His last name is Blood, that can’t be a good sign: Goon Reviews Arrow “Blind Spot”


Holy crap, Laurel actually did something this week.  Will wonders never cease.

When last we left our island dwelling heroes, Ivo had offered a way off the island and Slade had taken the wonder drug and disappeared.  We rejoin Oliver and Sarah with them trying to find Slade, before deciding to call it a night in the airplane and catch some sleep.  Sarah then calls Ivo, and he quickly descends into psychotically evil threats, and Sarah hangs up on him.  All things consider not much really happens on the island this week.  We had some touching moments between Oliver and Sarah, and the reveal the she had a thing for him before he started dating Laurel.  Overall, not much happened here, again it just feels like its a lot of set up for the future, with dashes of character moments thrown in.  At this point I am really wishing they would just hurry this story along, I am finding Ivo to be an interesting character and really want to see more of him, I honestly want to know if he will survive the island and become a villain in the present story, or if he will meet his arrowy death by Oliver.  Either way, something needs to really push this story along because its starting to drag a bit.

Back in Starling City, we see Sebastian Blood paying a visit to his mom in the hospital, Saint Walker hospital to be exact, forgot to mention this last week but nice little call out to Green Lantern there.  He kills his mom, punishment for telling the truth to Laurel, and later gets chewed out by Slade for doing so.  It’s pretty clear to see who is the dominant one in this relationship.  While Brother Blood is being made an assassin’s little bitch, we see Laurel continuing to follow the whole “Blood is evil thing” she has firmly engraved in her mind. (how can you blame her though, the guy has one of the most ominous sounding last names ever!)  To do this, she employs help from Starling’s resident Robin Hood impersonator, the Arrow.  This episode does serve as a nice call back to season one when we saw Laurel and Oliver’s super hero alter ego working together on a fairly regular basis, which was honestly nice to see again, even if Laurel is still a less than impressive character.

We see the pair of them working together to follow up on Laurel’s hunch, breaking into a police archive to find the file that will incriminate him.  Felicity works her hacker magic, but hits a road block when an actually competent security guard is able to reboot the system and call the police.  We get a shoot out, which while fun, was far from one of the better action scenes in the show.  After this Laurel gets a police raid on her apartment, where his drinking/pill problem is finally revealed, and she proceeds to get nabbed by Blood’s minions.  In true hero fashion, Oliver suits up and goes to save her, having another decent fight scene with Blood, ending with Laurel gunning down the villain and seeing beneath the mask Blood’s minion on the police force, acting as a clever mislead for the heroes.

Honestly, I was not thrilled with this.  It really seemed like Oliver took a back seat to Laurel this week, which was annoying because Laurel is still such an eye rolling character.   I am having a hard time really taking her seriously and even when given a more center role in the episode, she still just doesn’t do much.  I have said this before, and I will say it again, I don’t think the writer’s really know what do with her at this point.  In season one she acted as a potential love interest for Oliver, an ally and confidant of the Arrow, and served to bring relationship drama through her relationship with Tommy.  That is all pretty much gone at this point.  Oliver seems to have moved on from her, which I am honestly thrilled about, and her working against him and trying to get him arrested early this season pretty much killed off her being an ally of Oliver.  She’s just sort of there now, and while they are trying to something with her, her working against Blood and her addiction problems, they are not doing anything well, or really making her interesting.  Anytime she shows up I just get annoyed because she is taking time away from the plot.  The writers either need to do something good with her, or just write her off the show, she can’t keep existing in this whole limbo state she has been in, its just annoying.

In the subplot, we see Roy still trying to come to terms with his new found powers.  He employ’s Sin’s help to start taking out bad guys in the city, while simultaneously keeping Thea in the dark about it, despite her best efforts to get him to open up about what’s wrong.  Its a short bit and is fairly straightforward.  Roy loses it, almost kills the guy he was after, and freaks out about it.  Now this wasn’t bad, I am honestly enjoying this aspect of the show, it is a lot of fun watching Roy come to terms with this life changing event, and figuring just what sort of paths in life this opens up to him.  Also, we get some  great Thea moments, she is honestly becoming one of my favorite characters in this show.  She has grown immensely from the spoiled princess she was in season one.  She is now a smart, competent, caring, and understanding young woman.  What the writers are lacking in Laurel’s character, they are making up for in spades with Thea.

At the end of this, Oliver approaches Roy as the Arrow and offers to train him, help him get control of his powers.  Essentially, we are probably looking at the birth of Red Arrow here, possible maybe jumping him straight to Arsenal. (I honestly can’t see them calling him Speedy in this series)  Either way, looking forward to where this goes.

Overall, pretty lackluster episode this week.  Laurel was a definite drawback, and since so much of the episode revolved around her, I honestly found it pretty dull to watch.  Not everything was bad, there was some fun bits here and there, Felicity and Diggle always serve to bring some good one liners and quips, and Thea was amazingg as always, but still, could have been SO SO SO much better if they had just dumped Laurel, or actually make her interesting.

Goon out.


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