Greetings from the Goon

What is up people of the internet?

The amazing Goon of Snooty and Goon here, just popping in to say hello, and hopefully repair any bridges Snooty my have burned in his first post.  Thank you all for reading this, and for visiting our little corner of the internet, kick off your shoes, stay awhile, sorry about the mess, we’re still moving in.  We’re all gonna be great friends, I can feel it.

So, I bet you’re all asking, “Goon, what is you are bringing to the dynamite duo of Snooty and Goon?”  Well nameless person on the internet, I’m glad you asked!  In addition to the weekly podcasts with my good “friend” Snooty, I will  also be sharing with you my reviews, opinions, and insights into television, video games, web series, movies, and pretty much anything else that catches my attention.  So guys and gals, strap yourselves in and join me on this fantastic voyage into the realms of pop culture as we explore the very depths of what is new in the world o’ entertainment.  Or, at the very least, get comfy and enjoy what I have to say and leave a comment if you feel like joining in the conversation, the more the merrier.

First episode launches tomorrow, don’t miss it.

The Goon


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