All sorts of honeymoon fun: Goon Reviews OUaT “The New Neverland”



So Medusa, that just happened.  Anyone else remember when this show was just about fairy tales?  Now we got Frankenstein, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Greek Mythology and who the heck knows what else is coming down the line.  Anyone else getting the feeling that maybe the writers are running short on ideas?

So I have to admit, the flashbacks this time, didn’t hate them.  While they still heavily detracted from the main plot, and didn’t really do much apart from just another random snapshot into Snow and Charming’s life, the scenes were honestly fun to watch.  Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas play off each other in the most enjoyable ways, and there was some genuinely witty dialogue and a fun call back to a season  one flashback.  However, these good bits really weren’t enough to outweigh the bad.  This show is still suffering from less than amazing CGI work, Medusa was just painful to watch.  If they’re gonna keep this sorta stuff up  they should really look into upping the effects budget.

Back in the present, we open with a touching reunion between Ariel and Eric, and the triumphant return of our heroes to Storybrooke.  Gotta say, a lot of this episode felt a bit like wrap up to what we have seen so far this season, which wasn’t bad.  Charming got fully cured of his poison, and I am glad they wrapped that up quickly and didn’t drag it out any longer than it needed to be.  Hook is apparently backing off of Emma, for the time being at least, thus delaying us from the much dreaded love triangle drama that is sure to drive me insane, seriously ABC, we don’t need a love triangle, just drop it now before things get worse.  Now this wasn’t bad, and there were some great parts, I loved Regina and Tinkerbell’s confrontation with the Blue Fairy, especially how Regina stuck up for Tink.  It showed that their friendship is still going strong, and that Blue is still a bitch.  And the best part of all was the fact that Regina seems to finally be accepted by the rest of Storybrooke’s residents, which honestly it’s about damn time.  The main reason she fell back to the darkside in season two is that no one gave her chance when she tried to turn over a new leaf, can’t say I blame them, but its nice to know that it doesn’t look like we will be dealing with another relapse into evil for her.

Now, the big thing for the episode: Pan, Henry, and Emma.  Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with Pan in this episode.  He has so perfectly set himself up as the manipulator villain, the guy who you believe isn’t actually bad, who makes you believe that he is in the right, the very thing that made him an interesting villain, and we didn’t really get that here.  Instead, he it just seemed to act like a really awkward Henry.  Never once did he actually act like Henry normally would, Emma was tipped off almost immediately that something was wrong.  I said last week that I was looking forward to seeing Gilmore play this evil manipulator for awhile, but honestly, wasn’t  thrilled with it.  He just came off as a creepily intense kid, nothing much like either Pan or Henry has been in the past.  I am honestly surprised no one else saw through it.  This was most upsetting when we see Henry in Pan’s body, Robbie Kay did a great job portraying himself as Henry, you could see the fear and desperation on his face as he tried to convince Emma that he was her son.  Kay did a great job here and I look forward to seeing him continue to portray Henry next week.

On to Emma, we saw a major step forward for her near the end of the episode.  Her realization of just what it means to be the Savior, and the cost of her own magic.  What it seems here is that now that Emma has saved Storybrooke from the curse, his role as the Savior is being expanded upon, which I think is great.  If done well, this concept can be spun into Emma needing to be the champion that stands against greater evils.  We have seen bits of this in season two with Cora and Hook, but most of that was just her trying to protect her family.  Seeing this expanded upon, making it so that she has to protect more than just her family from the evil’s of various worlds could be a fantastic direction to take the show.  Now, this is speculation and hope on my part at this point, but finger’s crossed we this happen.

Wrapping up, Pan’s plot to unleash the curse again was an interesting twist.  I honestly did not see that one coming.  But this is not me complaining, far from it.  Next week we finally have the mid season finale (thought it was this weeks episode, my bad all) and we have a major threat the heroes have to contend with.  Instead of the loss of character’s life, we have the idea that everyone may lose themselves again, with no hope of being saved from it this time.  Best of all, given that next week is the mid season break, this could actually be a threat the heroes aren’t able to defeat.  After all, wouldn’t a fantastic cliffhanger be them all getting slapped with the curse again?  Who would they become? How would Emma break free from the curse, and free everyone else? Would it even be Emma to free them?  Pan has a fantastically evil plot here.  One that will make for a fantastic season break, that I for one can’t wait to watch.

Overall.  Solid episode, lot of fun bits with characters interacting, some witty dialogue, and a set up for a horrible threat for next time.  Not the best, but far from the worse.  And one finally thing, that I in good conscience cannot pass on mentioning, Dallas’ line “You think I’m interested in Hook? Emma, I’m a married man.”  Best line of the series so far.  Dallas delivered this line perfectly, and given the actual friendship between the actors playing Charming and Hook (I hear they quite hilarious on twitter) this line was a fantastic shout out to the very large fan base these two characters have.

Goon out.


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