that could have made this better was having more of Alexis and Martha in the episode, but they only forty minutes to tell a story and you can’t have everything.  I only hope we will get more of them soon.

Overall, decent filler episode.  Not the greatest we’ve gotten, the crime was pretty “meh” all things considered, but we had some great character stuff to make up for this.  Anytime Ryan and Espostio get more screen time is always a good time.

And now to go finish building my ark, I don’t think the flood will stop anytime soon.

Goon out.


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