Snooty and Goon: The Counselor



Many apologies, but our recording equipment crapped out on us about halfway through the episode. Here are some highlights from what could have been:

  • The Counselor is a boring, overly-philosophical mess of a movie.
  • This movie hates women.
  • Being a great novelist doesn’t make you a great screenwriter, Cormac McCarthy.
  • Too many scenes go nowhere and contribute nothing to the movie. Ridley Scott obviously went to an editing seminar hosted by George Lucas.
  • Zero thumbs. This movie receives no thumbs.

Tune in next week for Ender’s Game!


About snootyfilms

A tormented genius in a world that doesn't deserve him.

2 thoughts on “Snooty and Goon: The Counselor

  1. Your recording equipment obviously agreed with you by its own ‘2 thumbs down’ ‘mechanical failure’.

  2. Professor Science says:

    Nooooo! Now what will I do with my Monday afternoon?!

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