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So, we are basically about 2 weeks into the Fall season.  Figure its about time to sit down and talk a bit about what we have seen so far, share thoughts, talk about whats working and what isn’t, all that stuff.  So, here is my thoughts on some of what we have seen so far.

Gonna start this off with the show I have been waiting eagerly for, the sixth season premier of Castle.  When we last we left our favorite crime fighting duo, Beckett was offered a job as a Federal Agent and Castle had just popped the question to Beckett and to my great joy, but not my surprise, she said yes.  We then jump two months into the future to see Beckett chasing a suspect down the street and into an alley, through a brief series of events showing Beckett’s already impressive skills at her job and a neat little gadget it is shown that the entire scene was a test that she failed for not taking into account the supposed hostage was actually an accomplice.  I really loved this scene and felt it was strong way to open the season.  We had a quick answer to the biggest question of the series, something they could have dragged out in a foolish attempt to build dramatic tension, but luckily were smart enough to not too, and then we immediately got to see Beckett in action, showing that she is indeed a strong and competent agent, but still training to learn the ropes of a new and difficult job.  The rest of episode preceded different than the usual Castle fair, instead of the two working together to solve the crime, Castle had to stay out of it, only briefly becoming part of it.

This was the most interesting, and not really the best, thing done with the episode.  For the entire series the show has been built up around Castle and Beckett working as team with Ryan and Esposito acting as support.  The two playing off each other is what made the show great, Beckett with the serious and logical approach and Castle bringing in the sense of wonder and whimsey to it, often times his out of the box outlook being the key to solving the crime of the week. Ryan and Esposito always acted as a good middle ground, they were the serious cops like Beckett were able to relate to Castle, the three quickly becoming friends allowing Ryan and Esposito to act as go between for Castle and Beckett when things got rough between them and while they appeared in the episode, it was brief and they didn’t do much apart from help Castle get himself into trouble and dole out a bit of advice to the troubled author.  To me this was the thing that hurt the episode the most, this show had a winning formula that has served it well over the past five seasons, and while I don’t think this change is horrible, it is going to be interesting to see how this new set up will work, and if it can hold up against the greatness that came before it.

Overall it was solid opening to the season, and ended with an unexpected cliffhanger that makes me eager for next week’s episode.

Few other thoughts on what else we have seen this season.

Sleepy Hollow, off to what I can best say is a shaky start after two episodes, but I think the show does have an interesting concept behind it, and the acting is solid.  Tim Mison does a great job of bringing the sense of wonder that would come with waking up 250 years in the future without it being over used to the point where it would get annoying.  The story however feels fairly rushed with major details just being dropped into the laps’ of the characters, does a pretty good job of killing off any growing  suspense that would come with them having to figure things out.  Still, the show is holding my attention, we’ll see how long that lasts.  For a more detailed look, head on over to my good friend Snooty’s review of the second episode, does a much better job summing things up.

The two new sitcoms that Fox is rocking out on Tuesday nights, Dads and Brooklyn Nine Nine.  From what I have seen, humorous but nothing ground breaking.  I would have to say the biggest appeal of Dads is Seth Green in starring role.  The relationships between the two main characters and their father’s is well down, you can see that they all care about each other, even if they don’t like each other very much, and I find Brenda Strong solid in her supporting role.
Brooklyn Nine Nine, honestly at first glance I thought this was going to be a cop version of Scrubs (which honestly I don’t think would be to bad) but was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t.  Samberg was solid in his role as the brilliant detective Man-child which is fantastically offset Andre Braugher as the serious and straight lace police chief.  If done well I feel this should could be a fantastic show about how to drastically different characters can learn or grow from one another.
I’ll give more detailed reviews of this when I have a chance to see more than just the pilots.

And that about wraps things up for now.  There will be more coming when I actually have a day off and can get caught up on my shows.

The Goon


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