Secret trap door: Goon Reviews Community “Basic Sandwich”

I can't imagine why that would be offensive.

I can’t imagine why that would be offensive.

First and foremost, I am sorry I missed my reviews of the past couple of episodes, been a hectic time in the Goon household but things have calmed down and I’m back to tell you what you should have thought.

Recap of  the first half of the finale:
– The Save Greendale Committee has finished all their tasks to save Greendale, hooray!
– A city insurance inspector shows up to inspect Greendale.
– They pass!
– The school board decides to sell the school, to Subway.
– Abed tries to avoid the story, this was funny.
– Jeff and Britta decide to get married.
– Buried treasure must be found to save the school.

Everyone caught up?  Good.  Lets dive into the season finale.

The Save Greendale Committee has dug up some information on the founding of Greendale, it was originally created by one Russell Borchert, played by the amazing Chris Elliot, who disappeared after being accused of doing the dirty deed with a computer, but his fortune was never found and rumored to be locked away in his hidden office.  The group discovers there was stairwell where the the teachers lounge is and after hilarious scenes that are true to Community form, Abed discovers a trap door and Jeff and Britta reveal their plans to get married.  While Hickey, Shirley, and an electrocuted Duncan stay behind to throw Chang and the school board off the trail, Jeff, Britta, Abed, Annie, and the Dean descend into the bowels of Greendale to find the hidden treasure.  Annie has a bit of freak out over the Jeff/Britta thing, but Abed calms her down with an explanation of tv shows, spin offs, and crazy Abed stuff.  You know, the usual way.  The gang discovers Russell’s lab,and that Russell is still alive and trying to finish his computer (Roxanne).  They find the money needed to save the school, but its taken by Chang and the school board, leaving Jeff and co. locked inside the lab care of a fried computer that controls the door (and maybe the shower).  A strong emotional surge is needed to reboot the computer, and this comes from Jeff looking at Annie, once again teasing the fans with the pairing that may or may not ever happen.  With a legal document in hand that says Russell has a say in how the school is run, Subway backs off from the deal and the school is saved.  We close out with a party, Jeff and Britta calling off their wedding, and Abed saying that if we don’t get a season six its because an asteroid destroyed all human life (and that’s canon).

This episode was, in a word, amazing.  Community is all for doing new and unusual things, having episodes based on themes or genres, and closing out the season with an honest to god treasure hunt was an incredibly fun experience.  One of the most amusing parts was the Jeff and Britta marriage thing.  Us viewers, we know that Jeff and Britta are a train wreck waiting to happen and there is no way a long term relation could work out between them.  Their entire decision to get married comes from a basic fear of change, Greendale has become a central part of their lives and the prospect of losing that terrifies them, so they panic and think getting married is a good idea, that way they will always be in each other’s lives, have that one thing that they can grasp onto and won’t change.  It is hilarious to watch them fight against their nature and try to make this work, only in the end to gleefully abandon the idea and keep their relationship as is.

This led into the other big part of the episode, Annie and her reacting to the idea of a wedding.  For years now the writers have been teasing us with the Jeff/Annie thing.  Personally, I am neutral on the pairing but it does have a rather large fan following, in fact it was the fans that first spawned the pairing in the first place.  Jeff and Annie were originally supposed to have a brother/sister type relationship, which makes sense given the difference in their ages, and in early season one you can see aspects of that.  However, some fans liked the idea of them being together and jumped on board.  Dan Harmon, seeing how much fans loved the idea of them together, reworked things and since then he has been teasing the viewers with the idea that they might end up together.   We got a lot of that in this episode, Annie was clearly upset over the idea that Jeff and Britta would be getting married, anytime it was mentioned she would get a bit huffy, which led to some funny lines from her when they were locked in the lab.  The most significant part of course being when Jeff looks at Annie and gets the door to open.  This was pretty neat to see, Annie has always been a powerful force in Jeff’s life, often times going to her for advice or help, and regardless of my feelings on the pairing, it is always really nice to see the importance of that relationship to the characters.

Its hard to say much more about this episode.  There was a lot of great one liners and gags, which is true to form for Community since Harmon retook the reins. Some nice call backs to the show’s past i.e. Pierce’s death,Troy’s departure and Subway moving into Greendale. (eat fresh!) We were also treated to a fun theme for the episode that has yet to be used in the series, a great guest star, and some fantastic performances from the actors in all their roles.  It was a great close out to the season, and honestly, should the horrible happen and we not get a sixth season, a fairly decent end to the series.

Overall, this was great, plain and simple.  It had the proper balance of silly fun and emotional weight that the show does so well.  The show has recovered well after Troy’s departure, however I am hoping that he will be back for season six, and if what I have read online is true, there is a decent chance of us getting a sixth and final season, maybe even a movie.

But, until that happens, we must sadly clean out our lockers and say goodbye to our favorite community college, at least until next semester.  Until then, eat fresh.

Goon out.


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