Snooty says hello.

Hello, Internet!

Snooty of SNOOTY AND GOON here. I just thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself. And since we’re meeting for the first time, let me say to you what I say to all new friends I come across: I’m smarter than you.

With that little detail out of the way, let me welcome you to SNOOTY and GOON! We’re a fantastic duo of insightful cinematic criticism, review virtuosos, and amateurs in only the basest technical sense that no one will pay us for our words. But rest assured, though my pockets are empty, my heart is filled with a love of good cinema, and my mind is a hypodermic needle ready to inject my opinions into readers and listeners everywhere!

I’ll be posting written reviews of at least one movie every week, letting you know my Snooty Views of the latest movies. At a later point, I may look into older movies as well, giving you the hot scoop on all of the classics you promised yourself you would watch but never got around to sticking in the disc.

But wait! Where’s my partner? Goon will be adding his own posts to the website, and I’ll let him fill you in on his end of things. But in order to justify the “AND” in our title, we’ll actually be working together. Tune in every Monday morning to listen to Snooty and Goon arguing about the latest movies: we’ll be releasing LIVE AUDIO that’s been prerecorded and heavily edited. Be sure to add us to your regular podcasting!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for our first reviews and whatever other cinema-related gems we gift to you.

Alfred “Snooty” Snutes


About snootyfilms

A tormented genius in a world that doesn't deserve him.

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