Belief is a Powerful Thing: Goon Reviews OUaT “Going Home”



And thus we close this chapter of the storybook, not with a bang, but with a tear filled goodbye.

I think I can honestly say that this is the best episode of the season thus far, may even be one of the best of the series.  So lets get to it.

The flashbacks for this episode were surprisingly well done, and actually enjoyable.  They were used sparingly, each one was focused on a different, and they all helped to tie into what was happening in the greater plot of the episode.  This was a great way to use the flashbacks, limited and focusing on different things that help to enhance what is happening in the main plot.  I would say that I hope the writers keep this formula going for the future, but I know they won’t.

In the present, we pick up where last week left off and the heroes desperately plotting to stop Pan’s plot.  As it turns out, it all boils down to the curse, what started it all is apparently the key to ending it all.  There’s something a bit poetic about that.  In their attempt to stop Pan we are bombarded with one fantastic character moment  after the next.  Everyone bands together to stop Pan, the trust and sense of teamwork that has been built up over their time in Neverland is perfectly capitalized in these scenes.  Finally they are rid of any distrust or anger at each other and all are focused on saving each other.

That is what was great about this episode, while I have stated in the past I was hoping for some sort of epic battle between the good guys and Pan to close out this story arc, I can honestly say that the use of dramatically charged character scenes was a far superior way to wrap things up.  We had Tinkerbell’s belief causing her to get her wings back and defeat the Shadow, and finally getting accepted by Blue (still think she’s a bitch).  Which led to a fun bit between her and Hook, really showcasing their past relationship and how a friendship has developed from that.   From there it moved on to Rumple’s turn, and boy howdy was that amazing to see.  Rumple’s final confrontation with his father was amazing.  We saw Rumple at his lowest, deprived of his magic and unable to stop Pan from killing his loved ones, the desperation and rage we saw here was great.  I have always loved Robert Carlyle in this role, and this was one of his best moments as the character.  In the end we see Rumple finally accept his fate, what he has been fighting against for so long he now gladly accepts as what he must do to save the people he loves.  His goodbyes to Neal and Belle were perfectly done, and bit tear jerking.  Carlyle sold this perfectly, and his death scene was one of the best parts I have seen in this show.  Granted I don’t for a second believe he is actually dead dead, he’ll back.  No way is a character as great and popular as him going to be gone for long.

With the final defeat of Pan we move onto the climax of the episode.  Even with the villain dead, his plans are still in motion, the curse is bearing down on our heroes and time is running out.  I honestly don’t what to say about this apart from that it was amazing to watch.  Regina took her final step in her path to redemption, she willingly gave up her son to save  the others, and even came to peace with Emma at long last, lord knows she took her sweet time with that.  We had Emma heartbroken over having to leave her family again, and Snow and David sending her away, only this time knowing that she would be okay, that she didn’t need them anymore and could have her happiness without them.  Just gotta stop right there or I am just going to end up saying the same thing about this scene over and over again.  To break it down to bare bones, the final act of this episode was amazing to watch, and a perfect way to close things out for the first half of season 3.  Although I will be honest, with a couple of tweaks this could have also served as an amazing series finale, glad it didn’t mind you, but it could have.  Things close out with Emma and Henry driving off together as the ominous purple cloud envelops Storybrooke, and I will be honest, I teared up a bit as I saw the smoke roll over Henry’s story book.  We then have a time jump by one year.  Emma and Henry are happy together, no memory of Storybrooke and made up history of love and happiness care of Regina.  All things come to crashing halt when none other than our favorite pirate shows up at their door seeking her help, a claim that her family is in danger, and quick smooch that does all of nothing (ha ha Emma/Hook shippers, no happy couple for you yet!) and we cut to black.

This was a perfect close out to the first half of the season, and best of all, we have a brand new and completely unknown direction for the show.  Storybrooke is gone, all the characters are back in their own world, and Emma and Henry have no memory of anything that happened.  This show has been built up entirely around these fairy tale characters being in a world that was not their own, and even when they were back in their own world, they fought to get back to Storybrooke.  The mysterious small town in Maine has been a central point for the show, and now that its gone we have no idea what this show has in store for us, except for the Wicked Witch is the new baddie for the series, apparently that’s a thing.

Overall, this episode was perfect, I cannot think of a single thing wrong with it.  It was an amazing close out for the story thus far and leaves the show wide open for so many possibilities that we sadly won’t see played out till March.  Yeah, that sucks.

So, with a heavy heart to all my readers, guess this is goodbye for now.  I’ll see you in 4 months.

Goon out.




Joking, joking, joking.  Like I’m gonna leave you guys alone for that long.  What would you do without me? (probably a lot, lets be honest I don’t play that major of a role in your lives).  But we are left in a bit of a pickle as the shows that I review have now all entered their mid season breaks, but worry not, I got some things up my sleeves.

For starters, I have been a bit lacking in my Wonderland reviews for the past few weeks, so within the next few days I will be giving a wrap up/review of the last few episodes and my general thoughts on the series thus far.
After that I will be introducing a new thing I like to call “Getting to know the Goon” after all, how much do we really know about each other?  This will kick off with Goon’s list of the Top 6 TV Romances! (hold your applause) because the Goon does love a well done romantic subplot.  Also in store for you all is a couple of web series reviews I have been keeping in store, and maybe my thoughts on some of the video games that have come out recently.  Figure that should be enough to take us into mid January when Arrow picks up again.

Now for real this time,

Goon out.


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