Cheeseburgers!: Goon Reviews Castle “Number One Fan”


Man, Castle’s bedroom really doesn’t have any privacy does it?  You have Pi wandering in for a razor, Martha doing her usual asking for permission after already doing it, and Alexis just wandering in to see what happens.  Makes one wonder how anyone gets any sleep around Casa De Castle.  Lack of privacy aside, this episodes opens with a fun scene between our favorite crime fighting couple.  Beckett is feeling lost and unsettled over her being fired from her job at the feds and being unable to rejoin the NYPD due to a hiring freeze.  Castle does his best to comfort her, and of course puts his foot in his mouth in the process.  As I have said before, one of the strong points of this series is Castle and his family, and this scene shows that amazingly fun family chaos perfectly, while giving us a sweet moment between Castle and Beckett as he tries to comfort her and put her current unease to rest, even if he lets slip the wrong thing, but this is in true Castle fashion, his poor choices of words or speaking at the wrong time makes him that much more lovable, and makes him easier to relate to.  Who doesn’t put there foot their mouth from time to time?

Moving on from our amusing opening we jump right into the case of the week, or CoW as I will referring to it in the future because it amuses me.  The CoW for this episode was interesting, as it was different from the usual find the body, catch the killer routine that has been established.  Instead we see Castle having to negotiate with the suspect after she had taken some hostages and while the rest work behind the scenes to catch the killer.  I found this episode so much better than the usual Castle episode because at times it honestly left me guessing as to whether or not Emma, the suspect, was actually innocent of the murder or if she was just had a psychotic break and didn’t know what she did.

Castle’s scenes with Emma were great to watch.  You got to see Castle doing what he loves best, solving the puzzles to put together the story, while Beckett was working the crime scene and doing the same thing, albeit each in their unique ways.  The entire scenes where Castle was talking with Emma showed just how afraid he was being locked in a room with a potential killer, while at the same time his sympathy for this distraught woman and his desire to help her.  It also shows just how far he’s come as character, where he was competently able to work this hostage situation, even if he was just making it up as he went along some times.  I would say the best part was that after five years of this show, that “Writer” vest of his finally paid off.

This episode also had Beckett’s triumphant return to the police, even if it was unofficial at first, and this is what truly made the episode for me.  You had Beckett easily falling back into her role as leader of the team, only to be reminded by Ryan and Esposito that she wasn’t actually a cop anymore.  It led to a fun new team dynamic, Ryan and Esposito still clearly like and respect Beckett, but can’t pass up the opportunity to give her a little grief, as any friend would.  I think I am most disappointed that we didn’t see a few more of those friendly barbs directed at their former coworker.

Gates was fantastic in this episode.  You can clearly see that over the past two years she has come to respect what Castle has to offer and can bring to an investigation, even if she still may not like him all that much.  This is clearly shown by the fact that she allows Castle to do what he needs to for the hostage negotiation, and even flat out states that she has come to realize that Castle’s insight and often wildly theories have been invaluable over the past years.  She showed her respect for Castle, and just how much she also respects Beckett by allowing her to partake in the investigation even though she wasn’t an officer anymore.

The episode closes out with the discovery that everything boiled down to Emma’s adoption.  Her boyfriend wanted to help her know where she came from, leading to his murder, and Emma’s frame up, by Emma’s father’s son-in-law.  I liked that in this particular case, the rich, affluent, white businessman wasn’t actual a villain.  Sure he did something immoral in the past, but at the end he stepped up decided to a part of Emma’s life, even stating that he would support her through her trial and make sure she would never be alone again.  All in all, he’s a stand up guy.  And best of all, said rich guy helps to get Beckett her job back and allowing Castle to come back as a consultant, thus reforming team Castle!  *cheering in the streets*

Overall, it was a solid episode, and wraps up the Beckett as a fed story arch.  It had an outside of the box CoW, that had some twists in it and some legitimate surprises.  Emma was a solid victim/villain type character that I actually cared about, and Castle showcased some of the development his character has had over the series.  Only downside to this episode was the limited amount of Castle’s family.  I really want to see something done with Pi, apart from him just being an annoyance in Castle’s life.

Goon out.


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