Ride of the Valkyrie: Goon Reviews Castle

castle screen cap

So, the season premier of Castle has ended with the metaphorical bang, and quite the metaphorical bang that it was.  We pick up just after the bombshell of Castle being infected with a deadly toxin and only having hours to live.  From there its race non stop race to save Castle life, and despite my previous mentioned misgivings about Beckett being a fed, I gotta admit that I love the entire team there jumping in to help save Castle.  Yeah, there was the whole national security thing too, but we all know it was really to save Castle.  He is the title character after all.

Castle was fantastic in this episode.  Even the face of his almost certain death, he keeps his composure and throws himself into solving this case, and is even able to crack a joke about it.  This is the Castle we have come to know and love over the past 5 years.  It would have been perfectly understandable to see him break down or lose hope in this episode, after all, if diagnosed with only 12 hours to life, who wouldn’t?  But I’m glad he didn’t, this showed the strength of the character that we have seen  over the past five years.  The best example of this was in the phone call to his mother and Alexis.  His relationship with his family has always been one of the best parts of the series, and this scene really showed that.  Both of them almost immediately knew something was wrong, even if they didn’t know what was wrong.  The only weak part of the scene was Pi.  I still just don’t like that guy. He isn’t a bad character per say, and in the first part of the premier it was amusing when he tried to give out advice to Castle, he still doesn’t seem to do much apart from annoy Castle.

Beckett was as fantastic as ever in this episode, her willingness to confront the Secretary Reed, going against orders to do so, was true to form for her.  She was always shown the willingness to do anything to get the job, throw in the possible death of the man she loves, and she is truly a force to be reckoned with.  I’d say her biggest moment came at the end, when she asked her partner if they would be moving against Reed and found out they wouldn’t be.  Its stated that she can’t see the world in black and white anymore, and you can on her face just how uncomfortable that is for her.  Beckett has always been strongly guided by her morals, they have been a defining aspect of her character.  Finding out that she may have to abandon them is obviously a major blow to her.  I think what we are seeing here may be the first steps to her rejoining the NYPD.

As far as the supporting characters go,  Agent McCord was solid, if less than wowing.  I think this mainly comes from the fact that we know next to nothing about her. She seems like she could be an interesting character and a strong partner for Beckett, but right now she’s falling rather flat.  Villante, played by Yancey Arias, was great from what we saw of him.  He gladly accepted Castle’s help, and you could see that he seemed to honestly like him.  His comment about a new character for Castle’s next book was perfectly placed, and showed that he had every confidence that his team would do their job and Castle would live to see another day.  While I can’t see him bringing Castle on as an actual member of the team, he has shown a certain willingness to work with out favorite writer which could be used in future episodes, depending on whether or not they bring Beckett back to the NYPD or not.

Gonna close this out with one more thought.  It was an interesting choice to split the premier into a two parter, this is something that has usually been reserved for a once a season event, and was usually the biggest, and personally my favorite, episodes of the season so I find it odd that they would throw  one out so early.  While I am not complaining, as it was a great two parter, does this mean we won’t be getting another one later in the season, or will we start seeing more per season?  Either way, a strong start to the season and I look forward to where it will be going from here.

Goon out.


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