Return of an old foe: Goon Reviews Castle “Disciple”

822x (3)

…So yeah.  3xK, that happened.  Damn.

So, this episode wastes no time in jumping right into the good stuff, and what stuff that it is.   The episode starts out usual enough, Castle and Beckett are discussing their marriage and honeymoon plans, which is a fun moment between the two.  Castle takes a trip down ex-wife lane, which doesn’t build any drama between the two, just some laughs as there possible romantic getaway locations are eliminated.

After that, we jump right into the CoW, and it doesn’t let up until the end.  In true Castle fashion, there is a twist to the crime, this time the body found is a perfect match for our favorite M.E. Lanie Parish.  This was great because it really gave Tamala Jones a chance to shine in her role.  While she has never been bad, or lacking in anyway, quite the contrary, Lanie has always been a solid character but she has never been in the kind of role she had in this episode before, she has always just fallen into the role of providing the the medical insight into the cases and bringing some levity to more dramatic moments.  Jones really got to show her acting chops in this episode, and damn did she show them well.  Her confusion, fear, sorrow,  everything that Lanie went through in the course of the investigation, Jones portrayed perfectly.  After this, they really need to give Jones more chances to  show off just how great she is.

The case moves along with the usual twists and turns that we have come expect in Castle, although there are far fewer misleads in terms of suspects this time.   The only one is the plastic surgeon, and while I found her creepy from the get go, it wasn’t until later in the episode that she was really considered a suspect.  Instead, the heavy emphasis of this episode was focused on the victims, the second one being a dead ringer for Esposito, and the team trying to discover the mystery behind why they look like them.  This was amazing because it it was such a depart from the normal, even for Castle.   While several episodes usually include some sort of mystery around the victim,  the main focus is always behind finding the killer, but this time that seemed to take second stage to unraveling the mystery of the victims, which was great.  From the second we saw the face of the first victim, my attention was grabbed and never let go.

It was great seeing all the team scrambling to solve this, find the connection between the two victims, and discover the reason for it.  This leads them back the Dr. Nieman. Her interrogation scene, chills.  Annie Wersching played the intensity of the character amazingly.  I was convinced that she was involved in the killings at that point, even if she was ruled out, and I think that was the point.  Just the way she acted with Beckett, everything she said, anyone could guess that she was involved and instead of trying to draw attention away from her, it was more trying to figure out just how she factored into the crime.  In introducing a new suspect, we had a great scene of Castle and Beckett at their finest.  When Carl Mathews is found to be the next suspect, Castle doesn’t fully believe it.  It all goes back to him not fitting the story, which is exactly how Castle approaches that, and it has been awhile since he has used the that reasoning, so it was nice to see it again.  From everything that happens, Castle figures out that everything has been orchestrated by their old enemy, the 3xK.  Reintroducing this character was an amazing decision to make because it made the episode that much more intense.  You had Castle who was resolute in his belief that Tyson is still alive, and back in the picture but Beckett, and everyone else, is happy to rule him out, not wanting to cause embarrassment to the department.    The episode did a fantastic job of dangling Tyson in front of the viewers, making us question if he actually was back, or if it Mathews was just inspired by, and following, in his footsteps.

What was best about this was Castle  himself.  He has always felt guilty about Tyson getting away, blaming himself for his escaping in third season, and still being troubled by Tyson’s framing of him in previous season.  The fear, guilt, and anger he has over this is amazing to see, and Fillion portrays this amazingly.  I have always loved him in the role, and this episode showcases exactly why.

In the end, everything is revealed, the victims were made to look like Lanie and Esposito to steal the files related to Tyson, adding more proof to Castle’s statement that Tyson survived  his plunge into the river, and that Dr. Nieman was connected to Tyson through her volunteer work at the prison.   She gets away, of course, but leaves the question “is Tyson still alive” hanging in the air.  That is until the end when “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn is played off the USB Castle finds in the Doctor’s pen.  No words were spoken, just looks of absolute terror on Castle and Beckett’s faces as this song filled the apartment before cutting to black.  I had chills, this was a perfect way to end the episode.  The message clear, Tyson is still alive, and will be coming back.

This episode was amazing, hands down fantastic.  I can’t honestly think of any part that was done poorly or anything that was lacking.  Even without Alexis and Martha, this episode was great.  Best of the season, and one of the best of series so far.  Gotta be honest, next week’s episode is probably gonna feel like a bit of a let down after how amazing this one was.  Here’s hoping we’ll see some follow up soon.

Goon out.


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