Eye of the tiger, er Lion: Goon Reviews Castle “A Murder is Forever”

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Wow, third review today, its almost as if I like my job or something.

Interesting CoW for this episode, but I’ll get to that a little further down the page.  Let’s start with something a bit more fun, Castle and Beckett.  Our first scene with them this week is in bed together (bow chicka bow wow) and Beckett seems upset.  Turns out she is creeped out by a large lion picture Castle has up on the wall.  This was a fun scene to watch and both characters played it well and it showed some some slight growing pains in their relationship.  While nothing big enough to add unwanted drama in their relationship, it does more to showcases the adjustment period when two people start living together, it helps to make their relationship feel real to the viewers while giving us a bit of amusing conflict between the two.  Beckett wants the picture gone because it unnerves her, Castle wants to keep it because of the sentimental value it has.  Both of their reasons for wanting the picture gone or to stay are understandable and acceptable, and so of course we have to see some silliness as they try to resolve this problem.  Castle’s later attempt to use Beckett’s argument of feeling comfortable in their shared space by bringing up the elephants in her desk was great, because it fails.  It really helps to show Castle’s tendency to spout things out without fully thinking them through.  In the end, it is resolved in a really sweet way, with Castle putting up the framed shells from their trip to the Hamptons.  It was fun, sweet, and really the type of thing that Castle would do for her.  Of course, being Castle, he had to spice it up at the end with the lion roaring sound from his phone, but it added some humor to the scene was very in keeping with his character.

Getting into the CoW (has that caught on yet?  Someone let me know) it starts out fairly normal.  Dead body is found and the team jumps in to action to solve the murder.  The twist comes when a large diamond is found and that becomes the focus of the case.  What was fun about this was just the shock that everyone had about this, from Castle to Captain Gates.   As it turns out, the diamond becomes the main focus of the murder.   Everything revolves around this diamond and what it means to the world at large.  Castle and Beckett think that by finding out where the diamond comes from, they can solve the murder, but they soon discover that it was a man made stone.  This is how it is interesting, no man has ever made a diamond like that so its big news that this stone exists, it could mean the end of the diamond industry as it currently is.   What was most interesting about this episode was the use of the diamond in the murder as a way to comment on the diamond industry as whole.  Without going to deep into that, the diamond companies are not a pleasant bunch of people, don’t anger them, so it was interesting to see Castle make a comment on the diamond trade like that. Really apart from that, the rest of the murder case felt pretty much like the norm for the show.  A slew of suspects, one that seems to be the most obvious at first only to be discovered that he’s innocent, and in the end a suspect that was previously dismissed as the killer is proven to be the killer.  While the case was enjoyable to watch unfold, without the diamond angle it would have just been another simple murder case to solve.  I realized that this is what Castle does best.  When the CoW isn’t spiced up by Castle and Beckett’s interplay with each other, they have some sort of fun or unexpected element to the case to make it more interesting.  That is probably why this is the only crime drama I actually consistently watch anymore.

Ryan and Esposito were great in this episode, which I am happy about, I feel they have been a bit underused in the past few episodes.  The shoot out scene with them was intense, fast paced, and did a great job of really showing just how important the diamond was to the case.  Honestly, I think it was one of the best action scenes of the series.  A full on shoot out is not something that is often seen in this show, so it was a nice change of pace and it that it was Ryan and Esposito in it was just fantastic.  They played important roles to the case, and had some great dialogue to go with it.  The two actors play off each other fantastically and it is always a joy to see them in more prominent roles in the episodes.

The one downside to this episode was the lack of Alexis and Martha.   Castle’s family has always been the best part of the series, and while they are not required for every episode they always make them far more enjoyable.  While Alexis and Martha not being in the episode wasn’t a major flaw, the episode was solid without them, they were definitely missed.

Overall, while not bad, this episode felt like a pretty standard episode.  It wasn’t phenomenal, or the best we’ve seen this season, but it wasn’t a bad episode by any stretch of the term.  While some elements were lacking, a lot was still good.

Goon out.


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