The fun never ends with academia: Goon Reviews Arrow “Heir to the Demon”

Heir to the Demon



Okay seriously, I just want to smack Laurel, so freaking hard.  Can we just get rid of her and keep Sara around full time?  Because Sara is a far more interesting, and just plain better character.  Oh, and Alex Kingston, let’s keep her too.  Yeah, that works, we get rid of one pointless, do nothing character, and get two awesome characters to replace her.

Bit of a change up this week, our flashbacks were of the Lance family leading up to, and just after, the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit.  Honestly, didn’t really care for these at they didn’t really add much to the story.  They didn’t introduce any new elements or develop anything new, they basically just showed us what we already knew.  Personally I think the episode would have been much stronger they ditched them and just focused on present day Starling.

In present day Starling, we see the triumphant return of Sara to the city, which I have eagerly been waiting for, and boy oh boy, was I something about that.  So,with Sara’s return we also see the return of our favorite shadowy group of killers for hire, the League of Assassins.  This came with mixed feelings for me.  I loved that Sara is back, and appears to be back for good, but the whole past relationship with Nyssa Ratko was just eye rolling bad.  Now to clarify, I am in no way opposed to homosexual relationships on screen (or in real life for that matter) but at no point has there ever been any indications that Sara was bi-sexual, in fact, given everything that we have seen up to this point I think it would be safe to say that she was as straight as the proverbial arrow.  This whole thing with her and Nyssa just felt forced, that is thrown in just for the sake of saying “hey look at us, we have to girls in love!  Look how great we are!”  It was just badly done.  Now, if there had been something in Sara’s past that pointed towards her sexual preferences, I would have no complaints.  They didn’t even need to introduce some trite relationship with Nyssa to explain everything off, it has already been established why the League was after her, she left, which is a big no no, and that was great as is.  Their past relationship served no purpose other than to show two girls making out on screen.  Which, given that this is a CW show and thus is mostly supposed to appeal to teenagers, was probably gladly accepted by a large chunk of their audience.

While were on the topic, lets talk about Nyssa.  It was interesting that they chose to use her instead of Talia for a Al Ghul’s daughter, given that Talia is probably far better known that Nyssa, but I give them props for bringing in the lesser known character.  At the same time, I am angry about this.   While I freely admit that my knowledge of the DC’verse is less than encyclopedic, I am pretty sure that Nyssa was not gay.  I’m not really a fan of making changes to a character just for the sake of having a character that fits the situation at the time.  That is what this was, they changed Nyssa’s character just so that they could have a stupid and unneeded girl/girl thing on screen.  Boo on you writers, boo on you.

Honestly though, apart from the whole Sara/Nyssa thing, I did enjoy the story.  It was great seeing her and Oliver team up again, and Sara’s willingness to fight for her family and willingness to give up her life to protect them was great to watch, the Goon does love a well done heroic sacrifice.  Of  course Oliver went and stopped that thanks to his Macguffin herbs, seriously, I bet he could freaking cure cancer with them if we wanted to.

The Sara plot this week closes out with a almost happy family reunion.  Laurel is basically a total bitch to her sister, and since I have already made my thoughts on her quite clear, we’ll move on.  Sara and Oliver have a chat in the Arrow Cave, and then start stripping each other during furious make outs.  Not happy with this, at all.  They have been dropping a lot of hints and build up to something between Felicity and Oliver, which I am all for, and I really loved Ollie and Sara being friends and allies.  But now, now we have a FREAKING LOVE TRIANGLE!!!  GAH!!!!!!  I really hope they get past this quick, Arrow is a solid show, and we don’t need a love triangle adding needless drama.

Our other plot for the episode focused on Moira and her bid for mayor.  Honestly not much really happened with this, the biggest thing being the reveal to Oliver about Thea’s true parentage, which is interesting and will add the good kind of drama to the show, the kind that doesn’t come attached to a geometric shape.  The best part being the scene where Felicity tells Oliver, it showed us just how important Oliver is to Felicity, how much their relationship means to her.  Her breaking down, and Oliver moving in to comfort her, assuring that nothing would come between them was great.  It made his whole thing with Sara at the end that much more annoying.  We closed that out with a brief bit between Blood and Deathstroke, some nice foreshadowing for future peril.

Overall, this was a good episode, but not a great one. Seeing Sara back as the Black Canary, and obviously staying around for awhile is great, I love her character.  At the same time, there was a lot they did wrong with it that will probably lead to some less than fun times in the future.

Goon out.



P.S. I apologize for missing my Castle review this week, was fighting off the last bits of an unpleasant cold and ended up sleeping through it.  Won’t happen again, (I hope) lord knows with Snooty going radio silent these past few weeks, the Goon’s gotta pick up the slack.  Don’t worry, he doesn’t do something soon I’ll have Professor Science sick something from the Science Labs on him to help motivate him.

Also, it appears that next week none of the shows I review will have new episodes, so I will be finding one or two other things to throw up.  I would hate to deprive my loyal readers of Goon for longer than is necessary.  C’ya all later.


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