Oliver’s got Angry Face: Goon Reviews Arrow “Tremors”



Okay, I am just gonna say this now, get it out of the way and make my thoughts on the matter 100% clear.  I am honestly and truly hating Laurel at the moment.  Yes, something bad happened to her, I can understand and sympathize with that, but her whole “oh woe is me, no one can understand my pain” act is just wearing on my nerves, Pretty much every this she shows up I just want to Gibb’s Slap her. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Gibbs-slap) However, there may just be some hope for her yet, Sara’s back!  Maybe she can smack some sense into her sister.  And yeah, saying that out loud makes me realize how stupid that idea is.  But hey, at least Sara’s back!

On the island we have come to know and love, we rejoin Oliver and Sara in their search for Slade.  Not much happens at first, we get a revisit to the cave of graves from earlier on, and Oliver has a nice moment of self pity about Shado’s death, only for Sara to snap him out of it.  I liked this, this was good.  I have been loving Sara’s character from the  get go, and she is only getting better with time.  The pair catch up with Slade as he is about to use the missile launcher, left over from our season 1 baddies, to take out Ivo’s boat. Oliver talks him down and we are treated with a touching “bro” moment between the two.  I liked this, it really showcases how strong their friendship is, and will make the inevitable fallout between them that much greater to watch.  I cannot wait for that.

Back in the present, an old villain busts out of jail, one Bronze Tiger.  Yes, I agree with Felicity, silly nickname, but I am letting it slide because he is character coming straight out of the comics, so I can forgive that.  He is hired by random bad guy of the week to steal a mysterious device that can kill thousands, which is later revealed to a prototype of the earthquake machine that Merlin used to take out the Glades.  It was nice to see a call back to that, shows there are some lasting effects of Merlin’s plan.  Also big this week, we see the beginning of Roy’s training by The Arrow.  It goes slow, surprise surprise.  Roy can’t get a grip on his anger, and that is driving him out of control, as shown by his flipping out on the random mook when Oliver takes him out in the field, allowing Tiger to escape with the machine.  Naturally there is some fall out between Roy and Oliver over this, Roy gets all pissy again and storms off, saying he will do things on his own.  At the climatic showdown, Oliver gets pinned down by Tiger and his claws, but is saved by Roy, who starts flipping out and makes with the massive face punching again.  In the end, Oliver reveals his identity and gets through to Roy, together they blow up the earthquake machine, that at this point was armed, and they save the day.  Hooray!!

Personally, I loved that Oliver dropped the mask to help Roy.  It makes sense, Roy was pissed, at so many different things, including the Arrow.  Really, who wouldn’t be angry at someone for putting an arrow through his leg.  By telling Roy who he is, the Arrow went from being the faceless figure, to the older brother of the girl he loves.  Oliver spent the entire episode trying to find a way to get through to Roy while he was the Arrow, and failed to do it.  Instead, he capitalizes on Roy’s love for Thea, by showing him that he cares for her as well, gives him an actual person to relate to and connect with instead of just a violent vigilante.  I can not wait to see how this will play out, and personally, I am wondering if Roy is going to be  taking up the mantle of Red Arrow or Arsenal.  Personally I am leaning towards Red Arrow, he has one to many arms to be Arsenal at this point.

In out subplot, we get some solid Queen family time.  Moira is off to dinner with Walter, and it was fantastic seeing him again, where she is approached with the idea running for mayor against Blood.  Walter and others realize that what Blood is promising will financially destroy the city, and they want to stop him.  This was an interesting angle to take, and I loved it.  We have a group working against Blood, not because they think he’s evil or has some nefarious plot, but because they realize that what he wants to do will cause more damage to the city than good, and they want to stop him because they honestly want to help the city.  The choice of having Moira run against him is interesting, and could lead to a solid redemption story for her as she works to make up for her past wrongs, even if they were done for an understandable reason.  What was best about this was Thea, and her full support of her mom’s bid for mayor.  Thea is once again proving to be a remarkable character, that has shown some amazing development since last season.  Seriously, can we just ditch Laurel and give all her screen time to Thea?  That would make this show even better.

At the closeout to this episode, we see Bronze Tiger approached by Amanda Waller, and she offers him a place on a squad she is putting together.  I must admit, I am not liking Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller very much.  She isn’t a bad actress or anything, but I am just not buying her as Amanda Waller.  I feel she is lacking the force of personalty that I have come to attribute to the character.  I will say that I love the reference to the Suicide Squad at the end there, made even better by the fact that Bronze Tiger was in fact a member of the Squad, at least before the New 52 hit, as far as I know he hasn’t made an appearance since then,  but I could be wrong on that.

Overall, apart from the parts with Laurel, this was a good episode.  Some pretty major steps forward with the Oliver/Roy partnership, some awesome new stuff with Moira, Thea being as amazing as usual, and planted seeds of a future appearance of the Suicide Squad.  I am  still ever so eager to see how these stories progress.

Goon out.



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