Roll for initiative: Goon Reviews Community “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

Community - Season 5


*rolls a  d20*


Okay, add that to my Profession (reviewer) skill, that is a…31, which means I succeed!  I successfully write a review!

Now that that is taken care of, lets go slay that Necromancer.

We open with another meeting of the Save Greendale Committee, doing whatever it is  they do, when Hickey seems distraught.  Turns out he wasn’t invited to his grandson’s birthday because he doesn’t get along with his son.  In an effort to get Hickey to reconnect with this son the gang decides that the only logical solution to this problem is a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons. (I like the way they think)  Of course this doesn’t go as planned as Hickey’s son is smart enough to figure out what is going on, and thus mixes up the characters that Abed handed out and throwing a wrench into the plan.  Hickey’s son grows upset with the game and causes a bridge to collapse, thus bringing about the worst possible thing in an RPG, he split the party!

Hickey and son argue and make a deal, if Hickey kills the necromancer he can come to the grandson’s party, if his son takes him out, Hickey stops going to family holidays.  The deal is struck, the party is split, and the adventure continues.  We jump between the two groups and treated to some incredibly fun role playing scenes as they progress through the adventures.  After some fights, torture sessions, and spider riding *shudder* the group is reunited and a battle ensues.  Swords are swung, arrows fly, dice are rolled, and heroes fall.  In the end, only Hickey and his son are left standing, and the necromancer gets away, which leads two patching up, more or less, and they continue to try and kill the necromancer.

I’m just gonna say it, this was the second best episode of the season, and one of the best of the series to date.  We got a little bit of set up at the beginning and then a head on dive into pure fun.  We got to see all the characters really getting into the game at an even greater level than the first Dungeons and Dragons episode back in season 2.  What was best was seeing Hickey get so into the game so very quickly, sure it may have been to beat his son, but doesn’t change the fact that he fully embraced the game, and obviously was having some fun.   The scene of the epic clash between the two groups was hilarious to watch, Abed rolling the dice while desperately trying to keep up with the different attacks being called out had me laughing hysterically.

One of the best parts of the episode thought was the whole father and son trying to connect.  We got see Hickey step outside his comfort zone into something new, all to try and patch things up with this son.  Jeff trying to help it along, comparing the situation to his own estranged relationship with his father was a brilliant move on the writers part, especially because we really haven’t had much with that since the Thanksgiving episode last season.  What was best was that we didn’t get some great resolution to their conflict, the two didn’t make up and be a happy family.   Instead it ends with them bickering while playing the game, with Jeff coming to the realization that while they couldn’t stand to really be around each other, they couldn’t stand to be apart as well.  It was a very nice, and very realistic way to wrap things up.

Other great moments from the episode that must be mentioned:
– Annie once again rocking Hector the Well Endowed
– How the Dean played the relationship between his character’s and Jeff’s
– Neal’s brief background appearance
– Abed’s strict adherence to the role of the GM
– Abed running a game for Annie’s stuffed animals, and killing them off with goblins

Overall, this was an amazing episode and did a fantastic job of showing that while the show did hurt from the loss of Troy, it can still be great.

Goon out.


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