Too Soon: Goon Reviews Community “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking”

Community - Season 5


Nathan Fillion guest starred on Community.  Nathan Fillion, guest starred, on, Community!!!  That was just freaking amazing, on so very many levels.

We rejoin our favorite group of dysfunctional students and teachers as they are really digging into the cause to save Greendale.  Annie, in true Annie fashion, has complied a lengthy list of things they need to do in order to fix up Greendale, including updating the student census, rehanging a bulletin board, and organizing one of Greendale’s  many dances.  Of course the  group is split up and we are treated to a delightful series of subplots as they bumble their way through their tasks.

Let’s start with the main, the bulletin board.  Annie and Professor Hickey team up to get the bulletin board in the cafeteria hung up.  Hickey puts in a half assed effort, causing Annie to jump in and get the problem fixed.  What comes next is a series of red tape and bureaucratic nightmares as Annie must wheel and deal her way through the various groups around Greendale to get this done.  We start with putting in a work request with the janitors, who lets be honest, are always a delight to see.  From this we go to the custodians, (I honestly did not know there was a difference between the two) their president, played by the amazing Nathan Fillion, will push the work order to the top if Annie can get the porn sites unblocked, leading us to the IT lady, who wants a better parking spot, leading us to the head of parking who wants total control over the bulletin boards so he can crush the ride share program.  This entire sequence is just loads of fun to watch as we see Annie descending into a rather dark place as she attempts to achieve her goal.  Once again her drive and single minded determination is taking her someplace she shouldn’t go, and surprisingly enough its Hickey that has to pull her back.  That is what made this plot great,  Hickey has been an enjoyable character thus far, but hasn’t done much to venture outside his established character, here we got to see him break from his mold and basically save Annie from going to far to the dark side.  His moment at the end of tearing down his own board and hanging it up was perfect, showing just how his interactions with Annie were able to get through to him and show some hidden depths to his character.  The final part of the Save Greendale Committee standing off against the Dean and janitors was just ridiculous fun.

While Annie was busying traveling the dark roads of community college bureaucracy we are treated the ridiculousness of Jeff, Shirley, Chang, and Duncan trying to put together the mid-term dance.  These scenes are few, but fun, as we watch them try to tap into some sort of school spirit and come up with a theme for the dance.  Chang suggests “Bear down for Mid-terms” and after some guilt tripping, the others agree, and we see them actually having some fun with the it.  This was surprising, but amusing.  We got see Jeff and the others actually really getting into something school related, and enjoying themselves, only for all their hard work to be pointless when Neal tells them of the news story of the little girl getting mauled by an escaped bear at her birthday party. (too soon guys, too soon)  We then see that they do a rush job of turning bear down into Fat Dog, and using Chang’s guilt  tripping tactics on Annie when she questions the theme.  All things considered, this particular sub plot was short and sweet.  Nothing groundbreaking with the characters, but was fun to watch and was a nice break between scenes.

Now onto our final story, and my personal favorite, Abed and Britta updating the census.  There whole thing starts out with an amusing reference to an HBO show that is eerily similar to Game of Thrones, but totally isn’t, completely different epic fantasy series full of boobs, blood, betrayal, and dragons.  Yup, totally not Game of Thrones.  Anywho, Britta gets mad at Abed for spoiling the show, as she is only on the first season, so she sets out to read the books the show is based on and spoil things for him.  She fails, of course, she is Britta after all.  But we are treated to a fun bit between Abed and a deaf girl, who I believe was played by Katie Leclerc from ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. (if I am wrong on that someone please correct me)  Abed learns sign language so he can better talk to her, and Britta continues to try and spoil the show for Abed, that is pretty much how things progress until the end when she drops a major spoiler on Abed, being payed off by Britta to do so.  The reason this particular subplot was my favorite of the episode was because we got to see Abed connecting with another character outside the group, which is always fun to watch as those moments aren’t overly present in the series.  Sure they have come up before, Britta even makes an amusing reference to the fact of Abed connecting with random girls who are never heard from again, until now.  After Britta spoils things with the girl, Abed walks away, sad and mopey, only to run into coat check girl Rachel, who last we saw in season 4’s “History of Dance.”  Honestly, this was kind of a touching scene for Abed, as he apologizes for not calling her, making a fun reference to the year of the gas leak (this seems to have quashed the rumors of this being an allusion to a potential Communtiy movie, and instead is just a fun jab at the everything wrong with season 4)  I am honestly happy that they brought Rachel back, and I hope that she will be a more common face around campus now.  With Troy gone, Abed is going to need someone new to connect with, and I think bringing in a romantic interest for his character could be a great way to handle this.  While no one could ever replace Troy in our hearts, seeing someone new in Abed’s life is nice, and has a lot of potential for character fun times.

Overall, the theme for this weeks episode seemed to be “Guest Stars!” as he had a slew of them.  Nathan Fillion, Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds playing the IT person, and Robert Patrick from a whole slew of amazing things.  It seemed that with Troy gone, they needed something to fill that void, and what better than a mess of fairly impressive guest stars.  They were fun to watch, and made for a great episode.   I will admit that I was bit leery of the show with Troy being gone, but I must admit that it was still fun, while the loss of Troy is a big one, I have every confidence that Harmon and the actors will still be able to turn out a great show week after week.
And with that, we bid a temporary farewell to our favorite community college, as the show will be on hiatus until after the Olympics have run their course.

Goon out


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  1. John Oliver is back? YES!

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