They have Gods!?: Goon Reviews Community “Geothermal Escapism”



What is a Community college to do when paintball has been over played?

Answer: LAVA!!!

This week we are saying goodbye to Troy, and I have to say that it was an amazing send off for his character.   In the same vein as season 1’s Modern Warfare and season 2’s Fistfull of Paintballs/Few Paintballs More we are treated with an homage/parody episode, this time to movies such as Mad Max series and other post apocalypse films.  Admittedly I was a little worried about this episode, it was going to be hard to say good bye to Troy, after all, without him there will never be another episode of Troy and Abed in the Morning!  This changed after about 5 minutes, and I was watching with baited breath just who would survive a Lava infused Greendale, what alliances would form, who would betray who, and who would emerge the lord of Lavadale!

The episode opens with Study Group having a send off party for Troy, everyone wishing him luck and well on his journey around the world, except for Britta.  Britta is obsessed with the fact that no one is sad over Troy’s leaving, claiming that they are not properly dealing with their friend leaving.  I would of course be willing to write this off as Britta just being Britta, but pretty much everything she was said was proven true by Abed and his campus wide game.

From here one out things get weird, and by weird I mean freaking amazing!  We see the characters, both the Study Group and the various other Human Beings, fully embracing Abed’s game, all determined to win the prize at the end, a rare comic book worth a butt ton of money.  Surprisingly enough, throughout all of this Britta is the sole voice of reason.  She see’s what is happening, Abed being unwilling to let his friend go.  This is what made this episode amazing, Britta was actually the sole voice of reason, trying to get through to Abed and the others so that they can properly deal with Troy’s departure.  What makes this so out of  the ordinary for Community, Britta being competent at something, is what makes this episode stand out as one of the best of season, possibly even the series.

This all comes to a conclusion in the basement, after we see Troy and Abed in bubble burst through the ranks of Professor Hickey’s chair walkers, (totally awesome by the way) partake in nail biting game of chicken with the Professor, and a great chase through the halls.  With the best friends cornered and clinging to shelves to escape the lava, Abed finally reveals all.  He doesn’t want the game to end, because if it does, he says goodbye to his best friend.  To him, everything is real, the lava, the death, all of it.  This scene was actually a bit tear jerking to watch.  Troy and Abed’s friendship has been one of the greatest parts of this show to watch, and it is clear to see just how important their friendship is to each other, and we all know how Abed doesn’t handle change well.

Throughout this entire episode Abed perfectly shows this aspect of his character.  From first starting the game, offering an amazing prize to the victor to ensure it lasts as long as possible, to leaving Britta to “die” because she is the biggest threat to the game, and his continued friendship with Troy, everything he does it to put off dealing with the loss of his friend.  At the end, Abed realizes he has no choice but to end the game, giving us an amusing heroic “sacrifice” to watch.  After this, we learn that Britta wasn’t trying to break Abed, or had any real malicious intent, she was honestly  trying to help her friend deal with a huge change in a healthy way.  That’s right people, Britta actually successfully used psychology to save the day, I’m as shocked as you are, really, I am.  What’s even more of a shock is, she succeeds.  Sure, she has to play into Abed’s world to do so, cloning a new Abed, but this works.  She learns the best way to help Abed isn’t to try and change how he views the world, but instead temporarily adopts that same view to help him come to grips and better accept the real world.

In the end, Abed, and the rest of the Study Group, is “cloned” and are bidding farewell to Troy.  We get touching goodbyes from the whole gang, my personal favorite being Jeff admitting that Troy is a far cooler guy than he will ever be, and even a surprise guest appearance by Levar Burton, who will be sailing around the world with Troy to make sure he doesn’t cheat.

Overall, this was a fantastic way to say goodbye to Troy, full of emotions and fun times.  Donald Glover, Community won’t be the same without you and you will be sorely missed by us all.

Goon out.


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