Goonish Musings: The Oscars


So the Academy Awards were last night, the day that Hollywood’s finest come together to celebrate being Hollywood’s finest.  And movies, those are a big thing too.

Now, this not going to be a write up of what happened last night, you all watched, you know what happened.  And if you didn’t watch it, well, that’s what youtube is for.  What I will be talking about is some of the major highlights of the awards, the parts that were good, and some of things that annoy me about this event.

Lets start with the best part of the show, Ellen DeGenres as the host.  She was hands down the best part of the show, I could not count the number of times she had me laughing.  Her ordering pizza during the award show, and handing it out was amazing, and we can’t forget her selfie that apparently crashed Twitter.  Good on Ellen, they should bring you back again next year.  The big winner of the night, Gravity, can’t say I am surprised about this.  Gravity was a great movie, and Sandra Bullock was fantastic in her roll, and that is all I will say about that, for more of my thoughts, and my esteemed partner’s, check out our review of the movie here.  While not nabbing Best Movie of the Year, Gravity did earn itself Best Director, making Alfonso Cuarón the first Latino to ever win that award, and whole slew of technical awards.  Best Movie went to 12 Years a Slave, never saw it, but heard it was good.  Matthew McConaughey had an incredibly amusing speech when he won Best Actor, and I still feel that Amy Adams was robbed when it came to Best Actress.  But that is how Hollywood politics work out, which brings me to my next point, what I don’t like about the Academy Awards.

My  issues really all boil down to one simple thing, throughout the awards, you have 6-9 movies that get nominated for pretty much everything, leaving out scores of movies that came out the past year, some of them just as deserving of being nominated, if not more so.  Let’s go with the awards for Best Costume and Best Set Design, while I am not saying that the movies that took those awards home didn’t deserve them, but let’s just take a look at them for a minute.  Of the movies that were nominated, all of them were either period pieces or set in the modern day, while these weren’t bad, and some of the costumes were pretty amazing, let’s widen our view.  Throughout this past year we had several movies come out in the fantasy and science fiction genres, two genres where the stories take place in completely different worlds, and to bring those worlds to life, you need amazing costumes and sets.  Take a look at Thor: The Dark World, they literally brought a mythical realm of gods to life! The sets and costumes were amazing, far more impressive than the outfits seen movies like American Hustle and The Great Gatsby (which won for costumes) and it didn’t even get a nomination!  That is what upsets me about the Oscars, whoever is in charge over there completely ignores all these amazing films just because there not some heavy handed drama or tell a “moving and emotional tale about struggles and overcoming them” or some BS like that.   I could rant all day about this, but I basically already just summed it up nice and neat there.  Fantastic movies that are deserving of at least recognition, if not awards, get ignored so that all the attention can be put on the same six to nine movies that someone sitting at desk somewhere decided should considered better than everything else.

Really, the only reason to watch the Oscars was for Ellen DeGeneres, and some of the performers, Idina Menzel was amazing, I will admit that I am glad “Let it Go” won Best Song, because it was the best song, in this Goon’s humble opinion at least.

Goon out.


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