I’m a Doctor, not a vet: Goon Reviews OUaT “Witch Hunt”

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So, the flying monkeys are like werewolves.  Yeah, that happened, that’s a thing now.  (insert heavy sigh here)

In the Enchanted Forest, we rejoin our heroes as they try to get past the barrier and into the castle, plans go a bit awry when a flying monkey comes swooping in for the attack, almost getting Robin’s son, Roland, only for Regina to step in and turn it into a stuffed monkey.  For the record, I approve of this tactic, that stuffed monkey was adorable.   At this point they then realize that they are dealing with the Wicked Witch, allowing a rather funny line from Grumpy about East vs West when it comes to killing her (granted I think its a safe bet that dropping a house on someone is a sure fire way to kill most things) Regina then tells them how they can take down the barrier around the castle, by her sneaking through the tunnels and putting out the magic bonfire that keeps the shield up.  So down she goes into the tunnels, followed by our favorite outlaw, Robin Hood.  Reaching the door, Regina is shocked to see that the door is left hanging wide open, obviously the Wicked Witch was born in a barn, which shouldn’t be possible due to the blood magic that sealed it.  The pair moves up to Regina’s room where she quickly whips up another sleeping curse, intending to use it on herself to escape the grief of losing Henry.  Robin tries to talk her out of it, but she doesn’t listen, leaving him stuck to the floor as she goes to take down the shield before cursing herself.  There we finally get the first confrontation between Regina and the Wicked Witch where mean and green reveals that she  is (pause for dramatic effect) Regina’s sister! bum bum bum! They duke it out verbally, and Greeney flies off on her broom after saying that she will make Regina suffer.  This gives Regina a new goal in life, to destroy the Wicked Witch.

Our time in the Enchanted Forest this week served to set up the ground work for the inevitable Regina/Robin romance, which I liked.  The idea of these two being paired together is a fun one, and now that Regina is finally and fully starting to move on from her days of being evil, it will be nice to see her start to find some happiness that doesn’t revolve around Henry.  Robin himself is proving to be an interesting character thus far as well.  While he is very aware of Regina’s history, he seems to be able to see past that to the woman she is now, his trying to help her with her grief, relating to her about past mistakes was great.  I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops from his point on.   As far as the Regina and Wicked confrontation, not great but not bad either.  I was getting really hyped for the WW being the new villain for the show, but so far it doesn’t like they are going to do anything new with her.  She seems to be just another baddie with parent issues.  From what I gathered, her only motivation for targeting Regina is because mommy abandoned her and Rumpel liked her more, and these are stupid reasons!  Regina didn’t even know who Zelena was until this moment, so she is basically targeting Regina for something she didn’t do, had no part of, and wasn’t even alive for part of the time!  It’s hard to make a good villain when their motivations for being the bad guy are stupid.  And don’t even get me started on the whole Zelena having mommy issues!  Seriously, its like the writers don’t have any idea how to write a villain that doesn’t have some parent issues.   Zelena has yet to impress me as a the new villain for the show, she has a long way to go.

In Storybrooke, Emma is trying to get to the bottom of what is going on.  Who cast the new curse, what is happening to the people who are going missing.  Naturally it is brought up that the person who cast the first curse also cast the current one.  Emma confronts Regina about this, but quickly dismisses the idea, realizing that Regina didn’t do it.  The rest of the town doesn’t see it this way, and blame Regina.  I was about to flip a lid when I saw Emma going along with the accusations, but was glad to see that it was all part of a plan the two concocted.  After failing to duplicate the potion that restored Emma’s memories, the two hatch a plot to lure the culprit into a trap.  It fails, and the baddie escapes in a puff of green smoke.  While Regina and Emma are plotting their plots, Charming and Robin are trying to find a trace of Little John, who was carried off by a beast.  They find him injured in the woods and take him to the hospital, where we got to see Dr. Whale again, which is always nice.  They try to treat him, but fail to do so when he quickly transforms into a winged monkey because  of the bite on his shoulder.  Yeah, that was stupid.  I am all for the idea that the people being dragged off are getting monkifed, but through bites?  C’mon, the winged primates are lycanthropes, they could have easily come up with some other way for the change to take place.  We are also treated to a short scene between Snow and Storybrooke Wicked Witch, who is going by Lena.  She claims to be a midwife from the Enchanted Forest, and offers help to Snow who is having some baby related freak outs.  I feel whatever evil plot she is plotting may involve Snow’s soon to be born baby, but that is just speculation at this point.  We close out with seeing that Zalena has Rumpelstiltskin locked up underground.  That’s right all, our favorite imp is back in the land of the living!  I totally called that by the way.

The Storybrooke times were very enjoyable this week.  I loved Emma and Regina working together to find the curse caster.  For ages now I have been hoping that they would be able to put Regina’s past behind them and hopefully become friends.  In my opinion it’s really the best progression for their characters, and it looks like we may just be seeing that.  The best parts to see was everyone walking on egg shells around Henry, him being the only one who doesn’t have his memories of what Storybrooke really is.  The little mistakes and almost fumbles by the characters were great to see, and it was just heart wrenching when we saw the look on Regina’s face when she was around Henry.  I am glad to see that Emma is helping to develop a relationship between the two, she knows how important Henry is to Regina, and knows that Regina isn’t really evil anymore, she is just a woman desperate to have her son back.

In a nice parallel between the two sub plots, we see Regina figure out who the bad guy is in the same way, the use of the color green and the flying monkeys.  So in both our stories the heroes know who they are dealing with.  Now to just see where they go from here.

Overall, this was a solid episode,  the groundwork laid down between Regina and Robin was great to see, I am hoping we get some more of that in Storybrooke, and best of all, people seem to be accepting Regina as not being full on evil anymore.  Rumpel being back is a nice twist, I honestly didn’t think they would bring him back this early, and I can’t wait to see what Zalena has in store for him. What I think will provide the most interesting things to watch in the future will be Henry in Storybrooke.  Its going to be interesting to see how they balance fighting the Wicked Witch with keeping Henry in the dark about what is really going on in town.   But most of all, I am looking forward to him getting his memories back and getting that reunion with Regina we all so badly want.

Goon out.


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