Debt repaid, in a bloody way: Goon Reviews Castle “Belly of the Beast”



So yeah, we just had an episode of Castle, without a crime to solve.  Consider me one surprised Goon.

We open with Castle and Beckett enjoyed a day off (I wonder what those are like, Snooty keeps me working 24/7) only for Beckett to get unexpectedly called in.  She is needed to go undercover to get information on a new drug ring that has rolled into town, that due to its secretive structure, the police are unable to get any real information on.  A break is caught when a woman who claims to be a low level courier comes forward, which is what prompts Beckett to go undercover as her to a meeting.  The cops set up an elaborate plan, which of course fails, as Beckett is nabbed and carried off.   She then starts to learn that there is more to the woman she is impersonating than was originally thought.  She’s an assassin, she makes with the murder murder for the money money.  Beckett pretends to kill a random guy, leaving with  him a message to pass on, so that she can meet the boss.  Her cover gets blown as the boss is someone we have met before, but before the bad guys can off her, she is saved by Elena Markov, the woman she has been impersonating.  A twist that is explained by Markov, passing on that the real bad guy, who goes by Lazarus, hired her to save Beckett, citing that he owed her one and they are now even.  We close out with a touching scene between Castle and Beckett, and the reveal that Lazarus is Sen. Bracken, the man behind the murder of Beckett’s mom.

This episode was very different from the usual Castle fair, and that was kinda nice.  We have gotten a lot of interesting and out there CoW for the team to solve, but this week we didn’t have a case, we had Beckett thrown into a situation without all the information and had to play a desperate game of catch up in order to survive.  However, while I did enjoy the episode, it’s not leaving me much talk about.  Seeing Beckett in an usual situation for her was nice, but it would have been better if she had to embrace some completely different personality in order to do it.   We could have gotten some drama heavy scenes of Beckett trying to keep this false personality intact with distrustful baddies trying to break it down.  But what we got was basically Beckett acting more or less the same, she had a more timid personality at first, but this was abandoned when she discovered what Elena really was, she was then basically murderer Beckett instead of cop Beckett.

Also, due to the lack of case, we had far less of Ryan, Esposito, and even Castle played a smaller role than usual.   As I have said before, the strength of this show is the interplay between Castle and Beckett and the fantastic supporting characters.  None of them did much this week, the main focus was on Beckett being undercover, which made for a pretty significant weakness in this week’s episode.  What was great about it though was the set up, there is a mysterious drug organization that was put together to fund Bracken’s run for President.  This is great, we see the man that murdered Beckett’s mom, all but untouchable before, trying to gain even more power, and having the funds, which are impossible to trace back to the illegal dealings to fund this campaign.  If nothing else, this was great set up for future events, sadly the rest of the episode fell pretty flat.

However, there is one other thing that I need to mention, something that I having been meaning to do for awhile but always seems to slip my mind, and that is one Tory Ellis, played by Maya Stojan.  She is the tech girl that has been popping up on and off this season.  She is interesting, and I will say promising at this point.  We don’t know much about her, as there hasn’t been much done with her.  She is the just tech wiz that has been helping out on various cases when video’s need to be analyzed or some such.  Despite her limited use, I am liking this character and I think Stojan is good in the role.  I am hoping that more will be done with her in the future as she could make for a promising addition to the secondary cast.

Overall, average episode.  Nice break from the normal to really help us appreciate the  really fun and out there cases, with  some good set up for the future, but nothing special.

Goon out.


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