I bet Dr. Seuss got married somewhere fun: Goon Reviews Castle “The Greater Good”


Man, a roller coaster wedding, how much fun would that be?

We open up with Castle and Beckett discussing wedding venues and after some fun suggestions, and a nice rhyme from Beckett, the two depart to solve a crime.  Our CoW revolves centers on a Wall Street trader found dead in his home.  A picture of a suspect is found from a nearby security camera and things seem to progress as normal, for a while.  A wrench is thrown into the works when it is discovered that the victim is working with the U.S. Attorneys office, acting as an informant gathering information on his boss.  Another fun twist that comes along with this new information is that Captain Gate’s sister is the lead agent from Attorney’s office, and there is obviously some rough history between them.  With this new information on hand, Team Castle sets to work finding a killer.  As they dig deeper into the case more information comes to light that raises more questions.  We learn that a suspect in the case, a gang member, turned out to be the victim’s best friend who gave him a gun to our victim that just happened to be the same kind that was used to kill him, and that our victim applied for a Venezuelan passport under a different name, and that he got a cool $25 million from his boss after telling him that the U.S. Attorney’s office was building a case against him.  In the end, it was discovered that the drug charge that got our victim working for the Attorney’s was faked and the drugs were planted on him.  His fake passport and money were for him to leave the country and start a new life in his home country of Venezuela, the officer from the Attorney’s office he was dealing with discovered this and, knowing that it would destroy the case they were building, killed him.

As far as CoW, this was a good one.  There was some interesting twists in it, and the inclusion of another law enforcement agency always works to spice things up.  While they the U.S. Attorney’s didn’t do much, their primary role here seemed to introduce a new part of Captain Gates back story, which was great.  Since she took over in season five, we have seen a lot of who Gates is, but never much of her history.  The inclusion of a sister, played by the amazing Salli Richardson-Whitfield, she’s on the rocks with was great, what was best is that they didn’t put to much focus on it, just a few scenes that established their relationship, their history, and the resolution of the conflict.  Their moment at the end, with Elizabeth saying that she needed a drink and her sister was fantastic.  The subplot was a nice addition to the story, gave an interesting twist to the CoW, and really helped to provide a broader view of a character we know and love.

For Castle and Beckett, we got the subplot of the invite list, which led to some fun jokes about who to invite and who not too.  Both wanted to keep the wedding small, and yet Beckett came with list of one hundred, and Castle with over four.  The two arguing about who to invite and not invite, their seeking advice from Ryan, was fun to watch.  These little bits of Castle and Beckett hitting the road bumps as they plan their wedding  are honestly fun to watch.  They give us great relationship moments between the two, but are kept short and sweet so that they don’t overpower the episodes.  Best part of this was them turning to Martha for advice, who in turn only brought her own list to the proceedings.  In the end they give each other a minute to compose a list of only the most important people they need there, and of course, they both write “you.”  While pretty cheesy, it was sweet and fit in well with their characters.  It was a touching close out, even though they immediatly got to work on another invite list again.

Downside, no Alexis.  I was sad she wasn’t there this week, I think throwing her into the list thing would have been fun to watch.  She is caring and insightful character,  and I think it would have been fun to see her bring that into the discussion of who should be invited to the wedding, or have her in the opening scene, chime in on the wedding venue discussion, but alas it was not to be.

Overall, this was a good episode, the case was interesting with some fun twists and turns and the brief glimpse into Gate’s history was nice.  Castle and Beckett continue to have a fun relationship to watch progress, and I so cannot wait for their wedding.

And sadly, this will be the last Castle, review you get for awhile, seems the next new episode won’t be until April 21.  This should hopefully give me a chance to get caught up on OUaT in Wonderland, lord knows I have been straggling in my reviews of that.  I’m pulling a Snooty, and that just ain’t cool.

Until next time,

Goon out.


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