In it up to their hood: Goon Review Castle “Get a Clue”


As I have stated in the past, it is the family interactions that make Castle absolutely amazing, and that is proven quite handily in this episode.  We open with Castle and Martha on the way to Alexis and Pi’s apartment for dinner.  Castle is an ass.   There’s no ifs, ands, or buts, about it, he was a first class ass in this episode.  Granted, I can understand the reasons why, he doesn’t like Pi at all, he doesn’t like that his daughter is dating and living with him, and he obviously doesn’t take Pi seriously.  But this doesn’t in anyway justify his treatment, I honestly did not like him in the first part of this episode.  However, this did lead to one of the greatest family moments of the series so far.  When Castle tried to apologize at the end, hoping to make things better, Alexis basically told him to F off.  This was fantastic because this will actually force Castle to grow as a character, he is currently faced the prospect that he may loose his daughter for good, and if the look on his face at the end is anything to go by, this concept absolutely horrifies him.  Credit to Nathan Fillion for portraying that so well.  Now to be fair, Castle has shown that he has taken the first steps to doing this by saying that he will work on accepting Alexis’ relationship with Pi, but the fact that he thinks that just saying this is enough to patch things shows that he still has a long road ahead of him.

The biggest reveal of this episode I would have say came from Alexis talking about Castle and Beckett’s engagement.  Her statement of not being sure if Beckett was the “one” for Castle was obviously a major blow to him, and also made me realize that we haven’t ever really gotten much between Beckett and Alexis, and that made me a bit annoyed.  Its obvious that Alexis is one of the most, if not the most, important person in Castle’s life, you would think that his girlfriend/future wife would take an effort to better connect with her future step daughter.  I definitely think this is something we need to see this season, possible as an episode where you have Castle doing something with Pi as his attempts to accept him while Beckett is out with Alexis, trying to form some bonds.  Fingers crossed we see that happen.

Moving on to the meat and potatoes of this episode, we have the CoW.  I actually really loved it this week, one thing I will say for Castle so far this season, they have done a good job of having some really fun and interesting cases so far this season.  This week we see Castle and Beckett stumble into a full blown, National Treasure style mystery here.  This grabbed me right away and did not lot get go until the end.  We got to see Beckett and Castle playing to their strengths, the best moment of the episode of course was when Beckett and Castle were in the blacksmiths shop.  Castle’s admiring of the swords, his pointing out the ones he owns, needs, and wants only to lead into a full blown sword fight around the shop was just amazing.  Of course Castle came out on top, did anyone think he wouldn’t?

The the different parts of this CoW all added together to make an amazing story.  The first being a monk with a history of violence, then you had the ritualistic style to the murder, the images that are first assumed to be cultish, the reveal that it was all game only for Castle to discover the deeper meaning behind it, culminating in the hidden treasure in the monastery, the reveal of the victim being the descendent of the revolutionary that started the whole thing, all of these working as great clues and misdirects before leading to the final solving of the case.  All of these elements (eh eh, see what I did there.  Of course you did, you’re smart bunch of people) added together to make a such a compelling case for Beckett to solve and amazing story for Castle to unravel.   I will be honest though, the identity of the killer, the victim’s cousin, did not see that one coming.  I was fully expecting it to be the historian guy that Castle and Beckett first went to for information on the symbols the victim had.  Props to the writers for the great twist.

Now, this isn’t something I usually mention in my reviews, but I gotta give some credit the whoever it was that designed the tomb set.  It looked fantastic and did a great job of capturing the whole feel of a cold and dark tomb.

Overall, this was a great episode, not the best of the season, but still fantastic.  I feel that we have had a good run of the episodes so far this season, so naturally I am paranoid that something is going to come along and ruin it.  But rest assured, if that does happen, I will gleefully rip it apart.

Goon out.


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