Goon’s Top 6 TV Romances

As promised, Goon is coming at you with this list of the top 6 romances on television!

Consider it a Christmas treat for you all, or just a random Tuesday posting if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  (Admittidly yes, this list would probably be more at home around Valentines Day, but since I do not now nor have I ever celebrated that particular Holiday and have to fill time till my shows finish their midseason braek, you’re getting this now).  Before we begin let me share two quick things about this post:

1. The couples chosen for this list are all cannon pairings.  Fan pairings are not allowed, even if someone of then are pretty freaking sweet.
2. I’m not saying that these are the best examples of a romantic pairing that TV has to offer, they are simply the ones that I like the best.  Personal opinion and all that jazz.

There we go, now that’s out of the way, lets get to what you have been waiting for!


That’s right, kicking this off with some DC comics action!

Wally and Artemis are firmly entrenched in the number six spot for one simple reason, their relationship is so much fun to see evolve over the course of the series.  When they first start these two practically hate each other.  Wally doesn’t trust her, she thinks he’s and idiot.  There banter and insults back and forth are often times some of the best parts of the episodes, made even better when they are able to put aside their mutual dislike and effectively work together.
Throughout most of the first season we see Wally almost relentlessly pursuing M’gann, who never returns his affections, and Artemis putting the moves on Conner, who just seems to not care.  These one sided romances trickle off into friendship as the season goes on and the two begin to really learn about each other, often times having other characters point out how they would be a good match (Kent Nelson aka Dr. Fate for one) and yet they fight it.  Until season two.  In the second season we see them living together, retired from superhero work, and living the normal life.  Granted their romances ends in tragedy with Wally’s death in the series finale (sad face) but it was still amazing as it added a more depth to a children’s show, the two characters having an actual mature relationship was one of the things that helped make this show appealing to adults as well as children, and that right there is why they made the list.  Their relationship added more to the show, and to the characters, and gave us some great dramatic scenes.  The only negative thing I can say about it is that we didn’t get enough, the season two episodes that had them were some of the best.


You can’t have a list of top TV romances without including these two, they do have that whole true love thing going for them after all,  allowed them to produce a super powered savior daughter.

Honestly, the Snow/Charming relationship is one of the most fun parts of OUaT just because of how well the actors play off each other.  For those of you that read my reviews of OUaT you all know how much I dislike the flashbacks, but the ones that focus on Snow and Charming are almost always fun to watch.  The relationship is equal parts of drama and levity.  There is such a great deal of wit and love between them that its hard not to love this pairing.  A lot of this may very well come from the fact that the actors that play them are engaged in real life, so they have that real world love to draw on when playing the characters.  From their first meeting where she bashed him with a rock and stole from him, to their honeymoon spent fighting Medusa, the Snow/Charming dynamic is one of the strengths of this show and has earned them the number 5 spot on the Goon’s list.


For those of you that may be unaware, Coupling is a British sitcom created by and written by Steven Moffat that ran from 2000-04, that’s right folks, good Mr. Moffat has done more than just Doctor Who and Sherlock.  Bascially this was England’s version of Friends,  only with more sex jokes.  A lot more sex jokes.

Why I love them?  Simple.  Their relationship is a constant throughout the series, with one minor hiccup in the season two finale/season three premier and are by far the funniest part of the show.  What we see in their relationship is a woman with her life together and looking to move her relationship with the man she loves onto the next level: marriage, house, kids, all that stuff.  In Steven we see a man that is very much in love with his girlfriend, but scared to death of taking that next step and is constantly flustered by the intelligence of his girlfriend, which she gleefully uses against him to help move their relationship forward.  Throughout the course of the series we see many discussions and arguments that all tie into that great big old battle of the sexes, and most of the time we see this played out through their relationship.   That is what makes it so great, they have so many different arguments or disagreements on all manner of topics, most random and hilarious.  Take this clip for example:


This is just one of many examples of the hilarious dysfunction of their relationship.  But despite all this, they make it work.  No matter what happens, what arguments they get into, it all comes back to the very simple fact that they love each other.  And this love persists all the way through to the show, the series ending with Susan giving birth to their son.  Their relationship is never want to for laughs and joy, even when the show is at its most dramatic, they still manage to bring the laughs.


How can you not love the love between a Piemaker and a girl named Chuck?  Their relationship started when their just wee little kids, stomping play-doh city folk in monster costumes, to eventually become Ned defying death itself to be with her.  For those of you not in the know on the amazingness that  is Pushing Daisies, the show centers on Ned who has the ability to bring the dead back to life.  One touch brings them back, another puts them back to being dead, keep em alive for longer than a minute and someone else dies to take their place, balance issues and all that.  Ned’s love for Chuck, a girl he hasn’t seen in years, is so strong that he brings her back from the dead to be with her, even knowing he will never be able to touch her.  Their relationship is built up entirely around emotional support of each other, which makes sense.  They can never have much of a physical relationship even if they do have some clever workarounds they employ throughout the series, and their creativity adds some quirky fun to their relationship, but because of this lack of touching they build up their relationship around an entirely different concept, the desire to just connect to someone else.
When the series opens Ned is doesn’t have much in his life, he has his pie shop and side business helping a PI, his dog Digby, and that’s it.  For Chuck, she was practically a shut in, living with her two aunts who never left their home.  Both were desperate for something more, to have someone to connect too, and that is what they find in each other, their missing pieces, what they need to be whole.  I’ll be honest, Ned/Chuck was a strong contender for the #1 spot on this list, but the remaining two managed to nudge them down to 3 by ever so much.


From childhood best friends, to crime fighting super teens, to the cutest couple at the prom, Kim and Ron are a solid choice for the #2 slot on this list.

Why do I love them so much?  Better question, why shouldn’t I love them so much?  Even before they got together in So the Drama, the second KP movie, they had a solid relationship built on friendship, trust, and respect.  It only makes sense that this would eventually grow into love.  There really isn’t much more to say than this.  Their relationship was a fantastic addition to the show, was actually a joy to watch as they went through the growing pains of friends to boyfriend/girlfriend, shown by Ron’s occasional freak out over Kim leaving him.   Nothing else to say, so we’ll just close it out with this.


And now, what you have all been waiting for, Goon’s #1 TV Romance is!

(Drum roll please)


That’s right, every-man nerd turned spy Chuck Bartowski and super deadly, amazingly good looking, CIA badass Sarah Walker!

Honestly, I could go on forever over my love of this pairing, but I’ll do my best to keep it brief.  Why do I love them, and why are they number one on the list, its actually quite simple when you get down to it.  They need each other.
When Chuck first started, our title character was directionless in life, still reeling and trying to put his life back together after being expelled from Stanford and losing his girlfriend.  Sarah was a spy,  plain and simple.  Several times throughout the series she comments that before Chuck she was just a spy, had nothing else in her life.  What made them great is that even though their relationship was fake at first, it still forced them to grow as people.  Through getting the Intersect Chuck was thrown, head first, out of the comfort zone he had built around himself and through his experience with Sarah he was had no choice but to think about his future, find his direction and purpose in life.
When you think about her past, it makes sense that at the start of the series she would just be the closed off  killer and liar that the CIA turned her into.  She was taught by her father to never trust people, never reveal anything that could be used against her.  Two things that the CIA then deeply ingrained into her, made her truly believe was the only way that that was the only way she could live.  And then along comes Chuck.  Throughout the first season we see him trying to get know her, learn about her, get her to open up.  Chuck fell for her quick and hard, and through his pushing and prodding, trying to get to know her, helps Sarah to realize that she is more than just a spy.

While not a big fan of the “will they, won’t they” plot device, Chuck used it perfectly.  Chuck and Sarah needed that time to grow as people, reach a stage in their lives where they could actually be together and have a successful relationship.  This is why they are #1 on the list.  They are the perfect example of two people growing together, relying on one another to make themselves better people.
I believe these two scenes to a far better job showing just how amazing their relationship is than I ever could, and why they are my number one pick.

And there you have it folks.  Goon’s top 6 TV romances.   Do you agree with my choices, or diagree?  Leave a comment and let me know. I think its about time we started having a bit of two conversation here and not just me blabbing on and on.

Until next time,

Goon out.


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